Things to Do In Indonesia

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands spread across the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This tropical country is known for its dense forests and its breathtaking beaches. The country is also rich in manifestations of a unique South-East Asian culture and heritage. The natural beauty, the vibrant local culture, and glamorous cities of Indonesia have made it a top destination on all tourist bucket lists. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia is Bali.

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    Fun Things to do in Indonesia

    There are many fun activities and adventurous things for tourists to do in Indonesia:

    • Yogyakarta is an important city in Indonesia. It is known as the cultural Centre of the city. The art scene in Yogyakarta is one of the most diverse in all of Indonesia. Tourists can come here to experience Indonesia’s modern cultural aesthetic as well as their traditional art forms
    • Visit the Borobudur Temple- The Borobudur temple is one of the most highly photographed monuments in the world. The stunning architecture of the temple makes it a fan favourite among tourists. Tour guides all recommend watching the sunrise from the Borobudur as the beauty of that moment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
    • Go to the Prambanan Temple– This temple is another well-known architectural spot in Indonesia. The sunset in Indonesia is a beautiful picturesque moment.
    • Explore the Jomblang Cave- The Jomblang is an underground cave system that is known for its unique and colourful beams of light that penetrate the surface and enter deep into the cave. Exploring the Jomblang Cave is a thrilling experience for all tourists.
    • Bathe at the Tumpak Semu waterfalls- Tumpak Semu is one of the largest waterfalls in Indonesia. The water gushing down from great heights creates this U-shaped waterfall.
    • Walk around the rainbow village ofMalang- This tiny little village is known as the rainbow village because of its colourful decoration. Everything in the rainbow village is painted in the colours of the rainbow. The photo opportunities in this village are endless.
    • See the blue flame- Ijen lake is a volcanic crater lake. But the water here is unique. In this lake, lucky tourists get to see the famous blue flame. This phenomenon is so rare that it is only visible in two places on the earth. The other location is Iceland.

    But the Ijen lake is highly acidic, and contact with its turquoise white water can be extremely harmful. When travelling to risky locations such as these, tourists should get some online policy for travel insurance, Indonesia so that they are well cared for in case of any mishaps.

    • Get to the top of Mount Bromo- Mount Bromo is an active volcano. But tourists can get to the top of this mountain when it is safe for tourists to do so. The thrill and beauty of Mount Bromo at sunrise attracts a large number of visitors every single day.

    Best Places for Foodies to visit in Indonesia

    Some of the best restaurants and bars in Indonesia are:

    • The KulKul Bar- The KulKul Bar is located in the Laguna Resort of Bali. This is a modern-day facility with top-grade hospitality. But the glamorous interior is juxtaposed with the stunning view of the open ocean waves below
    • The Yogyakarta Kitchen- This restaurant is run by the Marriot. It serves Chinese and Japanese cuisine and also some famous international preparations
    • Uname Ubud- This restaurant serves Asian food as well international dishes. But all the food is exceptionally healthy
    • Fat Tony's – This is an American-style diner in Kuta of Indonesia. It serves American fast foods
    • Tagine Bali- This restaurant is located in Seminyak of Indonesia. It serves Middle Eastern fares and dishes from the Mediterranean and Morocco
    • Tarunyan Resto Traditional- This establishment serves a wide variety of dishes- Chinese as well as German and Indian
    • Warung Napoli- This establishment again serves a very specialized cuisine. They are known for their signature Italian pizzas
    • Genius Café- This location serves authentic Indonesian dishes, cooked in a healthy manner
    • Pago Restaurant- This location also serves international dishes along with Asian recipes. It’s an upscale location in Bandung Indonesia
    • Pal8- This location is known for its wide variety of vegetarian options. They serve European and Asian dishes.

    Beautiful Attractions in Indonesia

    Every nook and cranny of Indonesia has something new to discover and enjoy. The beauty of nature in its different forms is visible throughout the landscape and geography of Indonesia. Some of Indonesia’s most well-known tourist attractions are:

    • Raja Ampat Islands- This is Indonesia's most popular tourist haunt, located in West Papua. The place is known for its beautiful beaches and colourful coral reefs. Seafood delicacies and an amazing view make it a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. But the Raja Ampat Islands don't just attract nature lovers. There are also some very ancient rock paintings that have been found in this region, which draw a huge number of international visitors.   
    • Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary- This is another must-visit location for tourists visiting Indonesia. This sanctuary is located in Ubud. It houses hundreds of signature long-tailed Balinese Monkeys. The sanctuary remains open to visitors every day from 9 am to 5 pm. But visitors are warned beforehand to keep their belongings secure because the monkeys tend to snatch away anything they can reach.  
    • Tegalalang Rice Terrace- It is one of those spots often left out of most travel plans. But it is a sight worth seeing. Here tourists can see the traditional rice terraces used by Indonesian agriculturalists. Lush greenery and miles of paddy create a view that tourists are not bound to forget anytime soon.
    • Padar Island- This Island was once the home of the mighty Komodo Dragon of Indonesia. But over time, due to a loss of vegetation, the dragon population became extinct. Padar Island is now known for its natural beauty. The view of the sunset over the water from the beaches of Padar Island is a photo opportunity that tourists should not miss out on.  
    • Waterbom Bali- This huge waterpark is one of the main attractions of Indonesia for families with young children. The park is located in Kuta and remains open from 10 am to 7 pm.  
    • Maluk beach- Maluk beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Indonesia. It is located along the west coast of South Sumbawa Island.
    • Kelimutu Lake- This lake is born out of three crater lakes at the top of the Kelimutu volcano. The three lakes are of three different colours: red, blue and white. The Kelimutu crater lakes are a natural wonder that one needs to see with their own eyes to comprehend their beauty.
    • Lake Toba- This is another very interesting natural formation in Indonesia. Lake Toba is a 70,000 years old volcanic caldera. It is situated on an island which is again situated within a lake. Lake Toba's unique topography draws in tourists from all over the world.
    • Mount Bromo- This is a volcano in Indonesia that is still active sporadically. Mount Bromo is also a major tourist attraction in Indonesia.

