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It doesn’t matter if you are an excellent driver or take your car out only once in a few months, your car must be insured under a four-wheeler insurance policy at all times. However, a car insurance policy comes with validity and it is important to be aware of the insurance status of your car policy so that you can renew it on time to avoid any lapse.

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      Validity of a Car Insurance Policy

      All car insurance policies come with validity. Most four-wheeler insurance plans are valid for one year. You are supposed to renew your policy before the expiry date to continue the coverage benefits.

      In case you have just purchased a new car, then you will need to buy a long-term car insurance policy for a tenure of three years as per the motor laws. Towards the end of your three-year policy tenure, you will have to renew your policy. This time you can buy a car insurance policy for one year and need to renew it annually.

      Below we have mentioned some helpful ways to check your car insurance status online so that you can renew your car insurance policy before it expires and avoid landing in any legal and financial trouble.

      How to Check Car Insurance Validity?

      There are multiple ways of checking the status of your car insurance policy and knowing its expiry date. Here are some of the ways of checking your car insurance policy expiry date:

      • Check your car insurance policy document
      • Call the insurer’s customer support and ask them for the expiry date
      • Contact your insurance agent and ask about the expiry date if you purchased the policy through him/her
      • Go to the website of the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) of India and check your policy status
      • Go to the Parivahan Sewa website and check the policy status
      • Checking car insurance status on VAHAN App
      • Visit your Regional Transport Office (RTO)’s website and know your policy status
      • You can also do a car insurance check online from your account dashboard on 

      Importance of Vehicle Insurance Check Online

      Keeping a check on your car insurance status is as important as purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy. Although it is advisable to buy a comprehensive insurance plan, it is mandatory to insure your car with a third-party insurance policy per the country's motor laws.

      Once you have purchased a car insurance policy, it is advised to keep tabs on the insurance plan by checking its renewal date and other general information. This is important because missing out on your policy renewal or not getting any details related to your car updated in your policy can lead to claim rejection. By keeping a vehicle insurance check online, you do not have to worry about missing your policy renewals.

      How to Check my Vehicle Insurance Status Online on Parivahan Sewa?

      Parivahan Sewa is a centralized website maintained by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways that stores the data of all vehicles across the country. When a motor insurance policy is purchased or renewed, the data is updated on the Parivahan Sewa website within two days.

      Follow the steps given below for Parivahan insurance check online: 

      • Visit the official website of Parivahan Sewa
      • Go to the ‘Informational Services’ tab on the menu bar
      • Click on ‘Know your Vehicle Details’ from the drop-down menu
      • You will be redirected to the Vahan NR e-Services page.
      • Enter your registered mobile number for citizen login
      • After login, fill in your car registration number and the verification code
      • Click on ‘Search Vehicle’
      • The details of your car along with its insurance expiry date will be displayed

      Check Car Insurance details Using mParivahan App

      Apart from using the Parivahan portal online, you can also check your car insurance status on the mParivahan app. This app was launched by The Ministry of Transport and provides easy access to all your vehicle documents.

      Follow these simple steps for mParivahan insurance check using the app:

      • Install the mParivahan App on your mobile phone.
      • Select the desired language and select the 'Continue' option
      • You will now be directed to a dashboard where you will have two options to check your car insurance status. 
      • The first option is via your car registration number and the second is via the Driving license number. 
      • Enter either of the two and click on the 'Search' button
      • Now, sign in using your registered mobile number and continue
      • Once signed, you can now check the validity of your car insurance policy.

      Check Car Insurance Policy Status On VAHAN

      Another way to check your car insurance status online is by using the VAHAN web portal which is mainly a one-stop portal for every information related to your vehicle. Here is how you can check your car insurance status on VAHAN:

      • Visit the Vahan-e-services portal 
      • Now navigate to the 'Know your vehicle details from the homepage
      • Enter your Mobile Number to log in, or 'Create a new account
      • Once logged in, enter the registration number of your car alongwith captcha
      • Click the ' Search Vehicle' option
      • You can now find all the details of your vehicle including your car insurance details.

      However, there may be cases when your car insurance is not updated in the VAHAN portal or even on the mParivahan app. In such cases, you must wait for around 30 days for your policy to reflect on the portal once it has been issued. If you still face issues viewing your car insurance policy, you can contact our customer support portal at

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      How to Check Vehicle Insurance Status on IIB Portal?

      You can follow the steps below to check your motor insurance status online on the IIB portal:

      • Make sure you have all the necessary details ready to fill in, such as accident location, vehicle registration number, address, date of the accident, mobile number, and name.
      • Visit the official website of the Information Bureau of India
      • On the homepage of the website, select V-Seva from the quick links
      • You will now be redirected to Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval System
      • Here you can fill out the given form with all your details. 
      • Once you have correctly entered all the details, click on the 'Submit' button
      • The details of your vehicle insurance status will be displayed.

