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How Far in Advance Can Travel Insurance be Booked?

It is always said that you must buy travel insurance plan as soon as you do all the bookings for your next vacation.

Some people don’t buy travel insurance just after booking their flights and accommodation. They prefer buying a plan right before leaving.

Now, the question comes ‘how long before you travel should you get travel insurance plan, and what are the advantages of getting it earlier?

Let’s begin to explore!

The Best Time to Buy Travel Insurance:

If you wish to know when you must buy a travel insurance policy, the most vital thing to keep in mind is that travel insurance is essential for any expedition. The simple answer is to buy travel insurance as soon as you do the bookings and pay for your awaiting vacation, especially if your trip is non-refundable. You might find it tempting to leave buying travel insurance until last minute; however, it is more advantageous to buy it in advance as the earlier you book travel insurance, the sooner you’re protected.

How Far in Advance can Travel Insurance Be Booked?

For the ones travelling just once or twice in a year, the best-suited plan is Single trip travel insurance. You can book this plan in advance and the coverage begins on the day you purchase it. So, for the vacation you have been planning for a long time, it is always wise to buy a travel insurance plan in advance as safety for the time in between booking everything and actually going. Single trip travel plans expire on the date of return you mention while booking.

For the frequent travellers, the Annual Trip travel insurance can be bought up to 30 days in advance and the cover starts on the stipulated dates while buying the policy, so you must ensure that your travel plan begins on the purchase date or on the date you buy your flight tickets so as to cover the guaranteed pre-departure coverage. The annual trip plans last around twelve months from the day you choose them to begin.

In case you’re taking a gap year or a career break, a travel insurance plan can be booked for 60 days in advance and provide two years continuous protection.

Core Benefits of Booking Travel Insurance in Advance:

There are a lot of benefits you receive if you book travel insurance in advance. They are as follows:

Cancellation Protection:

Trip curtailments and trip cancellation are the key reasons why people make claims. Having to cancel or delay your vacation means you’ll lose the money spent on the vacation even before leaving. But if you buy travel insurance in advance you’ll be able to take advantage of the cover of the cancellation of the policy. However, you must not forget that the insurance provider will not permit you to claim for the event that you knew was imminent. For instance, you cannot take out travel insurance after falling sick and then cancel your vacation. Nevertheless, the sooner you buy travel insurance, the safer and secure your vacation – and your money spent on it – will be.

Unforeseen and Unfortunate Circumstance Protection:

If you book travel insurance in advance, the peril is carried between the insurance provider and you. Differing unfortunate events must be covered, based on your travel insurance company and policy. Read the fine prints of your policy carefully and thoroughly so that you know what is covered under the insurance plan. Many other unexpected circumstances will allow you to claim for missing out on vacation.

Medical Protection:

Many people buy travel insurance because it provides them with coverage if they happen to fall sick or face any injury while enjoying their trip. But what happens if you fall sick before leaving for your awaiting vacation and can no longer go on your trip? While booking your travel insurance plan in advance, you must be covered for any unforeseen sickness occurring from the time of buying a travel insurance plan. So, if you can’t go on your awaited trip due to any sickness, whether your close family member’s or yours, your travel plan must cover the cost of your vacation up to the stipulated amount in the document of the policy. If you have any pre-existing illness or medical condition, you must declare it while buying a travel insurance policy in order to determine if your policy covers them or what will the extra cost to cover it.

Tailor-made Travel Insurance Cover:

Buying travel insurance early means you can adjust to your travel plan to best suit your vacation needs. You can even add cruise, tours, or sports onto your insurance plan and end up with a travel plan, which works perfectly for you.

Essential Tips for Travel Insurance:

Whichever travel insurance plan you’re to choose, you must ensure that you go through the fine prints of your policy document and fully understand what you’re and aren’t covered for, before buying it.

You must compare different travel insurance policies to buy the best plan based on your budget. A cheaper travel insurance plan is not always the best. You must be certain that your travel insurance policy is comprehensive and it does not leave you under-insured, otherwise you’ll end up losing your hard-earned money when your insurance doesn’t pay out.

While buying a travel plan in advance, you must ensure that your plan covers you from the day you buy it and not just from the day your trip begins.

Over to you!

Buying travel insurance is just a simple and easy process. You can go through various travel insurance plans online and compare them and buy the best-suited plan for you. Various web aggregators can help you choose the best plan for you with an affordable and economical cost.