A List of Exclusions for Travel Insurance in India

Insurance as a term sounds very reassuring to people who are investing their money. The consumer feels that he can claim the money for anything and everything when the need arises.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Even when we look for the best travel insurance policy, we always first go to the premium and the coverage section without checking out the terms and conditions. While all the trusted names in the Insurance Industry for international and domestic travel insurance in India as well as abroad do provide the money when the policyholder is in need, their working fundamental has some terms and conditions that the insured is obligated to follow.

    The business structure of insurance policies is such that even though they cover most of the unfortunate eventualities, if they start to cover all- then they would be in complete losses. The consumers will start taking undue advantage. Hence, Insurance companies strengthen their business models to expand their consumer base while giving the promised service and still being at an advantage. The following are some exclusions that various products of international and domestic travel insurance in India refrain from including in their coverage:

    • Certain Medical Conditions: Most of the policies do not cover medical conditions like diabetes, aids, high blood pressure and many others. However, if you search a little more, you would be able to find just the best travel insurance policy for yourself wherein you would be able to pay a bit extra and get the particular condition included in it. However, this is not possible for every medical condition. Additionally, you would need to disclose the state of your health to the insurer before signing the policy otherwise it would be a complete waste for you. There are different options for domestic travel insurance in India that provide you the opportunity to cover health disorders that not included in others generally. However, it is still quite a standard exclusion for travel insurances.
    • Baggage Delays Amounting to Less Than 24 Hours: One of the most crucial reasons for people to purchase a travel insurance policy is ensuring that they do not have to deal with the hassles of missing luggage. When you consider international or domestic travel insurance in India, you would surely find the coverage of lost luggage as a standard feature on most of the products in the market. But, even this particular service comes with its terms and conditions. Even though it depends on the policy you have bought, in most cases, even options of best travel insurance policy would not reimburse any amount to you unless the baggage has been missing for over 24 hours. If nothing has been done by the airlines for 24 hours, then the insurance company will act on your claim, and you can follow the rest of the procedure to get your money.
    • Hostility by Military or Terrorist Activity: Although there is no particular reason cited for this, travel insurances across the globe refrain from covering any damage caused by military or terrorist activity. One of the main reasons for this is that the governments in some cases issue warnings against traveling to politically unstable destinations. Due to this and several other litigation reasons, your international or even domestic travel insurance in India would not cover any losses that you incur due to riots, civil disorder, sudden war, terrorist activity or military outbreak. This particular exclusion is generally not an issue for somebody looking for the best travel insurance policy to cover them because most travelers who are buying insurance have concerns for safety and would avoid visiting areas that are extremely dangerous.
    • Loss Instigated by the Policyholder: If you feel that a travel policy, even if it is the most suitable option and the best travel insurance policy for you would cover just about anything, then you need to browse through the terms and conditions section at least twice. All domestic travel insurance in India as well as the ones that are issued for international travel specify that if you are the instigator of the loss, then you cannot claim the money. For example, if you get into a fight or make a reckless decision while traveling and end up with damage because of it, then you would not be able to present it as a viable reason to claim your insurance.
    • Irresponsibly Losing Your Belongings: There is a sign of taking care of your belonging in almost every nook and corner of the world. Leaving your valuables and belongings unattended is another reason that you cannot cite for claiming your insurance. India is notorious for theft and big cities like New York, Paris and London are known to be quite unsafe because of mugging as well. Due to this, you are highly advised to not leave your luggage anywhere without any trusted supervision. You should be well acquainted with the person otherwise you would not be able to claim the losses. It is a particular exclusion for almost all the travel insurances in India.
    • Trying to Get a Claim Against an Unapproved Health Condition: Travel Insurances are very particular about providing medical claims. Due to people with malicious intent all across the globe, insurance providers want to be sure that they are providing necessary money only to people who need it and nobody is taking them for a ride. Potential policyholders are specifically instructed to describe their medical conditions prior to buying the policy. If your travel insurance does not cover that particular health issue, then getting a claim against it later is not possible. Even if you have found the best travel insurance policy for yourself, if you do not adhere to the pre-disclosure condition then you most definitely cannot claim any money for medical treatment.
