TATA Nexon Car Insurance

Tata Nexon car is a subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Tata Motors since 2017. This Indian automaker has introduced its first crossover SUV in the form of the Tata Nexon. Tata Motors launched the facelifted version of Nexon with Bharat Stage 6-compliant engines and with some feature additions in 2020 January and showcased this new version to the general public in Auto Expo 2020. The price of Tata Nexon ranges from Rs.7.09 lakhs to Rs.12.7 lakhs. With 120PS turbocharged engine and six-speed transmission, Tata Nexon provides an incredible drive experience. With the spacious cabin, sculpted seats, and intelligent features, this car ensures absolute comfort in each drive. You can check the features, specifications, and insurance premium for Tata Nexon. 

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Tata Nexon car insurance is a kind of four-wheeler insurance policy that financially protects the insured Nexon car against any adversities resulting in major monetary losses. All Tata Nexon cars must have a valid Tata car insurance policy with at least third party coverage. This is important because the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates every car to have at least third party car insurance. In case a person is found violating this law, the traffic police will issue a challan of Rs 2000 or/and send the owner of the Nexon car for a jail term of not more than three months. For the second-time offence, the challan amount will increase to Rs 4000 while the jail term will remain up to three months.

Types of Tata Nexon Car Insurance Plans

Three types of Tata Nexon insurance plans are available in India. Take a look:

  • Third Party Tata Nexon Car Insurance

    This type of Tata Nexon insurance policy covers the third party liabilities of the car owner resulting out of an accident caused by the Nexon car. The third party liabilities include property damages as well as physical injuries caused to the third parties. The maximum coverage offered in case of third party property damages is Rs 7.5 lakh. 

  • Standalone Own Damage Tata Nexon Car Insurance 

    This type of Tata Nexon insurance policy covers the loss or damages caused to the Nexon car due to theft, natural disasters, fire, accidents and manmade calamities. This type of Tata vehicle insurance can only be bought if the Nexon car is already covered under a third party Tata Nexon insurance policy.

  • Comprehensive Tata Nexon Car Insurance 

    This type of Tata Nexon insurance policy covers third party liabilities as well as the own damages of the Nexon car, thereby, providing a comprehensive cover. Besides, it also provides personal accident cover to the Nexon car’s owner-driver.

How to Buy Insurance for Tata Nexon From Policybazaar?

The following steps should be followed to buy Tata car insurance online for the Nexon car:

  • Visit policybazaar.com and click on the icon of ‘car insurance’ on the homepage
  • Fill in the Nexon car’s registration number or choose any options given below the form
  • Enter details about the Nexon car, including its age, model type, fuel type, RTO, etc.
  • Provide the contact information of the Nexon car’s owner
  • Choose the type of coverage needed for the Nexon car
  • The Tata Nexon insurance price for several plans will be shown
  • Pick the most suitable plan and pay its Tata Nexon insurance price online
  • The insurance company will issue the Tata car insurance policy for the Nexon car

Tata Nexon Variants

The following table showcases the ex-showroom prices for various model variants of the Tata Nexon car:

Tata Nexon Variants Fuel Type Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)
XE Petrol Rs 7,09,900
XM Petrol Rs 7,99,500
XE Diesel Rs 8,45,500
XM (S) Petrol Rs 8,51,500
XMA Petrol Rs 8,59,500
XZ Petrol Rs 8,99,500
XMA (S) Petrol Rs 9,11,500
XM Diesel Rs 9,32,500
XZ+ Petrol Rs 9,79,500
XM (S) Diesel Rs 9,84,500
XMA Diesel Rs 9,92,500
XZ+ DT Petrol Rs 9,96,500
XZ Diesel Rs 10,32,500
XZ+ (S) Petrol Rs 10,39,500
XZA+ Petrol Rs 10,39,500
XMA (S) Diesel Rs 10,44,500
XZ+ DT (S) Petrol Rs 10,56,500
XZA+ DT Petrol Rs 10,56,500
XZ+ (O) Petrol Rs 10,69,500
XZ+ ST (O) Petrol Rs 10,86,500
XZA+ (S) Petrol Rs 10,99,500
XZ+ Diesel Rs 11,12,500
XZA+ DT (S) Petrol Rs 11,16,500
XZ+ DT Diesel Rs 11,29,500
XZA+ (O) Petrol Rs 11,29,500
XZA+ DT (O) Petrol Rs 11,46,500
XZ+ (S) Diesel Rs 11,72,500
XZA+ Diesel Rs 11,72,500
XZ+ DT (S) Diesel Rs 11,89,500
XZA+ DT Diesel Rs 11,89,500
XZ+ (O) Diesel Rs 12,02,500
XZ+ DT (O) Diesel Rs 12,19,500
XZA+ (S) Diesel Rs 12,32,500
XZA+ DT (S) Diesel Rs 12,49,500
XZA+ (O) Diesel Rs 12,62,500
XZA+ DT (O) Diesel Rs 12,79,500
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