Here is Everything you Need to know About Two-Wheeler Insurance

In India, having a motor insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It means buying bike insurance is not an option but a compulsion. Bike insurance is a type of motor insurance that is offered under the general insurance category. It safeguards you and your vehicle in case of any road mishaps.  In simple terms, it provides you with financial coverage in case of accidents, thefts, third-party liabilities and more. The offered financial coverage depends upon the coverage as per the opted policy.

Kinds of Bike Insurance in India

In India, there are a number of different insurance policies offered to meet the needs and requirements of different insurance buyers. Each individual has different insurance needs. Keeping that in mind, insurance companies offer bike insurance policies to fulfill the demands of the diverse customers.

Bike owners can select a two-wheeler insurance plan that fits their budget and covers them adequately for risks that may arise in future. In India, the insurance companies majorly offer two types of bike insurance policies which are as follows. 

Third-Party Insurance or Liability-Only Insurance

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every vehicle owner must buy an insurance plan for his/ her vehicles plying on the public roads. In case of an accident, third-party liability insurance protects the policyholder from any third-party legal liabilities. In simple terms, if any damage to life or property of the third-party is caused due to an accident, then the insurance company will fulfill the third-party (on behalf of the policyholder). However, the third-party bike insurance does not cover the damages caused to the policyholder’s bike. True to its name, the third-party liability only offers insurance protection for the damages or injuries to a third-party by the policyholder’s bike.

This is the reason why third-party bike insurance is offered at a lower premium rate by a number of insurance companies in India. You can buy this type of bike insurance for the duration of one year and opt for renewal on a yearly basis. It is flexible, easy to buy and easy on the pocket.

Who can buy Third-Party Bike Insurance?

A third-party bike insurance plan can be purchased for both private (personal,) and for commercial (business-related) two-wheelers. In case you are running a delivery business, then the bike used for carrying the business must be insured under the third-party liability insurance for commercial vehicles.

Note - Third-party bike insurance for commercial bikes can be purchased by either the bike owner or a lessee (someone who wishes to purchase a bike on lease).

How Third-Party Bike Insurance Premium Calculated?

The premium for third-party liability plan is formulated on the basis of engine’s cc (cubic capacity). The premium rate for third-party liability plan is formulated by IRDA.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Third-Party Bike Insurance

Each insurance plan comes with its own set of inclusions and exclusions that are clearly stated in the policy copy. It is important that you thoroughly run your eyes through the fine print of policy document before you buy any type of insurance policy. These inclusions and exclusions of the cover make a vast difference on your protection as well as the premium rates.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

True to its name, a comprehensive bike insurance policy provides comprehensive insurance coverage in case of a road mishap. It offers a third-party liability bike insurance coverage to fulfill the legal liabilities of the e policyholder toward the third-party, in case of accidents leading to injuries, death, or damage of property.

A comprehensive bike insurance policy offers insurance coverage to the policyholder in case of various of unfortunate incidents such as damage caused by natural calamities, man-made disasters, accidents, theft, and more.

Benefits of Buying Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

A comprehensive bike insurance policy offers much-needed financial coverage in case of third-party liability arising due to an accident, own damage due to the accident, man-made perils, naturals perils, and theft.

Additionally, it also provides protection to the policyholder as well as the co-rider through the personal accident insurance cover. However, the coverage is offered under an additional cover. In order to avail the enhanced coverage, you will have to pay a little extra premium. The offered benefits will be worth it as it will co-rider as well.

Why Buy Comprehensive Insurance Bike Insurance?

It is advised to opt for comprehensive bike insurance, as it provides enhanced coverage against various unforeseen situations that can be a financial burden in future. In simple words, comprehensive bike insurance is an all-inclusive plan. While the premium is higher than the third-party liability plan, so is coverage.

A number of bike owners often do not pay attention to the benefits of comprehensive bike insurance and are reluctant to pay the higher premiums. They think that it is better to buy a third-party insurance cover as it fulfills their legal liability. But it is not the truth. If you are already paying a minimum amount of premium for a third-party liability cover, then by just adding a little to the cost, why not opt for a comprehensive cover? That little premium offers many added advantages and benefits that are essential to financially safeguard you.

Remember, casualties do not inform before happening, so it is better to be safe than sorry. If you have a comprehensive bike insurance cover, you will not have to bear the expenses alone in future. If you have enough money to buy a comprehensive bike insurance plan, it is recommended to opt for it. By doing so, you will be able to ride your bike peacefully.

Additionally, it provides the personal accident insurance coverage to the policyholder.

What’s Personal Accident Cover?

Many insurance companies in India also provide personal accident cover coverage to the policyholder. It is an added advantage that can be availed by the policyholder. Under personal accident coverage, in case of an accident, the policyholder is entitled to get medical coverage and monetary assistance. This also includes total or partial disability in case of accidents.

Note- This is an additional benefit and is not provided by all the insurance companies. Also, the cost is covered up to a fixed limit.

How Comprehensive Bike Insurance Premium Calculated?

The insurance company calculates insurance premium based on various factors such as driving skills of the owner, age of the bike, model of the bike, and most importantly the risks involved with the policyholder.

Bike Insurance Add-on Covers

Comprehensive bike insurance cover provides coverage against the unfortunate circumstance that may cost huge expenses. As mentioned before, a comprehensive insurance policy comes with the basic insurance coverage. So, in case you feel you need enhanced protection, you can opt for additional coverage.

A number of insurance companies offer add-ons under bike insurance policy to fulfill the insurance needs of the insurance buyers. You will have to pay extra if you want to avail the add-on cover.

Listed below are a few add-on covers that are very popular when it comes to bike insurance.

  1. Personal Accident Cover for Pillion: Personal accident cover for pillion provides coverage to the policyholder in case of damages caused due to an accident or any other situation covered by the insurance plan. The add-on cover provides protection in case of the partial/ permanent disability or death of the pillion rider. The sum assured depends upon the type of injury suffered by him or her during the mishap.
  2. In case of an accident, the rider as well as the pillion rider can get injured.  A number of bike insurance policies don’t provide the pillion rider’s injuries under the basic coverage. You will have to buy additional insurance coverage to safeguard the pillion. It is recommended to buy an add-on cover for the protection of the pillion.
  3. Around the Clock Roadside Assistance: Under this add-on cover, the policyholder can avail around the clock roadside assistance in case of break- down of the bike or mechanical failure. If you buy this add-on cover, then you can avail facilities like free towing of the insured bike due to breakdown, support by technical team in times of urgency, repair of the bike on site of, minor repairs etc.
  4. Accessories Cover: Add-on accessories cover offers coverage to all the electrical or non-electrical accessories of the bike. It means that in case of any damage to the covered accessories; the insurance company will cover the expenses, by either replacing the accessories or repairing it.
    The add-on covers offered by different companies vary according to the company policy and terms. Also, the rate of premium for acquiring the bike insurance add-on cover differs from insurance company to insurance company. So, before you decide to buy any type of bike insurance with or without add-ons, it is recommended searching the insurance market.

In a Nutshell

The insurance market is vast, with insurance providers offering bike insurance at competitive prices. Though exploring the market can be a time-consuming process, it will help you get the best bike insurance policy with all the benefits you need at the affordable premium rate.

You can also read reviews of customers online to understand which company offers better benefits. Consider the goodwill and reputation of the insurance company before you buy a bike insurance policy.

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