    • Adventures Activities That are Not Covered in Your Policy: If you are looking for domestic travel insurance in India for visiting Rishikesh or Leh Ladakh or getting an international policy for adventure sports in New Zealand, then your options are limited. It is vital to ensure that your insurance policy covers these activities. While you will find various options, the best travel insurance policy for you, in this case, would be mainly catering to adventure travel. Since your itinerary will be full of adventure and adrenaline, you would be at a higher risk of getting into danger. Even though we are sure that you would be going to a reliable service provider for aiding the activity in which you are interested, but taking extra precaution is always helpful. But it is an exclusion in most of the travel insurances.
    • Cancellation by Tour Operator: If you have booked a vacation through a tour operator and at the end of the day he decides to not go through with it; then you cannot claim the money for trip cancellation. Your domestic travel insurance in India or even the best travel insurance policy in the world would refuse to cover this particular clause. Ensure, you get a proper mail from a trusted tour operator confirming your tour, and it is not finalized over the phone or is merely a handshake booking. Even if you get a proper mail, it is not enough to apply for a claim, but this way you can at least hold the tour company responsible for losing your money and get it back from them.
    • Illness of a Pet or the Death of a Pet: Although we empathize with you entirely if you have to cancel a vacation due to this particular reason, the insurance providers sure don’t seem to think so! It is challenging to get a claim if you have to back out on your trip due to a pet’s health. The best way to go around this is to ensure that you do not plan a trip if your pet is not keeping too well. Otherwise, you can always make refundable bookings for both flights as well as hotels and avoid taking on a tour operator. This way, you may not be able to save up all of it, but you will keep back some with you.
    • Psychological Illness: Unfortunately, our country does not pay too much attention to patients suffering from psychological illnesses. It is not acknowledged as a valid cause for claiming not only travel insurance but even many health insurance policies issued across the nation. It is always advised to ask your policy issuer that what can be done in such a case if a need arises. But, it is still better to be armed with enough funds for yourself if you have any psychological illness that acts up frequently. It is also highly advisable that you do not travel alone and take a trusted companion with you to support in case a need arises.
    • Separation Cited as a Reason: One of the basic fundamentals of an insurance company is that it does not run on emotions. It provides coverage for unexpected logistical eventualities but does not offer much help with any cause other than death. Due to this, even separation is not a valid reason for canceling a trip. You cannot claim any money for the trip if your spouse suddenly decides to separate or divorce you. If you are sensing some trouble in paradise, then maybe it is not such a great idea to plan a trip at all! You would not only be losing your spouse but your money as well in the bargain.
    • Local Protests: It is terrible luck for you if you get caught in the middle of a local protest. In fact, even airlines across the globe do not provide any cancellation remuneration if the reason for the cancellation of the flight is a local protest. It is always better to take a quick check at the political condition of your area as well as the destination you are considering so that you do not ever come in need of using this particular reason to claim your money. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry!
    • Cause of Loss Being Nuclear Radiation or Contamination By Radioactive Elements of Even Natural Calamities: While issuing domestic travel insurance in India, you will find that the causes mentioned above are listed as complete exclusions. If any area has been affected by nuclear radiation in the past or has radioelements lingering in the environment causing any damage to you, then no travel insurance would be able to cover it. Since it is not in the hands of any airline or hotel to avoid such a thing, travel insurance cannot, in turn, help you out with this. It is always better to prevent visiting a city which has suffered through a traumatic past due to the listed reasons, especially if you do not have enough funds to cover your medical bills in case a need arises.
    • Losses Caused Due to Intoxicated Behavior: You do not stand a chance to claim any money promised if you have instigated the loss. The insurance officials are required to draw out a report which takes into consideration the mental condition that the policyholder was in during the time of the event. If you are found to be under any drugs or alcohol influence, then you would not be able to get any money. This is an unambiguous exclusion for all the travel insurances.

    Medical Tourism

    Medical Tourism is a relatively new term coined for people traveling due to health reasons. If you are visiting a destination for seeking treatment for any health disorder, then travel insurance would not cover it for you. In such a case, you would need to approach your health insurance provider and apply for a claim if you are hoping to get any money out of it.

    All the pointers mentioned above are exceptions in most travel insurances in India, and if you get into a situation involving any of them, you would not be able to get a claim for the same. Since most of us have a habit of just brushing through the terms and conditions section, it is better to know all the conditions before you apply for travel insurance.

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