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Bahrain Visa for Indians

Bahrain is a small island nation in the Arabian Gulf with a rich history dating back thousands of years. The name 'Bahrain' comes from the Arabic term "al-baḥrayn, " meaning "two seas." The country is famous for its rich groves of date palms. This guide will take you step by step through the process of applying for a Bahrain visa from India, covering everything from the types of Bahrain visas available, documents required, fees, Bahrain visa photo requirements and how to check your visa status.

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About Bahrain Visa

Bahrain provides visas to Indians online and upon arrival. Depending on the purpose and duration of your stay, various visa types of visas are available, such as tourist, business, or family visit visas. Before diving into the Bahrain visa application process, let's look at some of the key facts about Bahrain.

Country Bahrain
Currency 1 BHD = 221.64367 INR
Time zone Arabian Standard Time
IST is 2 hours 30 minutes ahead of AST
Capital Manama
Official language Arabic (English widely used)
Popular tourist destinations Manama City, Bahrain National Museum, Riffa Fort, Hawar Island
Visa application method Online

Features of Bahrain Visa

Before we look at the Bahrain visa requirements, here are some key features of the Bahrain visa.

  • Electronic visa: Bahrain offers a convenient electronic visa (eVisa) system for Indian citizens, allowing them to apply online without visiting a consulate or embassy.
  • On-Arrival Visa: Bahrain offers visa-on-arrival to Indians who have a valid visit visa to UAE, UK, USA, KSA (excluding Hajj & Umrah visa), Schengen or USA Green Card.

Documents Required for Bahrain Visa

An important part of Bahrain visa requirements is the documents you must submit. Before applying for a Bahrain visa from India, ensure you have all the necessary documents ready. These vary depending on your chosen visa type.

Here's a table outlining the common documents required for a Bahrain tourist visa application.

Document Description
Passport Provide a passport valid for at least six months from entry into Bahrain.
Passport-sized photographs Two recent coloured photographs meeting the Bahrain visa photo requirements.
Visa application form Completed accurately with all relevant details.
Flight tickets Copy of valid confirmed return air ticket.
Confirmation of accommodation for the duration of stay. Proof of hotel booking in Bahrain is needed. If staying with a relative or friend, provide their ID reader's printout.
Bank statements A three-month bank statement showing a balance of at least the equivalent of USD 1000 is needed.

If you are looking for a work permit in Bahrain, you have to submit the following documents.

Passport Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months, but it is highly recommended to have it valid for at least 2 years before applying.
Employment contract or agreement between you and your employer
  • Your employment contract should be in Arabic (or if bilingual, it should contain Arabic). It should be on your company’s letterhead or a government paper.
  • It should contain details of your employment like the period of your agreement, your name, your passport number, your nationality, occupation, salary, employment, and notice periods.
  • It should be signed by your employer and yourself, along with the company seal.
Medical report
  • A medical report that is not older than three months from the issue date.
  • It should be provided by accredited health centres of the Health Ministry.

Bahrain Visa Types

To learn how to apply for a Bahrain visa, you need to understand the different visa types. Here's a glimpse into the various Bahrain visa types.

Bahrain visa types Description
Tourist Visa The Tourism eVisa grants foreign visitors entry to Bahrain for leisure travel. With this visa, you can stay in Bahrain for up to 30 days at a time. The validity of the visa is 90 days.
Work Visa Foreign nationals intending to work in Bahrain must obtain a Bahrain work visa, also known as an employment visa, issued by the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA).
Family Visit Visa This category allows you to visit family members in Bahrain. It is an accessible and budget-friendly option for visitors.
Business Meeting Visa If you are coming to Bahrain for business-related activities like meetings, conferences, or trade fairs, this visa is for you.

There are several other Bahrain visa types for purposes such as:

  • Educational visits
  • Medical treatment
  • Cultural exchange
  • Religious pilgrimage
  • Transits
  • Short-term employment like work assignments.

Who can Apply for a Bahrain Visa?

Any Indian citizen wishing to travel to Bahrain for travel, work or business purposes can apply for a Bahrain visa. To apply for a Bahrain visa from India, you must meet the following key criteria:

  • Your passport should be valid for at least six months.
  • You should provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Bahrain.
  • You should have a detailed travel plan, proof of onward travel, hotel bookings, letters of invitation, or other documents.
  • If you are applying for a work permit in Bahrain, you should have a valid employment contract with your employer.

How to Apply for a Bahrain Visa?

The Bahrain visa application process is quite simple. You must submit everything electronically from the comfort of your home. Here is a step-by-step guide about how to apply for a Bahrain visa.

Step 1. Check Eligibility: First, verify that you meet all the requirements for your chosen visa type.

Step 2. Apply Online: Click on the "Apply for Visa" link on NPRA's website and fill out the online application form.

Step 3. Attach Documents: Electronically attach all the required documents. Submit your photo according to the Bahrain visa photo requirements.

Step 4. Pay Bahrain Visa Fees: Pay the Bahrain visa fees using a secure payment gateway.

Step 5. Wait for Approval: Your application will go through NPRA's process and once approved, you will receive a notification email and a PIN.

Step 6. Pay for Visa: Go back to the Visa homepage, click on "Pay for Application", enter your PIN and pay the visa fee.

Bahrain Visa Fees

You have to pay visa fees while submitting your Bahrain visa application. The Bahrain visa fees for different types of Bahrain visas are as follows:

Visa Type Entries Visa Cost (INR) Service Fee (INR) Max. Stay Validity
Tourist visa Multiple entries 9770 4092 90 days 1 year
Multiple entries 3591 4092 30 days 90 days
Single Entry 2505 4092 14 days 14 days
Business visa Multiple entries 3591 4927 30 days 90 days
Multiple entries 9770 4927 90 days 1 year
Single Entry 2505.38 4927 14 days 14 days

If you want to work in Bahrain, you need to apply for a work permit. Here's a summary of the fees you must pay for this visa type.

Visa type Duration Service fee (INR) Admin fee (INR)
Resident Work Permit 1 year 38,063 1,106
Resident Work Permit 2 years 76,126 1,106

If you are taking a dependant with you to Bahrain, you have to pay an additional service fee of INR 19,916 for them.

How to Check Bahrain Visa Status?

To check your Bahrain visa status, follow these steps:

Step 1. Visit the official Website: Go to the official NPRA website.

Step 2. Enter Application ID and Passport Number: Input your passport number, nationality, date of birth, and application reference number.

Step 3. Solve CAPTCHA: Solve the CAPTCHA to verify you're a real user.

Step 4. Check Status: Click on 'Check Status' to find out the current status of your visa application.

If you comply with all the Bahrain visa requirements, the process will be quite smooth and simple. Usually, the Bahrain visa processing time is quite short. You can get your visa in 6-8 working days.

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