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NCB Protector Add-On Cover

A No Claim Bonus Protect cover is an add-on that helps the policyholder keep his/her NCB intact even after raising a claim in the policy year. Using this add-on, car owners can get NCB discount of up to 50% on car insurance renewal premium irrespective of a claim. This add-on is highly useful and can be purchased with comprehensive insurance.

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Get Car Insurance starting at only ₹2,094/year #
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      What is NCB Protector in Car Insurance?

      The reward (bonus) a car owner gets from their insurer for not raising any claim in a policy year is referred to as a No Claim Bonus. It accumulates every claim-free year, which leads to a substantial discount (up to 50%) on car insurance renewal premium the next year. However, this NCB gets nullified in case a policyholder makes a claim.

      To ensure that this bonus isn’t reset because of a necessary claim, an NCB protector cover is required. This add-on cover is optional and protects the NCB even if the insurer has made a claim during the policy year.

      The policyholder gets the same slab of per cent in the next year as well.

      This discount can be as high as 50%, depending on the number of claim-free years. Usually, a policyholder can save his/her NCB up to 1 claim per policy tenure. Since this is an optional cover, it can only be bought with a comprehensive car insurance policy or a standalone own-damage cover at an additional premium.

      Benefits of NCB Protect Cover

      An NCB Protect cover is an optional cover but comes with some great benefits. These include:

      Nominal Premium

      An NCB Protect add-on can be purchased at a nominal premium at the time of new policy purchase or car insurance renewal. By paying a small premium upfront, policyholders can get a huge discount at the time of policy renewal without any fear of making claims.

      Discounts Intact

      The reward or discount offered under NCB gets nullified once a policyholder raises a claim. However, with the help of NCB Protect cover, the policyholder can overcome this issue and keep his discount intact even after raising a claim during a policy year.

      Ease of Purchase

      Purchasing NCB Protect cover online is easy and hassle-free. Moreover, if you have missed purchasing the cover at the time of policy purchase, you can still purchase it while renewing your car insurance policy.

      Why Opt for NCB Protect Cover?

      NCB is a reward given by insurers for driving responsibly. So, if you don’t raise a claim during a policy year, you become eligible to receive a discount on the renewal premium. However, accidents happen unknowingly, and in such situations, raising a claim is the only option to get covered for the damages to your car.

      But as soon as you raise a claim, your NCB becomes zero. Here is where NCB Protect cover acts as a shield and protects your accumulated discount even after raising a claim. Thus, NCB Protect can be a very useful and lucrative addition to your comprehensive car insurance policy.

      When is NCB Protection Cover Not Applicable?

      It’s important to read the fine print of any motor insurance policy to know what will not be covered. In many cases, this add-on will not be applicable in the following scenarios:

      • Exceeding the number of claims allowed under the NCB Protector add-on will make the insured ineligible for the no-claim bonus
      • The car policy must be renewed within 90 days of the expiry or as stipulated, or the NCB will drop to zero.
      • Mid-term inclusion or removal of the NCB protector is not allowed by most insurers
      • The vehicle must be repaired in a network/ authorised garage in order to avail the benefits of this add-on
      • The NCB will be cancelled if any fraudulent OD claims or any misrepresentation of facts regarding a claim have been made.

      Please note that the extent of coverage and other benefits vary from insurer to insurer. It is important to compare different policies thoroughly before zeroing in on a policy. To get a better idea, don’t forget to compare different policies at for the best car insurance NCB protection and deals.

      How to Purchase NCB Protection Cover Online?

      To purchase NCB Protect cover, a policyholder can visit Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited at the time of policy purchase or renewal and follow these steps:

      • From the homepage of, select the “Car Insurance” tab
      • Enter your car number or select the “Brand New Car” option
      • Enter your car make, model, variant, fuel type and registration year
      • From the given car insurance plans, select the desired comprehensive or OD plan,
      • Now, from the “Addons and Accessories” tab, select the “NCB Protect” addon
      • Once you have selected the addon, your insurance premium will increase
      • Now pay the premium via the online payment mode
      • After premium payment, your car insurance policy document, along with the NCB addon, will be mailed to you.

      FAQs on NCB Protector Add-On Cover

      • Q1. Is it mandatory to buy an NCB Protect Cover?

        Ans: No, buying an NCB Protect add-on is not mandatory, as it's an optional cover that can be purchased by paying an extra premium. However, having an NCB Protect addon is essential as it can help you keep your NCB discount intact, resulting in a cheaper car insurance premium.

      • Q2. Who should buy a No Claim Bonus Protector?

        Ans: Anyone who owns a car and a comprehensive car insurance policy can benefit from this add-on. If they're likely to face issues like flooding, which may affect their car, buying this add-on will let them raise a claim if needed without affecting their NCB.

      • Q3. Is NCB transferable?

        Ans: A person is granted NCB per the IRDAI guidelines, which is accumulated under their name. This means that even if they change their insurer or decide to buy a new car, then they can claim the NCB received so far.

      • Q4. How can I buy an NCB Protector cover?

        Ans: This cover can be purchased only with a comprehensive car insurance policy as an optional cover at an extra premium. This can be done either through the insurer’s website or through after comparing different policies.

      • Q5. Can I transfer my NCB from a car to a two-wheeler or motorcycle?

        Ans: No. The No Claim Bonus can only be transferred from one car to another car or from one insurance provider to another. You cannot transfer the NCB from your car to your two-wheeler.

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      Mumbai, February 24, 2024
      No claim bonus
      For not raising any claim request in my policy tenure, Universal sompo insurance company gave me no claim bonus. During the renewal time i got some good discount on the premium from the NCB reward. I had taken my comprehensive car plan for my Civic car from Policybazaar so thanks to the team for suggesting me amazing plan.
      Gurugram, February 13, 2024
      Easy to compare
      When I visited Policybazaar I had already told the team what features I am looking for in my car policy for my new Maruti Grand Vitara car. The team gave me various options as per my requirements and among them, I bought the United India comprehensive plan because it was matching my requirements perfectly. I also bought zero-depreciation policy as add-on at a very reasonable rate.
      Dehradun, February 11, 2024
      Add on cover
      I have customized my National own damage car plan with add ons for my new Honda City car. I have added Nil depreciation, ncb protect and invoice protect covers to my plan. Mr. Jitesh customer support executive was very helpful and helped me customize my plan through the website of Policybazaar.