Best Travel Insurance Options for Senior Citizens

Ageing is a universal truth. As we grow old, our bodies become fragile and often develop ailments disrupting our day to day lives. Travelling is no exception; seniors are more likely to face difficulties while they are travelling. This article will help you understand the need for travel insurance for senior travellers and how to pick the plans best suited to their needs.

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Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

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Accidental & sickness expenses

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Covers Loss of check-in Baggage

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Get Trip Cancellation benefits

* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

Importance of Travel Insurance for Seniors

Compared to young travellers, people over 65-70 years are prone to several health ailments and contingencies abroad. Keeping this in mind, many insurers in India have started offering trip insurance for seniors as old as 90. From necessary medical expenses to accidentally losing their passport while abroad, senior travellers will get the required coverage for all probable risks that may cause them financial losses.

However, simply buying the first plan you come across won’t cut it. Suppose you have a heart condition, then buying a plan that does not cover your pre-existing condition won’t be useful as you’re still exposed to that risk. Similarly, most insurers offer plans for up to 75 or 80 years. If you’re older than that, you won’t be eligible for these plans. Thus, it’s better to look for companies that cater to your age group. It is hence very important to choose the correct travel insurance that will provide wide coverage during your trip.

Tips to Get the best Travel Insurance Options for Senior Citizens

Buying a perfect plan can be time taking, but once you’re far away from home it will keep you safe from a number of disasters. If you're an elderly traveller looking for the best travel insurance, then make sure that you consider these issues before your purchase:

Provides High Age Limits

This should be the first factor to consider when looking for an insurance plan for senior citizens. Most insurers don’t offer plans for people above 70-75 years. This doesn’t mean people aged beyond these will stop travelling, or travel without any insurance. Though limited, you can easily find a plan with higher age limits. Some travel insurance companies in India offer plans for individuals up to 90 years so that there is no stopping their adventures!

Offers Trip Cancellations

There are many reasons why your trip may get cancelled. From tour cancellations from your rentals' end or due to some emergency, you may have to cancel your plans. Your insurance should protect you from these financial losses and help you recover your money such as flight and accommodation costs.

Covers Trip Delay

Delayed flights are a pain for most people, all the more for seniors who may have conditions that make it much more uncomfortable for them. To avoid such unpleasant experiences, make sure to opt for a plan that reimburses you for expenses and discomfort caused by delayed flights.

Covers Pre-existing Conditions

The chances of having a medical condition increase with age. To keep you financially covered in case your pre-existing condition reoccurs during your journey, it is important to have a plan that is aware of this condition. You can easily find a senior citizen travel insurance plan that offers coverage for the mentioned pre-existing condition.

Provides High Medical Coverage

Travel entails a lot of new experiences and activities; who isn't tempted by new things in a new place? From foreign climate to very different foods, you may easily fall sick or get injured while you're busy sampling these new experiences. In case you need medical assistance, make sure it covers essential coverage including dental expenses, costs of transportation, etc.

Covers Stolen Luggage

Visitors in any foreign country are always an easy target for thieves and burglars. Senior travellers may be prone to such attacks where their luggage or wallet may be stolen. Their luggage not only consists of daily amenities but important necessities such as medicines or valuable items. Make sure to buy a plan that covers such situations.

Go for Higher Sum Insured

It is also suggested to go for a plan with a high sum insured as medical costs abroad are extremely high and may seriously disturb your trip's finances. The sum insured will also depend on the country you’re travelling to. For example, Schengen countries require a minimum sum insured of EUR 30,000 as the cost of medical treatment there are very high.

Offers Medical Evacuation

While your plan may offer decent coverage for medical expenses, make sure that it also offers medical evacuation in case you need it. In the case of an emergency trip back to India, your insurance should offer the benefit of medical evacuation as these are extremely expensive.

Includes Emergency Assistance/Travel Advice

It's natural to face problems in a new place. Language and cultural barriers may make something basic very difficult. Elderly travellers may find themselves in a situation where urgent advice may be required. There may also be a need for emergency assistance while travelling, such as procuring a duplicate of your passport. Most insurers offer this benefit so that seniors can seek legal or professional advice while dealing with foreign authorities. There are several ways in which your insurer can help you, including toll-free numbers or a dedicated helpline.

Buying Travel Insurance for Seniors: Things to Remember

Now that you know what benefits to look for, don’t forget these important things to avoid any mistakes while choosing a plan:

  • Always compare different plans being offered by several companies
  • Don’t skip reading exclusions; the fine print has conditions that you won’t be covered for
  • Know the exact coverage so that all your risks are covered
  • Speak to the customer service in detail if you have any doubts; don’t buy any plan if you’re uncertain about any term or detail
  • Buy your travel insurance as soon as your flights and other bookings are final so that you can avail of the trip cancellation benefits in case your plans are delayed or cancelled
  • Always use a travel insurance premium calculator to know the approximate costs of your plan. This will let you compare several plans easily

Over to You,

Age shouldn't be a hindrance during important tasks. Be it attending an important wedding or simply going on a world tour, senior travellers deserve the appropriate protection that travel insurance companies offer every other traveller. So, if your parents are planning to go abroad make sure to pick the best senior citizens' travel insurance for their safe trip.

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