Bajaj Allianz Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Taking a vacation during the golden years is a dream for many. However, if medical risks and other unforeseen expenses are the reason for your trip’s delay, then leave behind these worries with Bajaj Allianz senior citizen travel insurance. Secure your vacation from all types of medical and travel-related risks so that nothing stops you from going on your dream world tour! Stay protected with a number of benefits offered by this international travel plan for senior citizens; with protection against medical and accidental expenses, home burglary insurance, cover for pre-existing diseases, and more.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Now covers COVID-19

    Why Purchase Chola MS Leisure Travel Insurance?

    Be it a business trip or vacation, it should be hassle-free. This overseas insurance plan makes sure that your trip becomes memorable and you stay protected during your wholes trip. If you are going on a business-related trip, going to meet a family member or a friend then you can consider purchasing this policy. The Corporate Travel Insurance is suited for businesses of all sizes and offers customizable and convenient plans for the organization which can be issued to employees for purposes of travel. It allows for flexibility and affordability on premium.

    Features & Benefits of Chola MS Leisure Travel Insurance

    This travel insurance comes with several features and benefits. They are as follows:

    • This insurance plan comes in three categories. Silver cover, Gold cover, and Senior Citizen Cover.
    • Silver cover is a simple and cost-effective plan
    • Gold cover is a comprehensive insurance plan
    • Senior citizen plan is for the people between the age of 71 and 80 years.
    • The insurance plan provides door-to-door cover so that you stay protected from the second you step out of your house and come back after your trip.
    • Covers both business and personal trips
    • You can protect your family under this plan. A kid as young as 3 months of age and an elderly of 80 years of age.
    • People up to the age of 65 do not require medical check-ups for purchasing this policy
    • You can pay for the exact duration of your trip and would not have to pay on a slab-based premium.
    • Express Claim Processing- Hassle-free, super-fast claim settlement with international tie-ups and Cashless settlement of hospitalization claims abroad.

    Things to Know About Chola MS Leisure Travel Insurance

    Categories Specifications
    Trips Covered International
    Type of Trips Covered Business & Personal/Leisure
    Sum Insured Up to $250,000
    Cashless Settlement Available
    Eligibility Indian Citizen, 3months old to 65 Years of age,Medical check-up required beyond 65 y/o people, 71-80 years old
    Claim Process Online & Offline

    Chola MS Leisure Travel Insurance: Inclusions

    Chola MS Leisure travel insurance plan provides you coverage for the following:

    • Emergency medical, transportation back to India, dental emergency expenses following an accident, compensation following accidental injuries.
    • Expenses incurred for obtaining a new passport or other documents, or loss of passport/ international driving license.
    • Delay in flight or missed departure/connection, the situation involving hijack distress
    • Expenses on emergency purchases of consumables due to any delay in handling checked-in baggage.
    • Personal accident cover for any permanent/total disability
    • Any Legal Liability burdened upon you due to causing bodily injury or property damage to any third party.
    • Travel expenses are borne in case the traveling employee needs to be replaced.
    • Hijack relief expenses.
    • Financial emergency and hospital daily cash cover.
    • If you lose your driving license during the trip then it provides cover for the expenses of obtaining a duplicate license
    • In case of trip cancellation and trip curtailment, there will be a reimbursement for any non-refundable expenses
    • Reimbursement is provided for the amount spent on a meal if the trip gets delayed for more than 12 hours if the airport does not cover these expenses
    • Loss or damage caused to the contents of the policyholder’s home in India while he/she is traveling.

    Chola MS Leisure Travel Insurance: Exclusions

    Chola MS does not provide cover for the following:

    • Travel against medical advice or for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment.
    • Self-inflicted injuries, suicide, mental disorder, intentional involvement in dangerous situations.
    • Expenses due to pregnancy, congenital diseases, HIV/AIDS and all concomitant health conditions
    • Expenses War/invasion/public defense/ riot, terrorism, or any breach of law with criminal intent.
    • No cover is provided if the insured is going to another country solely for any kind of treatment
    • Any kind of criminal activity causing loss or damage is not covered
    • Any kind of loss coming from the use of alcohol, drugs, etc. are not covered

    Chola MS Leisure Travel Insurance: Eligibility Criteria

    Here are the eligibility criteria for purchasing the Chola MS Leisure travel insurance plan.

    • If you are an Indian citizen then you can purchase this plan
    • People between the age of 18 and 80 years  can purchase this policy
    • Policyholder can cover family member as young as 3 months old kid


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