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6 Travel Insurance Myths That Should Be Busted Already

If you are a frequent traveler (for leisure or business), buying a travel insurance policy would benefit you in so many ways. It provides you coverage against various risks that can bother you when you are having fun in a foreign land. Generally, people tend to think that it is sufficient to have life insurance in order to be safe and secure against unforeseen circumstances. Here, we will tell you about the benefits of travel insurance that will help you to look insurance from a fresh perspective. 

Usually, a travel insurance policy provides coverage for plenty of unpredicted and unexpected situations, such as lost baggage and delayed flights. Just before you make your mind to explore a variety of insurance policies, a list of six myths related to travel insurance that should be busted right now is mentioned below:

Absolutely nothing could go wrong when you are on a trip

A Majority of the people, particularly those who travel on a monthly basis or once in fifteen days, have made this assumption that there is nothing that can go wrong with them on their trip. It is just because (fortunately) they have never had a terrible experience during their previous trips. These people need to understand that unfortunate events and emergencies don’t issue any warning before arriving.

As contrary to this myth, traveling to a foreign land puts you at a higher risk. It is often difficult to ask for help in a foreign land. During these situations, having travel insurance is very helpful so that any unfortunate situation can be avoided.  

Medical Insurance provides you with Sufficient Coverage

When you have a mediclaim Insurance, it doesn’t mean that you are fully covered against unpredictable and unfortunate situations that can happen anytime, anywhere. There are few health insurance policies that might provide you with the coverage for a short vacation. But, if the situation gets really bad and it makes you extend your stay for a longer time period. In that case, you might lose the coverage. Also, there are some insurance policies available in the market that doesn’t include the cover for your trip cancellation, medical treatment payments or natural calamities. So it is very important to check all the available insurance policies before you make your final selection.

Travel Insurance Myths

Travel Insurance barely covers Catastrophic Scenarios

Most of the people have this misconception in their minds that a travel insurance policy only provides the coverage for the catastrophic scenarios. The majority of such insurance policies do provide add-on coverage that comprises things like tour packages, plane tickets, medical expenses overseas, emergency evacuations, hotel rooms, delayed flights, lost luggage and much more. The next time you think about planning a trip, plan to buy travel insurance plan first. 

Only Adventure Junkies Require Travel Insurance

Everybody knows that travel insurance is required for the risk takers, adventure/ water sports enthusiasts. It does not mean that you do not require it. You never know when and how you get to face any complicated emergency situation. It is good to be prepared as they say- “Better safe than sorry.” As a matter of fact, having a travel insurance policy will reduce your money spending at the same time it will safeguard you with an extensive coverage as well. 

Airline will provide the Cover for Charges, in case a Flight gets Delayed/Cancelled

In case your flight is canceled or delayed, the airline’s policy allows you to put the passengers on the next flight that is available. What people don’t know is that it is not a responsibility of the airline to reimburse or pay for the losses incurred by you in the process. Therefore, those of you who think that your airline would sponsor your next flight if there is a cancellation, you’ guys are misinformed. At such times, travel insurance policy is your savior.

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All Travel Insurance Policies are the same

The travel insurance plans which are offered by various insurance providers are the same. There are numerous differences in these plans. For example, Bajaj Travel Insurance Policy provides an option of the hospitalization. That is why; it is necessary that you inquire and research well before you decide which plan you want to go for.

Before you buy travel insurance plan, make sure you compare various policies offered by different insurance providers. Finalize a plan that is affordable as well as it fulfills your needs so that you would your travel insurance plan to cost you as much as your air ticket.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.