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All You Need to Know about Income Replacement Insurance Plan

Income Replacement Insurance Plan provides financial support to your family in the form of regular income payments in the event of your unfortunate death during the policy term. This plan is designed to help your loved ones maintain their standard of living and meet their daily expenses, making it an essential financial safeguard for their future. In this article, we will understand the benefits of an Income Replacement Insurance Plan, how it works, and how to choose the right term plan for your needs.

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What is an Income Replacement Insurance Plan?

An income replacement insurance plan, also known as a term insurance plan, is designed to provide financial support to your family or dependents in the event of your unfortunate death. This plan is designed to replace a portion of your income to help your loved ones maintain their standard of living and cover essential expenses after you're gone. You can either choose to receive the payout in a lump sum or periodic payments.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example:

Mohan, a non-smoking man of 30 years age, with annual salaried income of Rs. 11 Lakhs, bought a term insurance plan (a type of life insurance) to financially secure his loved ones. Since he is the single bread-earner of his family, he wanted to make sure that he buys the best term plan for his dependents. He compared from amongst 15+ term plans on Policybazaar and chose the plan that best suited his preferences. Mohan chose 1 Crore life cover for a policy term of 30 years and will now be paying Rs. 948/month for the next 30 years to keep his loved ones secured. Hence, in the event of his unfortunate death, Mohan’s income will be replaced by the life cover that his nominees will receive as the death benefit.

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What Does An Income Replacement Insurance Plan Offer?

An Income Replacement Insurance plan covers the following benefits:

  1. Death Benefit:

    • The primary purpose of this plan is to offer a death benefit, which is a lump-sum payout to your beneficiaries if you pass away during the policy term.

  2. Income Replacement:

    • Instead of a single lump sum, the income replacement term plan provides a regular income stream to your family, typically in the form of monthly or annual payments.

    • The income is intended to replace a significant portion of your lost earnings, ensuring that your loved ones have financial stability after your death.

  3. Flexibility:

    • These life insurance plans offer flexibility in terms of the payout period and whether the income is fixed or inflation-adjusted.

    • You can tailor the plan to align with your family's specific requirements.

    • Moreover, you have the flexibility to receive the payout in lump sum or periodic payments.

  4. No Savings Component:

    • Unlike some other life insurance types, Income Replacement Insurance plans typically do not have a savings or investment component.

    • They are pure protection policies focused on income replacement.

  5. Tax Benefits:

    • Premiums paid for term insurance plans may qualify for tax benefits under the Income Tax Act in many countries, including India.

  6. Beneficiary Designation:

    • You designate beneficiaries who will receive the income payments in the event of your death.

    • These beneficiaries can be family members, dependents, or anyone you choose.

  7. Peace of Mind:

    • Income Replacement Insurance offers peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones will have financial support even if you're not there to provide for them.

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Why Should You Get An Income Replacement Insurance Plan?

Here is a list of people who should opt for an Income Replacement Term plan:

  1. Regular Money for Your Family:

    • It gives your family a regular income if something happens to you, like a monthly paycheck to cover bills and expenses.

  2. Helps Protect Your Business:

    • If you own a business, it can keep your company running smoothly by providing money for business needs if you're not there.

  3. You Can Choose How Long it Lasts:

    • You get to pick how many years the plan lasts, which can match important events like your kids finishing school.

  4. Savings Stay Safe:

    • Instead of using up your savings, the plan keeps your savings intact for other things you might need.

  5. Great for Single Parents:

    • If you're a single parent, it's like a safety net for your kids, making sure they have what they need even if you're not there.

    *Note: You can use the term insurance calculator to easily calculate your premium amount of your chosen term plan.

Who Should Opt For An Income Replacement Insurance Plan?

Here is a list of people who should opt for an Income Replacement Insurance plan:

  1. Single Bread Earners:

    • Anyone who is a single bread earner and responsible for his/her family's financial livelihood and sustenance should strongly consider this plan.

  2. Parents with Dependents:

    • Parents with children or other dependents who rely on their income to meet daily needs, educational expenses, or other financial commitments.

