Mumbai Traffic Police Challan & Traffic Fines

Car, bike and commercial vehicle owners must follow the rules to avoid the Mumbai traffic challan. The traffic rules are there for the safety of the citizens as well as to keep a smooth flow of vehicles on the road. However, road accidents do not seem preventable. According to the reports of Mumbai traffic police, more than 2300 road accidents took place between February and October in 2019.

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Mumbai Traffic Rules

The number of road accidents every year compelled the Indian government to make amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The changes made in the Act came into effect on September 1, 2019. Citizens of Mumbai city after the amendment became more aware of the traffic rules. To abide by the basic Mumbai traffic rules, vehicles owners started carrying mandatory documents like registration certificates, valid licenses, insurance, etc. to avoid getting challans.

The amendment increased the traffic fines by 20%. Keeping the wellbeing and affordability perspective of the citizens in mind several states like Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka, etc. refused to implement these traffic fines and made changes according to them. But Maharashtra being one of those states did not make any changes to the amended act. The hiked traffic fines were implemented in the state that helped in reducing road accidents.

Documents Required to Avoid Mumbai Traffic Challan

As per the rules of Mumbai traffic, all the drivers/ owners of vehicles must carry the following documents with them while driving/riding on the roads of Mumbai.

  • License
  • Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Pollution under control certificate (PUC)
  • Third-party liability insurance

If any of the drivers/owners of the vehicle is caught by the traffic police of Mumbai and could not show any of the above-mentioned documents when asked then the Mumbai traffic police can issue a challan to that defaulter accordingly.

Mumbai Traffic Challan List

Here is a list of amended traffic fines by the Government of India.


New Traffic Fines (In Rs.)

Old Traffic Fines (In Rs.)

Without seatbelt

1000 and/or community service


Without driving license



Drunk driving

10,000 and/or jail for 6 months

15,000 and/or jail for 2 years for repeated violation


Over speeding

LMV: 1000-2000

MPV/HPV: 2000-4000 (Plus license seizure)



5000 and/or jail for 3 months, community service

10,000 for subsequent violation and upt to 1 year in jail, community service


Without insurance

2000 and/or 3 months jail, community service

4000 for ubsequent violation


Driving/riding with a handheld mobile



Not giving way to emergency vehicle

10,000 and/or community service


Juvenile Offences

25,000 with 3 years in jail, registration cancel for 1 year

Juvenile cannot get license until 25 years of age


Driving without registration


10,000 for a repeated offense


Overloading on two-wheelers

2000 and license disqualification and/or 3 months of community service


Driving/riding even after disqualification

10,000 and/or community service


Bribing the official

Two times the amount of penalty as per a violation


Riding without ticket



Aggregator driving/riding without a license

25,000 to 1,00,000


Disobey authority’s orders



Honking in silent zones


4000 for a repeated offense


Without helmet (Rider 7 Pillion rider)

1000 and/or license disqualification, community service for 3 months


Driving oversized vehicle

5000 to 10,000 and/or community service


If the Mumbai traffic police catch you violating any Mumbai traffic rules then you will be liable to pay the fines as mentioned in the list above. Also, if any of the traffic cameras installed on the traffic signals catches you violating any of the traffic rules then you will receive an e-challan that will be sent to your registered home address. You will have to pay the fine online.

How to Pay Challan Online?

If the violator gets caught violating the traffic rule on the camera installed on the signals or side of the roads will receive the e-challan on their registered mobile number or email. The violator has to pay the challan within 60 days. If not paid within this time the court can rule out a decision that will include the fine with penalty or imprisonment for 3 months or both.

Here are the steps to pay the e-challan online.

  • Visit the Mumbai traffic police e-challan website.
  • You will see a tab “Click challan status” on the homepage of the website.
  • Fill in the required details like vehicle number, DL number, challan number, etc.
  • Enter the captcha shown on the screen.
  • Click on the “Get Details” option
  • You will see a tab “challan status”
  • Click on it and you will be directed issued challan list page.
  • Click on the challan you want to pay.
  • You will see the option “Pay Now”
  • Click on it and you will be directed to the payment options page.
  • You will see mode of payment options Debit/credit card or Netbanking.
  • You will also see the option of paying your challan through the Paytm mobile app.
  • Choose whichever option suits you.
  • After payment, you will get a receipt.

You can also down the Mumbai traffic police app through which you can access all the details and pay for the issued challan.

Every Vehicle Owner/Driver must Follow these Rules in Mumbai

To avoid the Mumbai traffic challan, every driver/owner must follow the below-mentioned traffic rules.

  • Must carry documents like driving license, registration certificate, pollution under control certificate, and insurance.
  • Wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler and wear your seatbelt while driving a four-wheeler.
  • Never drink and drive. If you are drunk then take a cab home and leave the car or bike in a safe parking lot.
  • Do not jump red lights and make sure that you follow traffic signs on the road. Ride/drive within the speed limit.
  • Do not use a mobile phone while riding/driving as it can lead to deadly accidents and hefty fines.
  • Do not bribe a traffic police official and cooperate with them. If you try and bribe the traffic police official then it can lead you to some serious troubles. Not cooperating with them can also lead you to jail.

Vehicle owners must follow the traffic rule and regulations while driving /riding on the roads of Mumbai. You can avoid getting fined.

FAQs About Mumbai Traffic Fines

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