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      TATA AIG Car Insurance

      The best way to protect your car from any unforeseen damage is by purchasing a car insurance policy. With a Tata AIG car insurance policy, you can cover your car against many unanticipated incidents, such as road accidents, car theft, fire and more.

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      About Tata AIG Car Insurance Company

      Tata AIG General Insurance Company is a joint venture of the American International Group (AIG) and the Tata Group. Tata AIG General Insurance Company offers various insurance products under its motor insurance and other insurance categories. The company is well-known for its higher customer satisfaction rate, quick claim settlement, and fraud detection techniques.

      With end–to–end services, the company is fanning out its business through various channels, such as brokers, agents, and banks, to direct servicing channels, such as e-commerce, telemarketing, and website, to ensure that their business is far-reaching.

      Key Features of TATA AIG Car Insurance

      Features Coverage and Benefits
      Third-Party Coverage Yes
      Personal Accident Insurance Up to Rs.15 Lakhs
      Network Garages 7,500+
      No Claim Bonus Yes

      Benefits of Tata AIG Car Insurance

      Here are some features and benefits of the Tata AIG car insurance policy:

      • Personal accident cover is also offered to the policyholder under the comprehensive car insurance policy.
      • Tata AIG car insurance also offers 24*7 emergency assistance services to its policyholders.
      • With 650 claim experts across India, the insurance company ensures a quick claiming process.
      • The insurance company also offers coverage against damages to the insured car arising from accidents, manmade disasters, fire, theft and natural disasters.

      Types of Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy

      Tata AIG General Insurance Company offers three types of car insurance policies. These are:

      1. Liability Only Policy

        The liability-only policy covers a policyholder against third-party liabilities, such as third-party property damage, injury or death of the third party, arising out of the insured car. The liability in respect to injury/death of the third party is unlimited, while for property damage, it is limited to up to Rs. 7.5 lakh under the policy.

      2. Standalone Own Damage Policy

        The standalone own damage policy covers any loss or damage to the insured car due to road accidents, fire, theft, natural calamities, etc. This policy can be purchased if you have an existing third-party insurance and wish to extend coverage to your own car as well.

      3. Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

        The comprehensive car insurance policy offers coverage to policyholders for own damages incurred by the insured car along with their accidental third-party liabilities. Damages arising out of events like road accidents, fire, and theft are covered under this policy. 

        Moreover, its coverage may be further enhanced by purchasing add-on covers for an additional premium amount.

      Tata AIG Car Insurance Premium Calculator

      By using the car insurance premium calculator, you can calculate the insurance premium for your car before purchasing your desired car insurance plan. Thus, it can help you know if your desired car plan fits within your budget.

      Coverage Under Tata AIG Car Insurance

      • Natural Disaster: The Tata AIG car plan covers natural disasters like floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc.
      • Theft: Any theft, burglary or housebreaking damages sustained by the insured car is covered.
      • Accidental Damages: Any accidental damages to the insured car is covered by the insurance company.
      • Fire: Any fire loss and damages arising from self-ignition, lightning or explosion.
      • Strikes and Riots: Damages caused to the car due to strikes, riots or any other malicious acts
      • Terrorist Act: Any terrorist activity resulting in damages to the insured car is covered.
      • In-transit Damages: Damages incurred by the insured car during transit are also covered.
      • Third Party Liability: Third-party property damages, bodily injuries and death of third parties are also covered.
      • Driving Without a Valid License: Damages sustained by the car when the driver is not carrying a valid driving license are not covered.
      • Consequential Loss: No coverage is offered by the company for damages arising out of consequential losses.
      • Wear and Tear: Regular wear and tear of the car and damages arising due to depreciation are not covered.
      • Commercial Use: If a private car is used for commercial purposes, the damages incurred will not be covered.
      • Drunk Driving: Damages sustained by the car due to drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs are excluded from the policy.
      • War & Nuclear Perils: Damages caused to the car due to war-like situations, nuclear peril or civil war in the country are excluded.
      • Damages Due to Racing: Damages caused due to speed racing, crash testing, etc., are also excluded from the coverage.
      • Consumable Cost: Only 50% of the replacement of consumable costs arising due to wear and tear will be reimbursed.
      • Outside Geographical Area: Any damage sustained by the car outside the geographical area specified in policy documents is not covered.
      • Mechanical Breakdown: Breakdowns/ failures of the car, whether it’s mechanical or electrical, are excluded.

      Tata AIG Car Insurance: Add-Ons
      Zero Depreciation Cover

      The Zero Depreciation cover pays the depreciation amount deducted from the value of the replaced car parts in case of an own damage claim.

      This cover can be availed only if the insured car is getting repaired at the network garage of the insurance company. However, this cover can be availed only on the first two claims raised by the policyholder during the policy tenure.

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      Engine Secure Cover

      The Engine Secure cover will provide coverage for the engine of the insured car against any damages caused by water ingression or leakage of lubricating oil.

