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Places to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia, a country home to the world's pristine beaches, is a top country among travellers from Asian Countries and the Middle East. Indonesia is known for the beautiful and untouched beaches and it has numerous water villas on beautiful islands, lively tribes, delicious food and historical culture.

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Going to the land of such beautiful cultural people and experience their endear nature is calming and teaches numerous things about living styles.

Planning a travel to this country in any season is not a bad idea because you get to explore different things in every season. From exploring the beauty of beaches to visiting the beautiful national parks or the wildlife, following such a simple guide can help you create a beautiful itinerary. So, open your notes app and start writing the places that trigger you for a must-visit.

Meanwhile, planning a journey to the island and digging into your adventurous soul will be a great idea if you insured yourself with travel insurance. Having insurance make your stay stress-free and hop into every fun-loving sport.

List of Places to Visit

A plethora of places might end up on your list after reading plenty of blogs. But, it is always better to create a bucket list of your own. Here, we are mentioning the top places that are known for their beauty and adventure factor. Noting down any of the names from our list will elate us as it helped you gain knowledge. Without wasting any more time, let's take a deep dive –

  • Raja Ampat Islands
  • Bali
  • Kelimutu Lake
  • Maluk Beach
  • Bogor
  • Banda Aceh
  • Bukittinggi
  • Banjarmasin
  • Yogyakarta
  • Malang

These are the places that are a must for everyone visiting for the first time and haven't explored these locations yet. This list includes all the exotic places that you must consider during your travel.

1. Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat means four kings and it is an archipelago island. There are a total of four islands named Waigeo, Salawati, Misool, and Batanta for the complete island. Also, you can find numerous minor islands, a total of 1500. This place is one of the impressive tourist attractions. At this island, you can opt for snorkelling, go for underwater diving, relishing nature, and considering kayaking as the way of spending your time pleasantly. If you are heading to this place, make sure that you take cash with you. There are no ATMs. On the other hand, numerous hotels are offering a great luxurious experience to travellers.

2. Bali

Among the top locations from Indonesia, Bali is probably the most popular one around the globe. This place has stunning beauty and picturesque landscape to impress every visitor. It is an all-inclusive destination among tourists for the beautiful temples, amazing lofty mountains, rich culture, and heritage sites. The nightlife in Bali is amazing for the nature lover and you have numerous things to enjoy at this destination. If you are visiting Bali for the first time, make sure to carry your first aid as there is no pharmacy at its reach. On the other hand, always bargain for everything because every food, item or gifts you buy is already over-priced. As this place is overrated, it is wise to carry an international travel insurance from your home country to save on the prices.

3. Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutut lake is surely the most visited tourist attraction throughout the country for its amazing beauty. Three crater lakes are giving it a distinguished beauty. These craters are made from volcanos and you can enjoy this place from the volcano peak. You can find numerous photos and videos to admire this place but the true beauty can't be recreated with digital form. Having a look at these beautiful craters during sunrise and sunset time gives a breath-taking feel. So, if you are here for peace as well as adventure, then don't worry, this is absolutely the perfect choice to spend your time with.

4. Maluk Beach

Travelling to a beach destination is one of the best things and you can easily spend many days at the same destination. Well, the same goes with Maluk beach. It is a beautiful unspoiled beach with numerous fun activities to do. If you want to have the best experience, make sure to get along Indonesia Visa to explore the country at its best. You can witness the colour-changing sun rays during the evening time. Probably, there are very few people who have such beautiful sky with their naked eyes. On the other hand, this beach is best for Sunbathing in the daytime and enjoying the colour changing sun rays in the evening time.

5. Bogor

A charming, relaxing and green city perfect for the weekend. The city has a lot of botanical gardens with a lot of different varieties of plants. The city is fully surrounded by tea plantations and a pancake mountain range. The travellers can go for a safari tour or can take an experiencing of berry picking. The person who would love to fly at sky heights and explore the city from clouds range can enjoy paragliding. There are many of the places on the mountain range making a beautiful landscape which the visitor can't see at any other place.  A traveller can visit the fountain park at night.

6. Banda Aceh

A beautiful green city lying at the heart of Sumatran city. The wonder of the city is a stunning mosque named 'Grand Mosque. The mosque Is famous for its lovely minarets and huge beautiful domes which look spectacular against the green gardens surrounding it from all sides. The city appears new, most of the city was rebuilt after the tsunami crashed in Indonesia in 2004. this city is mostly used by travellers to stop off and make a way to lovely beaches at Lhoknga and Lampuuk.

7. Bukittinggi

This beautiful city is situated t the western side of Sumatra. This city has many picturesque places with a full area of beautiful mountain and green vegetation. There is a very lively market town for travellers to explore. There are some great historical sites to explore such as 'Jam Gadang Clock'. It is a huge clock tower with beautiful clocks on all sides. For travellers, there are some of the most famous and fantastic restaurants and cafes. Most of the travellers visit Bukit Tinggi to feel the amazing natural sites in the city. Even there are some caves for the people who would love to make their trip adventurous.

