How to Claim Compensation for Lost, Delayed or Damaged Luggage

Arriving at your destination just to find out your luggage has been misplaced, damaged or lost can make you run into a frenzy. In most instances, valuables or important documents get lost and can ruin one's trip.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    However, it’s not rare for flyers to encounter lost, damaged or delayed luggage and many flyers don't know they can benefit from Airline goof-ups. All you need is travel insurance that covers all these aspects.

    With the help of International Travel insurance plans, you can keep your nerves under control as you will be compensated for the loss you incurred during your flight. Why experts recommend international travel insurance plans is because with such policies you can gain benefit from temporary/ permanent luggage loss and damage. Besides that, you also have the benefit of ensuring your documents like passports just in case things go awry. 

    Below Is a List of Properties Insured By Your Travel Insurance

    Permanently misplaced luggage is covered under baggage coverage travel insurance, which means you will be reimbursed the policy limit as stated at the time of purchase for your plan. This includes the value of the lost /damaged luggage in addition to your belongings inside.

    Temporary loss of luggage is also covered under travel insurance baggage delay coverage, which means you are reimbursed for the policy limits of the purchase made by you till your luggage arrives

    Many airlines have a strict limit on what they will pay for luggage loss or damage. It may sometimes take days, weeks or at tops, months to deliver your lost luggage to you. In some cases, reimbursement of luggage loss may also take a while. Just to be on the safer side, many embassies require you to apply for international travel insurance plans before flying to another country as most flyers experience such difficulties.

    Limitations of Travel Insurance Coverage for Lost Luggage

    Certain Limitations are associated with international travel insurance plans. Meaning, there is a cap associated with the insurance plan. Some may have higher reimbursement caps while others may not offer the same limit. Some plans may not cover 100% of your baggage loss, and some may not cover damaged luggage. Let us have a look at some other limitations of international travel insurance plans.

    It is sometimes tough to decipher what is and is not included or excluded in your travel insurance. What items or properties will the plan include or what is the maximum payout per item if any? In most cases, such plans do not support items like contact lenses, deodorants, teeth, etc. There is a list of excluded items mentioned at the bottom of every plan so before initiating the purchase, please go through the details then decide whether or not the plan fits your requirements. 

    The occurrence of war is not in the hands of the travel insurance provider. This is something you will have to finance on your own. Most companies rarely take responsibility for such outbreaks. 

    If something like this does occur and you flee the country by means of a private jet or helicopter, it is not likely for you to receive any compensation. 

    Pre-existing health issues are also not included or insured under this category. Inflicting self-harm is also a factor that isn't normally included in such plans. 

    Advantages of International Travel Insurance Plans

    • Basically with an international travel insurance policy, even when you are encountering an awry situation you tend to maintain calm because you do not need to worry or have second thoughts about finances that meet your losses.
    • Therefore, when you are planning to travel abroad, it is important to consider the basic safety area of your own care-free vacation. The most simple protection alternatives of travel insurance include healthcare insurance coverage along with fast and effective transportation back to your country of origin. (You certainly don’t wish to spend money for an urgent situation helicopter trip!) Most of the insurance policies have a protective cover for missing checked-in luggage, trip cancellation, as well as other potential casualties.
    • Healthcare travel cover is regarded as a sensible expenditure when you are blowing up thousands on luxury cruises which could be ruined by sickness or by foreign travel. The majority of medical health insurance plans do not cover out of country medical expenses.
    • Points you should consider:

    a. All actions you engage in
    b. Your travel locations. A Schengen trip may ask for you to invest heavily in medical procedures as the costs are pretty high. A trip to a Middle Eastern country may not require you to invest heavily in a plan that supports medical procedures. 
    c. The season you intend to be travelling in 
    d. Your current physical health/ state
    e. Specific prescription medications you may need 

    Where to Buy Travel Insurance?

    International travel Insurance plans can be purchased from the following sources

    1. Travel agents
    2. Online broker
    3. Current Insurance provider 

    Note: It is best to compare and choose plans according to your needs. Sometimes agents and brokers look for plans to hand out that benefit them in terms of commission and so forth.

    What to Keep in Mind?

    Before you invest in a travel policy or plan, you must conduct a full review of your existing insurance coverage. There are some credit card companies that offer medical assistance and also baggage loss protection to customers who charge their airfare to their credit card.

    You may also find that your health insurance provider covers foreign medical emergencies. It is advised you explore your existing coverage(s) to see where you currently stand. Once that has been established then you can proceed to buy a policy that meets your requirements.

    A quick tip: Before narrowing down your travel plan, ensure that most of your requirements are met because most international travel plans do not include the following:

    • Pre-existing health conditions
    • Injuries caused by sports like river rafting, sky diving, bungee jumping, etc.
    • Travel to war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq, etc.

