Things to Do in Canada

Canada is a famous destination among the travellers for its amazing landmarks, delicious food, historical wonders incredible culture, adventure and wildlife. With this guide, you can plan your Canada trip!

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    Canada-A Land of Historical Wonders!

    As the world’s second-largest country, Canada has nature’s bounties and diversity in abundance. It’s also a first-world country and an important destination for business and international education.

    To make your trip to Canada more fruitful and enjoyable, read on.  

    If you are planning a trip to Canada soon, you should know that you need to have an appropriate Canada visa and international travel insurance. But before going into details, let’s consider the things you must not miss while in Canada.

    Fun Things to Do in Canada

    Whether you are a businessman, professional, tourist, or student, Canada beckons one with all its charm and opportunities. It is an all-season destination in North America, which is safe and tourist-friendly. It’s easy and simple to obtain a Canada visa, where one can check visa policy and plan online.  

    Here are 5 fun things one should have in one’s Canada plan.   

    1. Whistler

    It is a winter and ski destination known for its ski resort areas with modern facilities and amenities. You will enjoy doing fun things here such as skiing, snowmobiling, and playing with snow.

    • Best Time to Visit: June to August and December to March
    • Nearest Airport: Vancouver International Airport
    • Fun Things to Do: Snow Skiing, Tobogganing, Snowshoeing, and Snowmobiling
    • Location: British Columbia

    2. Tofino

    This scenic beach is a cool place to have fun and indulge in recreational water activities. It has many beachfront resorts where you can stay and enjoy the charm of the place. You can find rolling hills as the backdrop of this curved beachfront.

    • Best Time to Visit: March to May
    • Nearest Airport: Tofino-Ucluelet Airport
    • Fun Things to Do: Kayaking, Camping, Swimming, and Beachside Walking
    • Location: Vancouver Island

    3. Banff National Park

    Besides natural beauty, Banff National Park has many other attractions to make your visit worth it. You can find varied topography with lakes, snow-capped mountains, and coniferous forests. Hiking is the best way to explore the beauty and diversity of the place.

    • Best Time to Visit: June to August
    • Nearest Airport: Calgary International Airport
    • Fun Things to Do: Hiking, Gondola Ride, and Whitewater Rafting
    • Location: Alberta

    4. CN Tower

    When in Toronto, you should not miss stopping by the CN Tower. It offers you the opportunity of edge-walking and is the finest place to have a glimpse of Toronto skylines. You can have a great time at a 360-degree restaurant located on the tower and watch the city lights during the night.  

    • Best Time to Visit: April to September
    • Nearest Airport: Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ
    • Fun Things to Do: Free Hands Edge Walking on the Top of this Tower
    • Location: Toronto

    5. Yukon

    Delight your eyes with dancing Northern Lights visible from Yukon. It is the best fun that you can have with friends and family. You will be stunned to see such glittering lights in the night sky and can’t wait to take photos and make videos.

    • Best Time to Visit: Mid-May to October
    • Nearest Airport: Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport
    • Fun Things to Do: Night Camping and Gazing the Northern Lights
    • Location: Yukon

    Best Activities for Foodies in Canada

    If you are a foodie, you probably know how hard it is to control your taste buds. Here is the happy news for you! Canada offers a wide range of activities for Foodies! From its world-famous annual food festivals to large food markets, this city has so much to offer including ordering your food online.

    The diverse population has influenced Canadian cuisines to a great extent. On a lighter note, we would like to remind you to check your travel insurance before you head to Canada.

    Here, we have listed the best Canada activities for foodies:

    Flavors Festival of Prince Edward Island

    This food festival with two other sub-festivals, namely the ‘Shellfish and Lobster party’ and the ‘Beef N Blues’ conducted yearly has drawn the attention of thousands of chefs and food lovers. Numerous chefs from across the globe attend this festival to exhibit their cooking skills. With all the flavors of Canada under an umbrella, this festival has become a big draw of tourists. This festival is usually conducted in February.

    Ottawa Poutine Fest

    Routinely held in May, this festival features traditional and appetizing Canadian cuisine, the Poutine. The texture of the warm, melting chunks of cheese curd goes extremely well with deep-fried fries. Food lovers will surely find themselves pulled back by this unforgettable culinary delight.

    Vancouver Dine out Festival 

    Spanning a month, this dine-out festival mainly aims at culinary enthusiasts. Around 300 restaurants, professional chefs, breweries, and suppliers from around the world participate in this festival every year. This food festival is organized in February and March by Tourism Vancouver.


    Held annually in January -February, this festival brings together more than 200 restaurants. Food lovers and chefs gather and participate in this food paradise in large numbers. Several cooking workshops, classes, and demonstrations are conducted by the expert. The event brings together all the finest cuisines of Canada, providing a great opportunity for all the foodies to delight their taste buds.

    Granville Island Market Tour – Vancouver

    This is one of the greatest food markets in Canada. All varieties of dishes, from baked to grilled, are exhibited here under several outdoor food stalls. Tour guides are available to guide you through the main dishes of the market, helping you get an overview of Canadian cuisines.

    As per the Vancouver Foodie Tours, this market tour is the second most-visited destination in Canada. It has been rated as the number one food tour in Vancouver. Indeed, this is a must-visit food destination of Canada. You should not overlook it.

    Best Beautiful Canada Attractions

    From the diversity of nature to modern man-made attractions, Canada is famous for its awe-inspiring destinations. Here is a list of the 5 most beautiful places in Canada. Usually, each of them can be completed in a day trip.