    But fears about unknown locations and risks associated with it often deter tourists from travelling abroad. Travel insurance can come in very handy in this situation. Tourists can buy international travel insurance before planning their trip to Indonesia. Travel insurance will compensate tourists in case of any sudden ticket cancellations or rescheduling. Travel insurance companies also compensate tourists in case of loss or damage to their luggage. Insurance companies also reimburse tourists for medical emergencies while staying abroad.

    Planning an Indonesia Itinerary

    For foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, a visa is compulsory. To get the visa, tourists have to provide all necessary personal documentation. Sometimes Indonesia visas require compulsory international travel insurance. In that case, tourists need to conduct their research and pick an insurance plan that suits their travel requirements.

    Tourists can apply for a visa plan and buy an online travel insurance policy. Student travel insurance policy is a special feature available for students travelling on a budget.

    Tourists often ignore their paperwork formalities while planning a trip. But these are essential for a successful trip to a foreign country. Once all visa policies have been finalized, tourists can start booking their tickets. They no longer have to worry about rescheduling and cancellation worries. In case of any such incident, their investment will be protected by the insurance firm.

    Another significant advantage of international travel insurance is that if by any chance tourists misplace their passport and visa while travelling; their insurance company will negotiate with all necessary authorities to ensure the tourist’s safe passage home.

    Usually, seven days is enough for tourists to enjoy all the sights and sounds of Indonesia. But if they have time to spare from work, Indonesia’s beaches and natural beauty can keep tourists enchanted for weeks at an end.

    But the food and weather in Indonesia are often very different from those available in other countries. So international tourists should do some thorough research about what foods are available at what restaurants and which is the best time to visit.

    May and September are the most popular months for tourists to visit Indonesia. But honeymooners often visit Bali in Indonesia in April, May, June, and September. The weather during these months is perfect to remain outdoors without it becoming too uncomfortable.

    A travel itinerary for Indonesia remains incomplete without a mention of the famous Balinese dancers. Tourists should make a plan to catch at least one traditional Balinese dance performance.

    Indonesia Travel Tips

    Some strategies to make a trip to Indonesia more enjoyable:

    • Keep Maps Handy– Indonesia has lots of islands and many means of public transport. It’s easy for tourists to get disoriented amid this hustle and bustle. They can download Google maps on their phone or keep a physical map of Indonesia handy in case they need to navigate by themselves.
    • Exchange into Local Currency- Most places in Indonesia have facilities for paying with credit cards or debit cards. But in small local stores, such facilities may not be available. So it's good for tourists to keep some local currency with themselves so that they may be able to buy necessities from small establishments as well.
    • Try to avoid Iced Drinks- Tourists can often get sick from drinking the water of a different country as it may contain unfamiliar microbes. So tourists usually only avail packaged mineral water when travelling. But most tourists forget that the ice in their drink can also cause diseases. So it’s best to avoid any iced drinks when travelling.
    • Buy Executive Train Tickets- For long journeys in Java and Indonesia. It's always better to buy Executive train tickets instead of the lower-priced business and economy ones. Executive tickets are a lot more comfortable, but the price difference with the other varieties is not much.
    • Ride a Bechak- Bechaks are Indonesia cycle rickshaws. The rides are cheap and comfortable and a unique experience for many international visitors.
    • Remember to Pack Shoes- While planning a trip; tourists may be inspired to coordinate their outfits with fancy shoes. But it's also important for tourists to pack comfortable shoes because many of Indonesia's most famous tourist spots, like Mount Bromo, the blue flame, all involve a little bit of hiking and walking on foot.
    • Buy a Raincoat- Indonesia is known for its heavy monsoons. So tourists visiting during the wet months should buy a raincoat as soon as they reach Indonesia so that they can enjoy their trip without the worry of getting wet.

    Travellers plan for weeks and months to execute a trip of just a few days. But it can be very disappointing if a trip suddenly falls apart due to a single delay of a flight or some cancellation by a hotel. There is also a financial cost of lost bookings and missed flights.

    Travel insurance companies take away all these anxieties associated with travel. Tourists only need to focus on the positives and have a great time on their trip. If anything unexpected does happen, their travel insurance policy will take care of all the rest.