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Tata Will Reveal Its Tigor Sport, Tata X451, and H5 SUV at the Auto Expo 2018

Tata Motors is all set for a mega showcase at the Auto Expo 2018. The company will bring to light 5 new car models as well as the future of integrated mobility solutions. Clearly, Tata is aiming at the premium mass market segment with its illustrious line-up which includes H5 SUV model & X451 premium hatchback. The Tata pavilion at the upcoming Expo will also reveal its new CVs and the Tigor Sport.

All the new models are equipped with Tata’s new Impact 2.0 design language. The manufacturer had given the first glimpse of the cars in the teasers launched earlier this month, and recently, some new sketches have been released with the details of the cars’ design.