  3. Homeowners with Mortgages:

    • Homeowners with outstanding mortgage loans can benefit from this plan, as it can help ensure that their family can keep the house even if they're no longer there to make mortgage payments.

  4. Business Owners:

    • Business owners and entrepreneurs can use an income replacement insurance plan (term life insurance plan) to safeguard their businesses by providing a financial cushion to cover business-related expenses or succession planning.

  5. Single Parents:

    • Single parents should consider an Income Replacement Term Plan to guarantee ongoing financial support for their children in case of their unexpected absence.

    *Note: It is recommended that you firstly know what is term insurance and what its features are before you buy it as an income replacement method.

  6. How To Buy An Income Replacement Insurance Plan From Policybazaar?

    Here are the steps to buy an Income Replacement Insurance plan from Policybazaar:

    • Step 1: Visit Policybazaar’s official website and go to Term Insurance 

    • Step 2: Fill in the basic details such as date of birth, name, contact details

    • Step 3: Next, click on ‘View Plans’

    • Step 4: Mention details about your smoking or tobacco habits, annual income, occupation and education.

    • Step 5: Choose the plan that suits your financial needs and proceed to pay.

    • Step 6: Select your preferred payment method and pay to complete the purchase.

Wrapping It Up!

An Income Replacement Insurance Plan serves as a crucial financial safety net for those who provide for their families, have dependents, or wish to protect their businesses. Hence, you should compare from amongst 15+ insurers on Policybazaar and choose the plan that best suits your needs and safeguard your family for the long run.


  • Q. What is an Income Replacement Insurance Plan?

    Ans: Income Replacement Insurance Plan, also known as Term Insurance plan, provides regular income to your beneficiaries if you pass away during the policy term.
  • Q. Who should consider getting an Income Replacement Plan?

    Ans: Anyone who is financially responsible for their family, has dependents, owns a home with a mortgage, or wishes to secure their business interests should consider it.
  • Q. How does the income replacement work?

    Ans: If the policyholder passes away within the policy term, the plan provides regular income payments to the beneficiaries, helping replace the lost earnings.
  • Q. Can I customize the plan to my needs?

    Ans: Yes, these plans are often customizable in terms of coverage amount, policy term, and income payout structure to align with your specific financial goals.
  • Q. Are there any tax benefits to these plans?

    Ans: Depending on your country's tax laws, premiums paid for Income Replacement Term Plans may offer tax benefits, reducing your overall tax liability.
  • Q. What does the income replacement method equate?

    Ans: The income replacement method equates HLV to (Human Life Value) the future income and financial support an individual would provide to their family or dependents over their working years. In this context, HLV represents the present value of the future earnings and financial contributions that would be lost if the individual were to pass away prematurely. It's a way to quantify the economic value of a person's life in terms of their ability to provide financial support to their loved ones.
  • Q: Why Consider an Income Replacement Insurance Plan?

    An Income Replacement Insurance Plan is crucial to safeguard your family's financial future by replacing your income if something unfortunate happens to you. It offers peace of mind and ensures that your loved ones can maintain their current lifestyle.
  • Q: Who Can Benefit from an Income Replacement Insurance Plan?

    Anyone seeking to secure their family's financial well-being can benefit from an Income Replacement Insurance Plan. It is especially valuable for breadwinners or individuals with dependents who rely on their income.
  • Q: How Does an Income Replacement Insurance Plan Work?

    Just like a term insurance plan, in the event of the policyholder's death, the plan provides a lump sum payout to the beneficiaries, serving as a financial safety net. This payout replaces the lost income, helping the family cover expenses like rent, education, and daily living costs.
  • Q: Is an Income Replacement Term Plan Affordable?

    Yes, Income Replacement Insurance Plans are designed to be affordable, offering significant coverage at reasonable premium rates. It ensures that financial protection is accessible to a wide range of individuals.
  • Q: Can I Customize the Coverage Amount in an Income Replacement Term Plan?

    Yes, most insurance providers allow customization of the coverage amount to suit individual needs. Policyholders can choose a coverage amount based on their income, expenses, and the financial needs of their dependents.

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