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      How to Check Car Insurance Status at the RTO?

      Every vehicle is registered by a Regional Transport Office or RTO. You can also know the expiry date of your four-wheeler insurance policy by visiting your RTO’s website. Follow the steps given below to check your car insurance policy status through your RTO:

      • Visit the official website of your State’s transport office
      • Go to the option of ‘Online Services - For Citizens’
      • Select the ‘Vehicle Related Online Services’ option
      • Click on the link for ‘VAHAN Citizen Services
      • Select the details of your RTO where your car is registered
      • Go to the ‘Status’ tab on the menu bar and select ‘Know your Vehicle Details’
      • Enter your car’s registration number, chassis number and engine number.
      • Fill in the captcha code and submit the details
      • The details of your vehicle will be displayed

      How to Check Car Insurance Status Online on Policybazaar?

      If you have purchased your motor insurance from Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited, here is how you can check your policy status on the website:

      • Visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited i.e.
      • From the homepage, sign in to your account by entering your mobile number and OTP/password
      • You will now be redirected to your account dashboard
      • Select the motor policy whose status you wish to check
      • The current status of your policy will be displayed along with other details.

      How to Check Car Insurance Status Offline?

      Apart from these online solutions, you can also do a car insurance status check by going to your concerned RTO. There you will have to provide your vehicle’s registration number and they will provide you with all the information related to your car insurance policy.

      Why Should You Renew Your Car Insurance Policy on Time? 

      Renewing your car insurance policy before its expiry date is essential for the continued coverage of your car. If the policy is not renewed by the due date, your car insurance policy will expire or lapse. Here are the consequences of having a lapsed car insurance policy:

      1. No Claims to Be Entertained

        If your car insurance policy has expired, your motor insurer no longer has the legal liability to cover any loss or damages arising out of your vehicle. Your insurer will not pay for your third parties liabilities or own car damages after the policy has expired. As a result, you will be forced to bear the cost of repairing your car or compensating the third parties on your own leading to financial distress.

      2. Violation of Motor Laws

        Car insurance is not a choice in India. Every car owner must insure his/her vehicle with at least third-party cover as long as the vehicle is in use. If you do not renew your policy and it lapses, you will violate the motor laws of the country.
        In case you are caught driving your uninsured car on public roads, you may be issued a challan for Rs 2,000 and/or jail imprisonment for up to six months. Thus, to keep yourself safe from these hefty fines, regular car insurance online check is necessary.

      3. Higher Car Insurance Renewal Premium

        If your car insurance policy has lapsed, the insurer may consider you a careless person and may charge you a higher renewal premium. Besides, your vehicle will have to undergo an inspection at the time of policy renewal in case of a lapsed policy. The inspection may highlight the increased liability of the insurer towards your car. As a result, they may charge you a higher car insurance premium during renewal.

      4. Loss of No Claim Bonus

        No Claim Bonus (NCB) is saving on a renewal premium that is granted to the car owner for every claim-free year. The NCB can help you to save on your renewal premium by up to 50%. But if you do not renew your policy within 90 days of your expiry date, you will lose your NCB.

        Make sure to remember your car insurance policy expiry date and renew the policy before it expires. If you are wondering how to find your policy expiry date, you can do so on

      Summing It Up!

      Renewing your car insurance policy on time is important to avoid facing any unfavourable consequences, such as a higher renewal premium, rejection of the claim, etc. You can set reminders on your phone/ email so that you do not forget to renew your policy. In case you are unsure of the policy expiry date, you can check your car insurance policy status easily on the website of Parivahan Sewa, the mparivahan app, the VAHAN portal as well as your RTO amongst other ways.


      • Q1. Can I drive a new car without insurance?

        Ans: No, driving a car without a valid four-wheeler insurance policy is a traffic rule violation and can attract heavy fines. Thus make sure to at least buy a third-party car insurance policy for your new car.

      • Q2. How to check which insurance do I have?

        Ans: If you are a Policybazaar customer, you can check which insurance policy you have from your account dashboard on You can also check the type of insurance coverage from the official website of the insurer or the Parivaham portal.

      • Q3. How to check old insurance policies?

        Ans: To check your previous or old insurance policies online, you can visit the official website of the insurer or check old policies from the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited.

      • Q4. How to check insurance claims?

        Ans: To check the claim status of your motor insurance policy you can visit the official website of the insurer and select the 'Track claim status' option. You can also visit and log in to your account dashboard to get the details of your car insurance claim.

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