Places to Visit in Italy

Are you looking for a fascinating trip? If so, then you can choose a magnificent country to explore, which is Italy. Over few years, this country has become the most popular and visiting place across the world.

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    The cities are astonishing and offer a fusion of culture, art, history, architecture, hillside towns, and top-class cuisine.

    You will spend your time and money to discover the place and its iconic sites, which make it more glorious. The best part about the country is it has various region including coastal areas, islands, beaches, eye-catchy sceneries and more. You could wish to come back and visit for a second time this place for sure.

    But wait, before planning to visit any foreign country you will add its specific region to your bucket list. Therefore, Italy covers a large number of places such as Rome, Amalfi Coast; Lake Garda etc. Just make sure before reaching you should collect the international travel insurance as one of the important travel documents. So, here we are trying to make a list of place in Italy that you should consider visiting.

    List of Places to Visit

    As you know, Italy is a part of Southern Europe which means it revolves around more than 20 iconic places. The beauty of such places gives an excellent glimpse and life long experience that you will never forget. Infect, these designations are incomparable just because of their mesmerizing views, which can be visited via an Italy visa. Some of the famous places that you should not ever ignore to visit, such as-

    • Rome
    • Tuscany
    • Florence
    • Siena
    • Milan
    • Lake Como
    • Venice
    • Cinque Terre
    • Verona
    • Pisa
    • The Dolomites
    • Amalfi Coast and Capri
    • Pompeii and Herculaneum
    • Naples
    • Sardinia

    Travelling to these eleven locations will make your trip way more mesmerising, and you can expect not only beautiful views, but the culture of these towns, their cultural food, get to know about people and more. Italy has been the centre of tourism and people in this country are friendly, and they can make you visit again. Without wasting any more time, you can check out all the places in detail.


    Rome is known as the historic centre of Italy. World's most iconic place Rome covers with warm colours and adorable historic culture and architecture. One thing that is top-notch and highly admirable by most visitors is its food. Who could deny tasting such delicious food from the local vendors as well as of seven-star hotels? Despite being the capital of Italy, Rome has many other fascinating things to grab your attention. Well, you can go for some adventure in the water parks, rivers and mesmerising locations.


    Hillstations are usually popular for their picturesque landscape, outsider beauty and great architecture. If you are willing to find the best in class locations with the hilly frame, then Tuscany hill towns won’t make you regret the trip. It is crowned by the stone towns and each of them are sitting on the top of the hills. The overall beauty from ancient but marvellous architecture is worth visiting and making your trip way more memorable. 


    If you are going after some Italian renaissance, Florence is one of the best places to attract you. With historic art museums like The Duomo, you can travel back to time learning about history. There are many art museums, and half of them are full of picturesque paintings and sculpture. While you can go for masterpieces decorate churches, and overdose the art galleries. It won't be wrong to say that Florence covers the most historical part.


    While visiting Siena, from Florence, you can find these two cities are alike in many ways, and they were trying to compete in the old days. Building such beautiful looking architecture in the 13th and 14th centuries made this made magnificent. The history of this town is rich with the use of high-end engineering to create the best out of all kind. There are buildings like marble facade and striped bell that make it way more appealing. As a travel tip, consider buying travel insurance while visiting Italy to cover your international trip against unexpected situations.


    One of the primary reasons among travel to choose Italy is Milan; a city full of mesmerising destinations. If you are visiting Italy for the greatest architecture, then Milan is an architecturally rich city to grab your attention in many ways. It has amazing looking designs, the fashion is always in trend.

    People usually prefer the old Italian culture in term of fashion but bohemian, and international dressing style is also common here. The most visits to this town are here for magnificent churches. A trip to this town won't make you regret the decision.

    Lake Como

    Sitting next to a lake during the sunset is the most calming experience and if you like such experience, put Lake Como name on your bucket list. Why? The beautiful Lake Como is a tourist attraction and usually full of travellers, but if you plan a trip at the right time, then you can enjoy the beautiful locations with some comfort.

    The microclimate is enhancing the beauty of this location, and you will love to prefer this town for sure. Villas are decorating the tightly clustered town in a beautiful way to make things way more appealing.


    Have you ever seen Italy in videos? Probably the answer is Yes. Venice is a town of water streets. Going from one location to another using boat in the centre of buildings can make your trip highly memorable. The remarkable history of architecture, the fun of visiting impressive places on the boat, and some old-town looking cafes can give you a memory of life.

    Getting lost in the middle of this town is a common thing, and this time, you won't regret losing yourself to the beauty of this place. Considering these reasons make this place one of the best to visit.

