Tyre-Protection Add-On Cover for Two Wheelers

One of the most important components of a bike is its tyres. While tyres are subject to the largest amount of wear and tear, they are still vulnerable to getting unexpectedly damaged on the road. This makes opting for tyre protection add-on cover important for every owner-rider. Read ahead to know more about tyre protection add-ons in two-wheeler insurance.

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What is Tyre Protection Add-On Cover in Bike Insurance?

Tyre protection is one of the most useful add-ons covers available with comprehensive bike insurance. This add-on provides the policyholder coverage against financial expenses arising due to an accident causing damage to a two-wheeler's tyres. The type of damage is anything from a tyre burst to a simple cut leading to a puncture.

You can opt for this add-on cover at the time of purchasing or renewing comprehensive bike insurance or you can even purchase it as a standalone own-damage two-wheeler insurance plan.

Why is Tyre Protection Add-On Cover Important?

Tyres are a critical element of your bike. It is a crucial support system that makes the bike ride easily on the road. This not only allows you to enjoy a smooth ride but also ensures safety, making it important to protect the tyres from varied surfaces and road conditions. Often, broken areas and bumpy roads make the tyres unfit for use. This calls for regular tyre servicing or even expensive replacement at times, as tyres are not cheap.

In such situations, a regular bike insurance plan will not provide any coverage for the tyres of your bike. However, with a tyre protection add-on, you can ride stress-free and save yourself from incurring any unplanned cost to repair or replace your bike’s tyres.

What are the Benefits of Tyre Protection Add-On Cover?

Following are the benefits/advantages that policyholders experience after purchasing a tyre protection add-on cover:

  • Ride stress-free, with peace of mind: Unforeseen financial liabilities arising due to an accident causing damage to your bike’s tyres will be covered by your insurer. This helps you drive stress-free, with sheer peace of mind.
  • Save time, money, and efforts: Buying a tyre protection add-on cover is an easy task. You can conveniently opt for one while buying or renewing bike insurance online. Additionally, since the insurer takes care of your expenses in case of damage to your vehicle, be rest assured to save on a lot of time, effort, and money.

What is Covered Under Tyre-Protection Add-On Covers?

1. Provides coverage for labor cost: Any type of labor charges arising while repairing or replacing the tyres is covered under this add-on

2. Provides coverage for replacement cost: The cost of replacing the old damaged tyre with a new win is covered under this add-on

3. Covers damage/loss to tyres: Accidental damage to tubes and tyres which render the tyre useless such as cut or bursting of tyre is covered under this add-on

What is Not Covered Under Tyre-Protection Add-On Covers?

It is always advised to get acquainted with the situations under which insurers do not provide compensation under a tyre protection add-on in bike insurance. Following are the exclusions:

1. Replacing cost of the damaged tyre: Damage to a tyre can be caused due to many reasons such as bulges, cracks, cuts, punctures, etc. These situations require replacement rather than a simple repair. If the bike has not been damaged in an accident, the cost required to fix the damaged tyre will not be covered under tyre protection add-on.

2. Tyre repair/puncture cost: One of themost common and minor damages in a vehicle is tyre puncture. Such damage can be conveniently fixed anywhere at a minor cost. Hence, tyre insurance add-on cover does not provide compensation for minor tyre repairs or minimal puncture costs.

3. Regular wear and tyre: Every tyre is subject to regular wear and tear, this includes loosening of the grip or the tread, or regular wear of the tube. Such damages are also not covered under a tyre protection add-on cover.

4. Labour charges: Under tyre protection add-on cover,Insurance companies do not provide compensation for any labor charges that may have been incurred for repairing, replacing, refitting the tyre, or rebalancing the wheel.

5. Theft: Policyholders raising claims for loss of their two wheelers’ tyres or tubes due to theft or vandalism will be disappointed here as insurers do not cover this adversity under a tyre-protection add-on cover.

6. Overloading: Damage caused to the tyres due to overloading of the two-wheeler with goods or passengers will not be covered under a tyre-protection add-on cover.

7. Commercial usage: Tyre protection add-on cover under a comprehensive bike insurance plan will not provide compensation for the damage sustained by a two-wheeler’s tyres while being used for commercial purposes such as transportation, cargo, etc.

8. Racing/speed testing:Two-wheelers covered under a tyre protection add-on cover will not be providing any compensation if they are being used for racing, rallies, etc.


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