Things to Do In Italy

Mention a holiday abroad, and the word travel conjures up images of destinations, food, and adventure.  Modern travellers seldom leave their country without some insurance. Italy, though a beautiful destination, is an expensive country to get stranded in. Travel insurance is a must if you desire peace of mind and a worry-free tour.

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    If you plan online, you will have to do the bookings and visa. With increasing awareness and the ease with which one can procure it, the informed traveller also looks for a travel insurance policy online. International travel insurance is the least exciting part of the planning but probably the most critical.

    Fun Things to do in Italy

    When planning a trip to Italy, you can book the following excursions:

    • Visit Rome for a historical experience.  You can visit the Appian Way, Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, the Baths of Caracalla (use VR headset), and the world-famous Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls
    • Early morning walks are recommended. A morning walk on the Piazza Navona is the best time to explore the place before it gets crowded. The Trevi Fountain will be deserted at 7 am, ditto the market of Campo de Fiori or the courtyard of Arco delgi Acetari
    • Students or those on a thin budget need not go to all the well-known places. They can opt for the walks, or the cycle rides, which though strenuous, will be more rewarding budget-wise. You can explore most of the Italian cities and towns in this way
    • Food is another fun factor in any foreign tour that needs to be explored as well

    Best Italy Activities for Foodies

    Among the European countries, Italy is known as much for its food as for its tourist destinations. You would expect to eat Pizzas, kinds of Pastas, and Spaghetti. But this is just for starters. There is a mind-boggling variety of food catering to all palates. In Italy, as you go from one province to another, the recipes change, and so does the taste.

    • Rome offers many ways to explore its culinary delights. The restaurants, for example, in the Testaccio area of Rome, serve some great food. You can you’re your own bruschettas, and experience the Risotto balls. Taste sample authentic prosciutto or the various types of cheese. There is also a huge variety of pasta dishes.
    • In other parts of Rome, travelers can taste gelato, Roman craft beer, and more cheese.  The Trastevere area of Rome is famous for its food.  
    • There is a cellar near the Colosseum, which is famous for its wine. You can sit there and taste different wines from different parts of Italy. There are many such places in the city and throughout the country.  

    Remember that Italy is known for its food more than any other country in Europe. If one is touring Italy, food is half the fun.

    Beautiful Italy Attractions

    Apart from Venice, Florence, Rome, there are many more destinations, which the discerning traveller can opt for. If the tourists have their international travel insurance, they will enjoy the tour more by throwing in some adventure.

    The traveller will have to decide beforehand what they would like to see. The destinations given below are on and off the beaten path.

    • Rome
    • Venice
    • Florence
    • Pisa
    • Puglia
    • AmalfiCoast
    • Vieste

    Rome has endless attractions for the curious traveller.  The city itself will take up most of your time and budget. It is large and has a considerable number of places to see. One can also make day trips to nearby places like the Orvieto town, Ostia Antica, Pompeii, Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli, and others. Besides these destinations, one can explore the Olive Oil Tour and the Bracciano.

    Rome itself has the Sistine Chapel, the famous Colosseum, Vatican City, the Pantheon, the Basilicas of St. Peter and Paul. A tourist can spend the entire Italian holiday just seeing Rome.

    Venice also has a high recall as a tourist destination in Italy. The famous floating city is a must on every holiday itinerary for Italy. Venice is built on a group of islands and is linked by bridges. One can visit the St. Mark's Basilica, Rialto Bridge, the Grand Canal, Bridge of Sighs and other places. There is also the famous ‘gondola ride’.

    Florence is one of the most exotic cities in Europe. The city has beautiful Florentine architecture, which has been copied all over the world. You can start with the famous Uffizi Art Gallery, the Florence Cathedral, the Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti. Florence is full of palaces, squares, bridges, churches, which give an idea of the ancient European pomp and pageantry.

    One cannot leave out Pisa city. The city is the capital of the province of Pisa. There are many churches and palaces to visit here and the famous bell tower of the city cathedral, the leaning tower.  

    The first four destinations are the standard fare. However, if you want to go off the beaten path, you can choose these.

    Puglia is a region in the coastal peninsula of Italy. It has many architectural attractions. Churches, palaces, winding alleyways, piazzas, and slow food trattorias are in plenty, and only a few can be seen in one holiday. One can visit the Castellana Caves, the cone roofed town of Alberobello, the Gallipoli City, the coastal town of Bari, the Castello Aragonese. The list goes on.