    Cinque Terre

    The towns which cling to the steep of a mountain and built on a rocky Mediterranean coast in the north of La Spezia can seem a bit troublesome. But, visiting this place by the rail to enjoy the connected tunnel take you to a whole new level. The joy of experiencing something different with Italy's greatest hikes and the different section of town is unique.

    The Via Dell'Amore is the place of history, and learning about this place from the locals can make you connect with the inner beauty and culture of this place.


    A town well-preserved and brief history of Roman Stronghold can be seen at Verona's Adige river. One of the best and renowned summer opera festivals is held in this town, and the mix of culture is represented here. The castle builds in the 14th century, and a great preserving method to this place is a great example of the true architecture of the old era.

    It is tourist fame, and the story is based on pure fiction. You can learn about the history of this town in depth by checking the fictional story and what happened in this town.


    It would be a great choice to plan a long trip and getting at least two weeks of Italy Visa to enjoy the true beauty. Missing out on place like Pisa might make you regret coming back. Why? The leaning tower of Pisa is a famous place that represents something odd. Yes, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is known for mistakes with the architecture, and it is a popular icon.

    This place is listed on the UNESCO world heritage site. There are many other places that you can find in this location to take a glance and learning about.

    The Dolomites

    Going to the North in Italy, you have the Dolomites in the northeast. They are creating the southern limestone alps, which is one of the mesmerising places to visit. The river Adige extend from this place, and it goes to the west. In the wintertime, this place is one of the beautiful and loved by tourist for skiing.

    During the summer times, you can go paragliding and hang gliding. So, this place carries lots of adventurous stuff for the tourist, and you will love the mesmerising beauty of this place. While going for such a long adventure trip, you should consider travel insurance for Italy that covers you for adventure sports as well along with the other travel related risks and makes your trip secured.

    Amalfi Coast and Capri

    Are you willing to take a boat tour and make this trip way more interesting? Or, you want something for making your family enjoy in the town? Well, going to Amalfi Coast and Capri will be the right decision. This place has so many entertaining things to do. You can go for a boat tour, dance at night way, lunch at the beach, and the soothing airflow will give you a lifetime experience. You can consider other stuff like visiting Emperor, Capri to do something different in the whole schedule.

    Pompeii and Herculaneum

    In case you want to find the top attraction in Italy, then you can try the Antiquarium at Pompeii and Herculaneum. There are some amazing theatres, the temple of Isis, Terme Stabiane, Nuovi Scavi, House of Menander, Teatro Piccolo and more things to make you enjoy every moment. There are some beautiful cafes to visiting during the evening time, and you can try the delicious meal. The best part about Italy is, every town has its key speciality in food and trying new dishes will be the next level thrill here. 


    Do you know the home place of Pizza? Well, Naples, it is. Who doesn't love pizza? The whole world is mad after Pizza and it was first made in this town. There are so many historical buildings, and churches to learn about. There is also a hidden city inside this city that is full of the food market, superb opera and more. If you want to enjoy something different, Naples must be on your bucket list, and you can try some cool stuff in this town.


    With the mysterious nuraghi of Sardinia and the old building, you are going back in time to learn about the history. The architecture of this place is top-notch, but this city has all the things you want. You can go on a historical trip, or look for Cagliari’s Castello neighbourhood, Costa Smeralda, Neptune’s Grotto and more.

    The list of things won’t end here. You can try out the local cuisine, a different type of cheese but extremely delicious. If a student is planning for Italy, it would be better to check the student travel insurance policy while arranging for the travel documents. Some universities make it a mandatory buy for the students which covers them for travel-related eventualities and others.

    That’s all about the important places you can visit while in Italy. You should make all arrangements beforehand to avoid the last minute hassle. Follow a proper itinerary and double check on the travel documents to be packed. Happy Journey!


    • Q. What's the right time to visit Italy?

      Ans: During the spring season, between March to May, you can explore this location and get the best experience. It is the spring season, and the temperature is between 20˚ to 25˚ C, which makes travelling easier.

    • Q. Why is Italy so popular?

      Ans: Italy isn’t about a particular beauty. You can find a wide number of reasons like ancient but beautiful architecture, excellent food, picturesque landscape and much more to make your travel experience top-notch.

    • Q. What are the most popular cities in Italy?

      Ans: Rome, Venice, and Florence are some of the most popular cities of Italy that are must be visited by most travellers. Apart from that, you can try Naples, Milan and Lake Como for some soothing experience in this town.