    Travel Insurance in a Nutshell

    When planning a trip or a holiday with your family, nobody wants to think about what might go wrong. The truth, however, may not always be a holiday full of sunshine. One must keep in mind the current situation of a country and foresee the unexpected just to be on the safe side. A lot can go wrong.

    A simple misplacement of luggage to an emergency in the country you intend to stay in are all situations you need to take into consideration when planning for a trip. A travel insurance plan is just one step of keeping you and your loved ones safe to some extent.

    To avoid ruining your vacation, it is advised by many experts to choose international travel insurance plans based on all factors like climate, economic situation, your medical health, etc. in short; you should be prepared for things you imagine only in your wildest nightmare. 

    Package Plans for You to Consider

    Package plans are popular among many travelers because they bring numerous types of benefits into one plan.

    Most international travel plans normally include:

    • Medical/medicinal coverage
    • Disaster/Crisis evacuation/exile of remains
    • Accidental/ Unintentional death and mutilation coverage
    • Last-minute trip cancellation (due to any reason like weather or illness)
    • Delayed and lost luggage insurance (this includes reimbursement for items lost or delayed)
    • Flight delay or cancellation insurance (If your travel plans are overdue for several hours by the airline, it is the responsibility of the insurance company to cover your hotel accommodations and meals while you wait.  They will also have to make new travel arrangements for you)
    • Trip interruption (If intemperate weather, injury or illness interrupts your trip, it is the insurance company’s duty to reimburse you)
    • Replacement of important travel documents like passport, belongings, and cash that is either lost or stolen
    • Legal assistance
    • 24 x 7 concierge services (to help you find the right medical care or help you change your travel plans, etc.)
    • Package plans are characteristically purchased from the following sources:
    • Those travelling to foreign countries/ or abroad
    • Purchasers of vacation packages (where lump sum payments, advance payments or non-refundable payments are required)
    • Those going on a cruise (again due to advance payment or huge amounts that are non-refundable)
    • Business travellers
    • And Senior travellers

    Travel Health Plans

    Travel medical plans/ policies provide alternative assistance in terms of medical coverage and also emergency evacuation for those who plan on travelling abroad. In fact, these policies can be bought or acquired for years for those who will or are planning on travelling abroad for an extended period of time.

    Travel health plans are typically acquired by the following:

    • Students
    • Colonials
    • Businessmen
    • And Individuals who will be travelling abroad or to a foreign country and the reach of their health insurance

    Other Travel Insurance Options You Should Consider:

    Annual Plans - If you travel several times a year, it may be cheaper and wise for you to purchase an annual insurance plan rather than a distinct policy for each trip you take. This insurance characteristically comprises of medical coverage, evacuation during crisis/ disaster/ war, baggage loss, and inadvertent death and also dismemberment coverage.

    It does not typically include trip cancellation coverage. However, it may be conceivable to add it. You need to get in touch with the helpdesk of the firm you wish to buy the plan from.

    Student Plan - If you are a student and plan to travel abroad, it would be ideal for you to look into student insurance for travellers. Plans can be acquired for both short trips and protracted stays (up to 4 years) and are made-to-order to meet student visa requirements.

    Business Plans - If you take frequent work trips, you should consider opting for business travel insurance. It can be acquired for a single trip and on an annual basis. Coverage spreads beyond the standard insurance restrictions to contain compensation for disregarded conferences and trade shows and settlement for mislaid or pilfered laptops, demonstrations, cell/mobile phones, and other work-related things.

    International travel plans come in handy quite often especially for wanderers and those who attend business meetings abroad. There’s a lot you can benefit from, and there are usually no hidden agendas associated with such plans. The best travel insurance plan is one that meets all your requirements and doesn’t require you to spend extra.

    Some plans even offer additional coverage like personal liability, vehicle rental access, family emergency and alternative transport.

    Personal liability offers you protection when you cause harm to others in an accident, and it also covers you if you meet with an accident.

    Vehicle Rental excess covers you when you hire a car and meet with an accident

    Family Emergency covers a close relative of yours or the person you are travelling with. In case that person meets with an accident or gets injured, there’s nothing to worry about as long as you choose a plan that covers a family member.

    Alternative transport is another great coverage option you can opt for if your means of transport that has been pre-booked is cancelled. In that case, an alternative means of transport will be provided.

    When opting for a plan, do not hide any specific health issues or lie when filling the form or details. If you get caught lying, you will have to face serious consequences. So, always stay true when entering or providing your details.

    The last tip experts recommend is either buying your plan early as it saves you time and money, but in some cases, it isn’t always advisable to do so as you never know which countries may go to war. Looking at the current war of words with the USA and North Korea, It’s recommended to wait for a certain crisis to play out and not invest in a travel plan so quickly.

    Besides that keep a checklist and see what all you think is important to have covered then move on to buying your plan. Such plans come in different categories like silver, gold, and platinum. Each plan varies and offers different benefits. The best travel plan is one that meets all your needs and covers what is essential.

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