9 Safe Travel Tips for Business Travellers

In the business world, face-to-face meetings play a crucial role in closing deals and making significant decisions. Business travellers usually have their days planned with client meetings, workshops, seminars, working lunches, and training & development sessions. Given their hectic trip schedule, it becomes important for them to take care of their health. Below we have discussed a few safety tips for business travellers to maintain a healthy lifestyle during their work trip.

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    Importance of Healthy Lifestyle for Business Travellers

    The fitness and safety of business travellers are vital especially when they are travelling overseas. However, an unwanted situation might arise during the journey, which could lead to financial stress. Therefore, it is advisable to buy international travel insurance that protects you from any financial crisis faced in a foreign land. It gives you coverage for loss or delay of baggage, healthcare expenses, dental expenses, personal accident, and legal liabilities.

    As a frequent overseas traveller, you must be aware of how to maintain your personal hygiene, interact with the locals, and other factors that can help you to stay safe and well abroad. An international corporate trip is usually hectic and sometimes, a business traveller who gets sick while travelling can lead to a huge cost to the company. Hence, it becomes important to follow all the business travel safety tips to stay fit during your trip.

    9 Travel Tips for Business Travellers to Remain Safe and Healthy

    Business travellers can ensure safety by taking proper preventive care, maintaining hygiene, and adhering to the local guidelines of the destination. Below we have listed 9 safety travel tips, which will be useful for all business travellers to stay healthy during their work trip-

    1. Buy International Travel Insurance

    Consider purchasing international travel insurance to financially protect yourself against any kind of unforeseen mishap in a foreign land. As a business traveller, you must buy it to overcome any unwanted situations like emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation, loss of luggage or personal documents, flight delay or cancellation, accidental death or permanent disability, and more. Moreover, you can consult with your organization’s manager or office for corporate travel insurance if you travel frequently for work.

    2. Maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene 

    With the recent outbreak of coronavirus disease, it has become more important than ever to ensure appropriate hygiene and cleanliness practices. During a journey, you are open to a host of germs. So, wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 3 minutes. Trim your long nails and clean them before you leave home for your business trip. For maintaining cleanliness, carry travel essentials like hand sanitizer, sanitizing spray, anti-bacterial wipes, and face wipes. Also, wear an N95 or surgical mask covering your mouth and nose properly in public places. Don’t forget to buy international travel insurance to get your COVID-19 treatment expenses covered by your travel insurance company.

    3. Eat Good and Stay Hydrated 

    Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routines are challenging enough for travellers but even more difficult for business travellers. Business travellers usually have the habit of skipping breakfast, eating oversized portions, choosing fast food over healthy meals, not drinking enough water, and consuming alcohol. No matter how difficult it may be, you must adopt healthier alternatives, like eating protein-rich meals, staying hydrated, having a hearty breakfast, and avoiding skipping meals if you do not want to fall sick during your work trip.

    4. Avoid Raw or Uncooked Food 

    No matter how tasty it looks, avoid eating raw or uncooked food in a foreign country. Also, avoid eating street food and unpasteurized dairy products. Instead of these, order a protein-rich meal at your hotel and consume fresh fruits with it. 

    5. Sleep Well

    Travelling is a joy but for a business traveller, things are different. Long meeting hours and jet lags can disrupt your sleep cycle. While travel-based sleep disruptions are a short-term concern, they may turn chronic for frequent travellers. Therefore, if possible, try to take at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep at night and feel healthy & active on the next day.

    6. Carry Essential Medicines

    Remember to take your daily medicines on your business trip along with the last prescription by your doctor. As we know, motion sickness, upset stomach, common cold and high temperature are some of the most common health problems faced when travelling overseas. So, it becomes important to carry essential medicines for these common problems on your business trip. Remember to purchase international travel insurance so that your emergency medical expenses are covered by your insurer.

    7. Get Yourself Fully Vaccinated

    Have you been fully vaccinated against COVID-19? If not, then make it happen soon. You must get vaccinated with both doses and wait for at least four weeks after getting your second dose to travel. If you are fully vaccinated, you are less likely to catch coronavirus and can travel more safely.

    8. Avoid Overcrowded Places

    Follow common safety precautions like avoiding overcrowded places while you are on business travel. Before you head out, find an alternative for public transportation as they are largely crowded. If you have rented a car, sanitize it properly and also learn how it functions to drive safely. Do not forget to wear a seat belt while driving and follow all the traffic regulations of the destination country.

    9. Check Nearby Healthcare Centres 

    Make sure you know where you can get medical support before reaching the destination. You must keep international medical & clinical assistance contact details handy. Additionally, there are many government portals on the internet showing details of the hospitals, pharmacies, medical services, and other related information. In case you feel sick or require any medical assistance, you can get help from them without thinking twice. If you have an international travel insurance policy, you can also contact your insurer’s TPA and get necessary medical assistance.

    Final Thoughts

    As the coronavirus outbreak has changed our way of living, business travelling has also evolved. Try to incorporate the above suggestions to have a better and safe travelling experience. Also, you must buy an international travel insurance plan which safeguards you against unforeseen medical emergencies and financial losses in a foreign land. 

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