12 Travel Tips for a Budget-Friendly Trip to International Festivals

Exploring new countries and enjoying their festivals is one of the best experiences in life. In fact, international festivals are designed to bring people together regardless of where they are from. Do you love going to international festivals and having a great time dancing, listening to local music, engaging in local activities and relishing regional food? If yes, then we have rounded up some travel tips for you to enjoy international festivals on a budget.

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    12 Travel Tips to Enjoy International Festivals on a Budget

    People who would like to attend international festivals must keep in mind the budget of their trip and accordingly, spend on flights, entry tickets, accommodation, food, etc. They should also buy the best medical travel insurance to stay prepared for any sudden medical emergencies faced during the trip. Here are 12 tips to enjoy an international festival while saving your money-

    1. Set Your Daily Budget

    Decide how much money you want to spend on the whole festival and split your budget day-wise. You can set budgets for certain things using apps and it will notify you when you are overspending. Do not spend too much on shopping for fancy things in these fests. Instead, stick to enjoying the vibe of the festival.

    2. Book Your Travel in Advance

    We are all aware that the earlier is the booking, the affordable is the journey. Do not make the mistake of waiting till the last minute to book your tickets hoping that the prices will drop. Instead, book your tickets as soon as possible. Also, keep checking flight fares, train tickets, and fest tickets on different websites to get the best deal for yourself. 

    3. Book Your Hotels Online 

    Online hotel booking offers multiple discounts on festive stays. Explore a bundle of features and avail huge discounts on your online hotel bookings. Search the type of stay you want, fill out the check-in and check-out dates and book your hotel easily. Don’t forget to compare and choose a hotel keeping in mind the user reviews and ratings.

    4. Buy Best Travel Insurance  

    Festivals are fun and allow you to be carefree. But what if some unwanted things happen during your visit to an international festival? Not only will it spoil your trip but will also lead to major monetary losses. However, if your trip is insured, you can avail the benefits of travel insurance and get yourself protected against any unforeseen incidents faced during the festival. For instance, you can buy medical travel insurance to get financial aid during a medical emergency. You can also recover the losses incurred on the theft of your possessions with the help of an international travel insurance policy

    5. Check Festival Restrictions

    Check all the festival restrictions before going to the destination country. All festivals will have some restrictions on taking things inside. You can save money by checking in advance which items you are allowed to take in. So, remember to read the dos and don'ts on the official website of the festival before going. 

    6. Pack Efficiently and Save Space

    We know how much everyone loves to dress up as per the theme of the festival. But one of the biggest hindrances while travelling can be packing unnecessary clothes and making your luggage heavy. Pack only those clothes that you require to travel. Remember, you can save space to buy something from your trip by packing efficiently. 

    7. Keep Your Money Safe

    During these fests, it is easy to get robbed by pickpockets. Invest in a bum bag as they are the safest way to look after your money. Besides, they are back in fashion and so, you can easily carry your essentials around your waist. You can also wear a money belt, which works similarly.

    8. Carry an Emergency Fund

    It is recommended to create an emergency fund when travelling to international festivals. It is always good to overestimate the budget so that you have money left in case of any uncertainties. Besides, if you have a travel medical insurance policy, you will get financial aid to cover any unforeseen medical expenses. 

    9. Carry Your Own Food and Water 

    People love to spend a good amount on food and so, carrying your own food can help you save your money. You can take some snacks to munch and cut off your festival expenses on food. Ready-to-eat foods, such as chocolate bars, cereals, nibbles, crackers, and crisps, are also a great shout. Also, carry your water bottle. When you do spend on food at festivals, see what other people are ordering to know which is the best dish. Moreover, discounts on food are usually given at the closing time of the food stalls and so, you can hang out near them around that time.


    10. Look Out for Free Public Facilities

    There are loads of free public facilities available at these festivals that you can use to save money. For instance, you can use power stations to charge your phone. You can find these public facilities by keeping an eye out. However, do not forget to carry a power bank in case there are no free services available. 

    11. Avoid Impulsive Shopping

    For all the shopaholics, festivals are a great place to be. But buying a lot of things will blow your budget. So think and accordingly, step back. You may probably be able to buy the same product online at a lower price. If you want to pick up a souvenir, wait till the last day of the fest. By then, stallholders will knock down the prices to clear out their stocks.

    12. Volunteer in Festivals to Get a Free Ticket

    Volunteering in festivals can be a pretty great way to get an entry to the fest if you are tight on budget. Every year, the management looks out for volunteers to help them with things like checking entrance pass, selling programs, food & beverages, etc. In return, you may get free entrance passes to the festivals, free food or accommodation. Read the terms and conditions on the festival websites carefully and if acceptable, sign up for the volunteer positions as quickly as possible. 

    Summing It Up

    International festivals are all about having fun and gaining new experiences. But spending a huge amount on such festivals can dig a major hole in your pockets. Therefore, check all the above-mentioned hacks to save money on your upcoming international festival trip if you are on a budget. Basically, keep in mind your savings and your current income before spending too much on these festivals.

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