    However, if one is planning to travel to Canada, one should take a travel insurance policy. Now, one can buy travel insurance online also.

    • Niagara Falls: Niagara waterfall is the most-visited destination in Canada. The best season to visit this natural wonder is from June to August. You can go boating and see the water falling in a cascade. The cool breeze and mist drift to you. This mind-blowing waterfall borders the USA. You can walk through the Rainbow Bridge and enter the US part. It is also the only way to take a full view of this waterfall.
    • Fernie: Fernie is a popular and the highest ski destination in Canada. Alpine forest and powder snow are the biggest attractions of this place. One can reach there by the mountain road. There is also a lift facility to get to this place. Being here on a full moon night can give one of the best views of the snow and alpine forest.
    • Vermilion Lakes: If you are in Alberta province, you must visit this group of beautiful natural lakes. You can view the majestic reflections of Mount Rundle and Sulphur Mountain on these lakes. There are also some hiking trails. One of these lakes is a hot spring and you are allowed to take a dip. Canoeing is available to explore this aquatic attraction. You can find some harmless wildlife on the shores of these lakes in the Bow River valley.
    • Pacific Rim National Park Reserve: Spread over more than 500 sq km in British Columbia province, this has 3 separate regions that include beaches, islands, and hiking trails. Flanked by temperate rainforests and rugged coasts, Pacific Coast Mountains have an extraordinary landscape. If you love seawater adventure and wildlife, this is a great place for you.  
    • Grouse Mountain: This is an alpine playground for both local and overseas visitors. It is connected by the Red Skyride that offers a majestic view of nature's beauty and wilderness. Located at 12500 meters, Grouse Mountain is one of the most popular attractions of Vancouver. It remains open to visitors around the year. There are several options for outdoor adventure activities.

    Planning Your Canada Itinerary

    Being the second-largest country by area, it is a tough task to cover the whole of Canada on a vacation. The planning of the most suitable itinerary depends more or less on the amount of time one has in hand. Another important factor to consider is the kind of location one is planning to visit.

    If one is thinking of connecting with nature, Western Canada would be the most suitable location. On the other hand, if one is looking up to a combination of natural beauty along with great cities, then Central Canada would be ideal.

    As Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with unique diverse geography, it is considered an ideal vacation spot. Though typically covered with forests, the environment is frequently icy in the northern part nearing the Arctic Ocean.

    Western Canada is known for its amazing picturesque location with lots of mountains, glaciers, and Alpine Lakes. The major destinations you can enjoy here are Vancouver, Okanagan Valley, Jasper National Park, and Calgary.

    Here is an itinerary plan which would be most suitable for a 7-day tour aiming at those who look forward to bonding with nature. 

    • Lake Okanagan: This lake is located in the Okanagan Valley and is one of the cleanest lakes in Canada. The sight of the mountains overlooking the lake is a mesmerizing sight. The best and the most economical way is to travel by car to enjoy the breath-taking landscape.
    • Banff National Park: Banff National Park lies at a distance of 420 km. This national park has lots to offer from rocky mountains to glacial lakes and abundant wildlife. 
    • Jasper National Park: Jasper National Park lies at a distance of 107 km. The spellbinding wilderness of this area is worth capturing. Subalpine forests and Columbia Iceland are some of the highlights. Starting from Jasper National Park, travel a distance of 232 km (about 3 hours) to reach Lake Louis. From here, you can travel further 182 km to reach Calgary, the final destination. The best-recommended mode of transportation is cars.
    • Calgary: Calgary is a perfect location as it lies in the Rockies and Prairies. Apart from the amazing scenic beauty, it is a metropolitan city and has lots to offer.

    Canada Travel Tips

    Canada is the second-largest country in the world. It has varied climates and geography. It is a leading tourist destination and you need to have travel insurance policies to visit the country. If you are a student, you will need student travel insurance. Here are some travel tips to make a Canada trip enjoyable and comfortable. Travel insurance Canada should not be a problem as one can buy travel insurance online in a jiffy.


    Tourists willing to enjoy the snow, ski, and snowy mountains must travel here between November and February. Tourists looking to enjoy normal weather conditions must visit between June and August. Yet, the energetic and young tourists can travel here in all seasons.


    Canadian public transport is more affordable than any other private mode of transportation. You can travel by bus and rail. Flights are the best when you wish to travel from the eastern to the western parts of Canada.


    International travel insurance is essential for traveling to Canada. One should have valid health insurance policies before entering Canada. Baggage insurance is the best for making an insurance claim in case you lose your baggage. 


    Canada tourism does not restrict any dress code for tourists entering its territory. However, one should carry cotton clothing during the summer and woolen dresses, snow boots, jackets, gloves, and eye gear during winter. Tourists can rent adventure sports gear and apparel at adventure sports facilities.


    Travelers can find luxury to standard accommodation facilities in Canada. However, booking an all-inclusive tour package is the best for new tourists. In this case, the accommodation comes at a discounted price. One can also find budget accommodations in most tourist destinations. It is better to book in advance if you are traveling during the peak tourist season. 

    This all your Canada itinerary includes. If you are planning a trip soon, consider this guide and plan accordingly. Besides a visa, you’ll need travel insurance to visit Canada. However, for travel insurance Canada, one can visit a relevant insurer’s website and buy travel insurance online.