      It will pay for the repair and replacement expenses of the internal engine parts, transmission, gearbox as well and differential assembly. Moreover, it will cover the cost of consumables and lubricating oil used in the assembly.

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      Roadside Assistance Cover

      The Roadside Assistance cover will provide on-road assistance or repair services in case the insured car stops working in the middle of the road.

      It will offer on-the-spot repair services as required by the car to start working again, such as flat tyre service, battery jump start service, etc.

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      Daily Allowance Cover

      The Daily Allowance cover will ensure that the policyholder is paid an allowance to cover the expenses incurred on a hired vehicle in case the insured car is getting repaired at a garage.

      The insurer will pay an allowance for a maximum of 10-15 days, depending upon the cause of the car insurance claim. However, no allowance will be paid if the car gets repaired within three days.

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      Return to Invoice Cover

      The Return to Invoice cover helps a policyholder get the invoice value of the insured car in case of a theft or total loss claim.

      It reimburses the difference in the amount between the car's invoice value and the car's insured declared value (IDV).

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      No Claim Bonus Protection Cover

      The No Claim Bonus Protection cover will enable the policyholder to maintain his/her NCB despite raising a claim during the previous policy year.

      It protects the NCB of the car owner and prevents it from restoring to zero when a claim is raised. However, only one own damage claim is allowed in a policy year under this cover.

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      Tyre Secure Cover

      The Tyre Secure cover pays for any repair and replacement expenses arising out of any loss or damages caused to the tyres and tubes of the insured car in case of an accident.

      Under this cover, the insurance company will pay for a maximum of four tyre replacements during a policy year.

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      Consumables Expenses Cover

      The Consumable cover will pay for the cost of consumables that need to be replenished or replaced as a result of an accident of the insured car.

      Consumables include engine oil, brake oil, lubricants, nuts & bolts, AC gas, etc., except for the fuel.

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      Loss of Personal Belongings Cover

      The Loss of Personal Belongings cover will pay for any loss or damages to the personal belongings of the car owner, such as clothes, audiotapes, CDS, videotapes, and other items to be worn.

      This add-on cover comes with a deductible of Rs. 250 on every claim.

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      Emergency Transport & Hotel Expenses Cover

      The Emergency Transport & Hotel Expenses cover will pay for the cost of a taxi hired by the policyholder to return home or to the nearest city in case the insured vehicle has met with an accident.

      It will also cover the cost of an overnight stay opted by the policyholder if required.

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      Key Replacement Cover

      The Key Replacement cover will pay for the cost of replacing the keys of the insured car in case they have been lost or stolen or if someone has broken into the vehicle.

      It will also cover the labour cost incurred while replacing the car's keys.

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      Repair of Glass, Fibre, Plastic & Rubber Parts

      This cover will allow the policyholder to get any small damage on the fibre, glass, rubber and plastic parts of the insured car repaired without affecting the NCB.

      However, this add-on cover allows only one claim during the policy tenure without affecting the NCB.

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      Courtesy/Hire Car

      The Courtesy/ Hire Car cover will arrange a car on hire for the policyholder within 24 hours in case the insured car is damaged and getting repaired at a network garage.

      However, this cover is applicable only if the car will take more than 24 hours to get repaired or if there has been a total loss or theft.

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      How to Renew Tata AIG Car Insurance?

      Just like buying car insurance is important, Tata AIG car insurance renewal before its due date is equally important. It ensures that your vehicle is continuously covered from various unexpected risks you may face while driving a car. To renew your Tata AIG Car insurance online, follow these steps:

      Step 1: Visit Policybazaar.com and select the 'Car Insurance' tab from the homepage

      Step 2: Enter your car number and select 'View Prices'

      Step 3: Fill in your details like name, email, mobile number and proceed.

      Step 4: Select the expiry date of your policy and whether you previously made a claim or not.

      Step 5: Find the Tata AIG vehicle insurance plan from the mentioned plans. You can also view policy details by selecting the 'Policy Details' option.

      Step 6: Select add-ons you wish to add at an additional premium and select the plan.

      Step 7: Select the No Claim Bonus of your existing policy and proceed.

      Step 8: Fill out the proposal form correctly.

      Step 9: Select 'Summary and Payment'.

      Step 10: Once the premium has been verified, you can pay for Tata AIG car insurance renewal online using your preferred payment mode.

      Step 11: Once the payment is made, your car insurance policy will be renewed. The renewal documents will be sent to your registered email address.

      How to File a Claim Under Tata AIG Car Insurance?

      To register a claim under the Tata AIG car insurance policy, follow the steps mentioned below:


      Report the Incident:

      Report the incident or the loss to the insurance company on their helpline number.


      Register Your Claim:

      Register the claim with the insurance company and receive a claim intimation number.


      Inspection of Damages:

      Once the claim has been registered, an inspection of the damaged vehicle will be done by the insurance company’s representative, along with a loss evaluation within 48 hours.


      Submit the Documents:

      Submit the required documents, such as the claim form, to the claim inspector when requested.