8. Banjarmasin

This wonderful city lies in the southern part of Kalimantan. It is a city with a cavernous shopping mall and delightful waterways for which it is renowned. There is a beautiful market awesome for the travellers known as 'Floating Market'. It is called because all the sellers sell their items on the boats. There are numerous rivers and canals for travellers to explore in boats. With beautiful architecture and fantastic food, this city is the best place for travellers to explore during their trip. Getting yourself travel insurance in Indonesia will ensure you a beautiful journey and the best experience for sure.

9. Yogyakarta

It is a beautiful green city referred to as Jogja. It is one of the beautiful cities in Indonesia where tourists get soaked into the local culture. There are endless narrow valleys with a lot of lots of green trees. There is a museum for travellers named 'Batik museum' where the travellers can explore the history of the city. There is a cave known as 'Jomblang cave' which witnesses the heaven light and angles in the cave.

10. Malang

A stunning cool and clean city of Indonesia. This city was under the Mataram kingdom which played an important role throughout history. There are many historical temples which attract many tourists. In addition, there are architectural sights and beautiful tea plantations, wonderful waterfalls with a lot of greenery and the huge sky-touching mountains which need to be explored by the traveller.  The travellers who love to go and spend time on beaches can explore the beautiful ones in Malang such as Balekambang, Ngliyep and Sendang Biru.

People in Indonesia are friendly and travelling to this country can take you to a whole new level when the interaction with strangers seems adequate. Indonesia is a fascinating dream to many and if you are here in this country for the landscaping beauty, flavoursome food, and numerous adventurous things, then we are here to guide you about the top places. Plan your trip anytime during between summer and spring. Make all travel arrangements starting from Indonesia visa and hotel bookings on priority basis. Also, make yourself aware with the travel guidelines for Indonesia.

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  • Q. What’s the right time to visit Indonesia?

    Ans: Visiting Indonesia is fun and there is no need to worry about choosing the right month. You can consider visiting Indonesia in any season and there will be plenty of things to do. But, if you want to get the maximum benefit out of your travel, then choosing the summer and spring season seems like the best choice. Most of the adventurous activities, beautiful festivals, events and many other things will be there to attract you. Make sure to check your student travel insurance policy before visiting the country if you are travelling for study purpose.

  • Q. What’s popular about Indonesia?

    Ans: Indonesia is known for an array of reasons. This country has some stunning landforms, beautiful landscapes, incredibly delicious good, and a rich culture to grab your attention. The best part about visiting this small but widely popular country is the popular destination like Bali and Java. Both are well-known locations and most travellers love to prefer this country for the eternal beauty of the cities. The rich culture is one more thing that you will explore during your travel.

  • Q. What are the top places that you must travel to in Indonesia?

    Ans: Being in Indonesia and exploring the country by road is one of the best things you can do. There are numerous things that you will love here. If you want to have an amazing journey then it would be a better choice to explore the below-mentioned locations:

    • Bali
    • Raja Ampat Islands
    • Banda Aceh
    • Bukittinggi
    • Banjarmasin

    In case you are in Indonesia for the first time, these locations will give you the memory of a lifetime with surreal beauty. The landscape is amazing and most travellers prefer getting the luxurious experience through high-end hotels and resorts.

  • Q. Is it safe to travel to Indonesia after the ongoing pandemic?

    Ans: Most Asian countries are covid-free and there is a limited number of cases. So, the situation is under control and travelling to Indonesia would be an excellent choice because of the negligible number of cases. Make sure that you take precautions and don't go in-crowd. Otherwise, everything is the same. Due to lesser tourism, accommodations are running cheap, you can get an excellent discount on resorts and air tickets. Due to these reasons, travelling to Indonesia is an excellent choice and you should consider it.

  • Q. What are the top must-buy things in Indonesia?

    Ans: To get something memorable from Indonesia, you can consider a range of exclusive things that are only available in this country. Buying something memorable from a foreign land is also a great idea. The below mentioned are some of the things that you must take into account during your travel –

    • Kopi Luwak coffee
    • Batik fabric and paintings
    • Carved wood and stone products
    • Celuk silver jewellery
    • Caping Gunung
    • Pottery
    • Wayang puppets
    • Chocolate Pickles
    • Incense
  • Q. Is it cheap to travel to Indonesia?

    Ans: Based on the fact that Indonesia has numerous flights running from around the globe, the air tickets are cheap. Due to pandemic, most flights are running at half of their capacity so you can book an air ticket at an affordable price. The best part is, Indonesian restaurants, cafes, resorts, hotels and travel is running at half cost due to poor tourism in 2021. So, if you want to visit Indonesia then this is the optimal time to save extra bucks on your journey.

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* Price shown is for a 90 day trip to Indonesia with 50,000 dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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