Kia Seltos

Kia entered India in 2019, and Seltos was the first car from the brand. It was launched in August 2019, and the car had been an instant hit. The car is offered on various trips along with Petrol & Diesel engine. It has also received multiple transmission options. The car is sturdy, features laden and safe. It has been one of the top-selling SUV in India. You can check out the features, specifications, insurance premium and other details about Kia Seltos in this article.

Features of Kia Seltos Car

Some of the unique features of Kia car insurance are listed below.

  • It comes with a sunroof and a Smart Pure air purifier.
  • You can start the engine by key and cool down the car’s interior on a hot summer day.
  • It has built-in support for smartwatch connectivity and wireless charging.
  • Offers touchscreen navigation, heads-up display, colour display cluster and a 36—degree camera with blind view monitor.
  • You get 8 Bose speakers for premium sound quality.
  • The front seats are ventilated, and you can recline the rear seats.
  • Loaded with all the safety features like traction mode, drive mode, ABS, EBD, All Disc Brake and airbags

Specifications of Kia Seltos Car

Below are the technical specifications of Kia Seltos









Maximum Power

115 / 6300

140 / 6000

115 / 4000

Maximum Torque

144 / 4500

242/1500 - 3200

250/1500 – 2750

Fuel Variant





16 Kmpl to 21 Kmpl


Front: Mc Pherson

Rear : CTBA



6MT / 7DCT

6MT / 6AT

Emission Norm


Fuel Tank

50 L

Boot Space

433 L

Kia Seltos Variants with Car Insurance Price

Below are the different variants of Kia Seltos, along with their ex-showroom price and car insurance premium

Kia Seltos Car Insurance Policy Inclusions

In this section, you will find the details of what is covered under the standard policy of Kia Seltos. Check out the points below.

  • Any loss or damage that has been caused to Kia Seltos because of
    • Accident
    • Theft
    • Manmade Disasters, Riots, Strikes, Vandalism
    • Explosion, Fire, Internal Fire
  • The damage caused to Kia Seltos by any third party is also covered under the insurance policy.
  • Any bodily injuries or death caused to a third party in case of an accident is also covered by Kia Seltos Insurance Policy.
  • The insurance also covers the death or disability of the driver or the owner of the car.

Add On Covers for Kia Seltos Insurance Policy

To reduce the cost of repairs or improve the inclusions list, you can opt for many add-ons. These add-ons would increase the premium, but they are worth adding when you are buying Kia Seltos. Look at them below.

Kia Seltos Car Insurance Policy Exclusions

As a part of standard policy, certain things are not covered under the policy. Below are the details.

  • Wear & Tear including depreciation of part.
  • Mechanical & electrical breakdown (covered under warranty)
  • Driving without a valid license or driven by a minor.
  • Damage or loss caused outside the country.
  • DUI or Rash Driving
  • Loss & damage caused by nuclear activities, commercial use or other illegal activities.
  • Staged accident and non-accidental Damage to Tyres.

How to Buy Kia Seltos Car Insurance

Follow the steps below to buy Kia Seltos Car Insurance.

  • Navigate to the registration page and enter the car registration number
  • Enter the details of the car, including the variant, RTO, Registration Year and Fuel Type
  • Enter the policy details of the existing policy along with your policy details.
  • Choose the policy cover and select the insurance along with add-ons.
  • Pay the insurance price and download a copy of the policy.

How to Renew Kia Seltos Car Insurance

Renewing the insurance of Kia Seltos is very simple. You do not have to worry about the transfer of NCB either. Below are the details.

  • Click on the Renew tab on the page and select insurance type.
  • Enter the registration number along with other details of the car.
  • Enter your policy details and select the renewal plan.
  • Pay the premium and download the policy.

Kia Seltos Car Insurance FAQs

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