    Vieste is a seaside town that sits on a cliff and is considered the best off-beat destination for exploring the Gargano peninsula.  You can rent a car or a bike, or even a cycle to explore the coastal roads. The marine caves can be explored by scuba diving.

    The Amalfi Coast is one of the most scenic places in Italy. The area attracts a large number of Europeans and can be an expensive destination. The crowds are significant, but they are mainly concentrated on the beaches. People from north Europe flock to these warm coasts in April and May for a great summer holiday. They sunbathe and soak up the warmth before returning to their cold climes.

    There are many mountain trails along the coast with breathtaking scenery that need to be explored on foot. Such off-beaten tracks are where one can avoid the crowds.

    Planning your Italy Itinerary

    Most people nowadays plan online. Decide on the season. When does Europe offer the best climate for travel? The season is usually summers. From April, May till August the weather is good in southern Europe. You haves to your budget before you plan anything else. Once the budget is fixed, the planning can start.

    • The Italy visa charges will need to be included in the budget. If the planning of the trip is online, travel insurance Italy will take up some portion of your budget. These expenses are fixed and will have to be budgeted for. Once the international travel insurance has been catered for, you can enjoy the holiday without any worries.  
    • You can decide how much you want to explore depending on your budget and the number of days in hand. You can backpack or hitchhike and avoid the big hotels. This way, you can see the same places that the high budget tours show, but at a much lower cost. Bed and breakfast hotels are available, which will cut the cost and not the itinerary.
    • The internet has opened up this option, and you can take advantage of it by booking your insurance.
    • Students generally plan online. They can stretch their budget by planning their trip and booking hotels and travel online. Several online policies are available for the student. A policy is a good investment because if you are on a shoestring budget, the student travel insurance policy will cover one if you fall sick or have an accident.

    Italy Travel Tips

    When you go to a foreign country, there is always an element of risk involved. Not a serious one. (For the grave risks, you have your International travel insurance or your student travel insurance policy).

    There are other risks like flight delays, missing onward connections, missing a part of your tour, getting caught without transport.. Many good sites give tips to make your tour as smooth and easy as possible for those who book trips online. The online sites will provide valuable tips on your visa and even your policies.

    Some General Tips

    These are the tips that you can follow:

    1. Travel Gear and packing

    It will help to know how to pack for any tour. It is generally recommended that you should travel light. Carry as few clothes as possible. Depending on the destination and the season, you can choose your clothes. If you plan to trek in the Italian Alps, even in the height of summer, be assured, you will need warm clothes.

    Reading and following tips for clothes will help you travel light and make life easier, especially during baggage check-ins and flight changes. Keep some extra clothes for contingencies.

    2. Food

    Food is a vital component of any trip. The traveller will be exploring a new land that will have culinary delights to offer. But not all the food you taste is going to be to your liking. In Italy, there is a possibility one may not like some of the local cuisines.

    Doing some food research and what to eat will help the traveller know what to avoid. If you have any allergies, you will need to know if any food contains that ingredient. Carrying medicines along with you will be helpful.

    3. Finances

    Finances do not just include the budget but also how much you will be spending on the trip over and above the reservations and travel. Some ad hoc spending may be required, which one may not have foreseen. Italy being a European, country will always be expensive. It will help if you plan out a detailed itinerary based on your budget.

    The small extras are where your travel insurance will come in handy. The insurance will take care of unforeseen circumstances leaving you to deal with small budget overruns, which you can handle.

    4. Destinations

    Before deciding the places to visit, you must be clear about what you can afford, both in terms of time as well as money. Avoid repetition.  In Italy, if there are many churches on the itinerary, do not visit all of them.

    Just see the Sistine Chapel and maybe one of the lesser-known ones. By skipping the other similar sites, you can get more time for the fun things mentioned above. Also, choose diverse activities. You can plan for a walk in Rome or Milan, a trek in the Italian Alps or along the Amalfi Coast or a cycle ride in Puglia. The different activities will relieve the monotony of the holiday routine.

    It will be prudent to have travel insurance to protect yourself against any unforeseen circumstances. You can better enjoy your trip if you know some of the worries are taken care of by your international travel insurance. It is more critical for students to have a student travel insurance policy so that their budget stays intact and also their peace of mind.

    Lastly, the best advice one can give is to decide early, plan well, stay within budget and have a safe trip.