      Claim Settlement:

      The company will after that, inform you about the settlement amount. After this, the claim will be settled with the authorised network garage. In the case of non-network garages, the insurance company will reimburse the amount that you paid for repairs.

      Documents Required to Raise Claim Under Tata AIG Car Insurance

      To file a car insurance claim with Tata AIG General Insurance Company, you will be required to submit the following documents during claim registration:

      • A copy of the valid driving license.
      • A copy of the car's registration certificate.
      • A verified copy of the Police FIR
      • Claim intimation number received after filing the claim
      • Copy of policy papers
      • Bills of repairs done at a garage
      • Duly filled and signed claim form
      • Original keys of the vehicle
      • Duly signed RTO transfer papers (if applicable)
      • No trace report in case of vehicle theft

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      • Q1. How is IDV for Tata AIG car insurance policy calculated?

        Ans: Tata AIG car insurance calculates Insured Declared Value (IDV) on the basis of age, model, and brand of a vehicle. The registration and insurance costs are excluded from IDV. As the car grows old, its IDV also depreciates. To calculate IDV, Tata AIG car insurance follows the following depreciation schedule:
        Age of the vehicle % depreciation for calculating IDV
        Not exceeding 6 months 5%
        Exceeding 6 months but less than 1 year 15%
        Exceeding 1 year but less than 2 years 20%
        Exceeding 2 years but less than 3 years 30%
        Exceeding 3 years but less than 4 years 40%
        Exceeding 4 years but less than 5 years 50%
      • Q2. What is the range of fuel support given under Tata AIG car insurance?

        Ans: If the insured vehicle runs out of fuel and hence is immobilised, Tata AIG car insurance will give emergency fuel of up to 5 litres on a chargeable basis at the location of breakdown.
      • Q3. Does Tata AIG car insurance offer NCB protection cover?

        Ans: Yes, there is an NCB protection cover available under a Tata AIG vehicle insurance plan. If you get plastics, rubber or fibre parts repaired at the authorised centre of the insurance company, it will not affect your NCB. However, this coverage is available for up to 1 claim only.
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      TATA AIG Car Insurance Reviews & Ratings

      4.6 / 5 (Based on 127 Reviews)
      (Showing Newest 10 reviews)
      Hoshiarpur, December 08, 2021
      Prompt service
      Policybazaar helped me to get the right deal for my car. i took tata aig car insurance from here and the team clarified many of my doubts regarding car insurance. Policybazaar provided me prompt service and its staff are very friendly and helpful.
      Latur, September 08, 2021
      Hassle free experience
      I had never bought a policy before this. I have recently taken car insurance. Earlier I used to think that buying a policy is very complicated but i was wrong. I took my car insurance very easily from policybazaar without any hassle.
      Coimbatore, August 30, 2021
      Simple renewal process
      if i have to rate policy Bazaar service i would like to give 10 on 10. i have bought car insurance from their website and i got many features under my policy. i got some discount on my premium. Tata AIG car insurance provides simple and hassle free renewal process.
      Faridabad, August 27, 2021
      Good assistance
      I saw a lot of car plans on policy bazaar website out of which I chose Tata AIG car insurance as they are providing me coverage of personal accident damages and 24*7 claim assistance service under the comprehensive plan.
      Ludhiana, August 26, 2021
      Smooth procedure
      I have been using Tata Aig car insurance for 2 years which I bought from the website of policy bazaar. Procedure was so smooth and easy. The team guides you in well mannered way and give your full support. Completely happy with service.
      Thane, August 25, 2021
      Great features
      After comparing car insurance plan on the website of policy bazaar. i chose Tata Aig car insurance plan. i got great coverage at affordable rate. Policy bazaar provides Extra features too at affordable rate. I would love to recommend to others.
      Indore, August 25, 2021
      Problem resolving
      I bought Tata Aig car insurance from policy bazaar. I was facing some problem, for that i contacted policy bazaar and their team resolved it very quickly. Thanks you policy bazaar for quick response.
      Puri, August 20, 2021
      Best service
      I recently renewed my Tata AIG car insurance plan which i have taken from Policy Bazaar. I had forgotten my renewal time but I received messages and calls from Policy bazaar to remind me about the policy renewal. Thank you policy for giving me best service.
      Chennai, August 20, 2021
      Hassle free experience
      For a long time i was looking for a good insurance providers for my car and my search ended on the website of policy bazaar. i found the plan i was looking for. i would just like to say i had hassle free experience with policy bazaar.
      Medininagar, August 18, 2021
      within budget
      Tata AIG car insurance has more than 3000 network garages and they provide best features to their customer. i have bought it from policy bazaar. i really liked the features provided under the policy, plan was in my budget too.

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      #Rs 2094/- per annum is the price for third-party motor insurance for private cars (non-commercial) of not more than 1000cc

      *Savings are based on the comparison between the highest and the lowest premium for own damage cover (excluding add-on covers) provided by different insurance companies for the same vehicle with the same IDV and same NCB. Actual time for transaction may vary subject to additional data requirements and operational processes.

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