Best Time to Visit the Netherlands

The land of bulb fields, cheese markets, and canals is packed with icons that attract tourists from all over the world. If you’re planning to visit the land of tulips, make sure to choose the best time to visit the Netherlands.

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Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

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Best Time to Visit the Netherlands for Ideal Weather

Summer is the best time to visit the Netherlands, as tourists can easily visit the famous flower beds and watch the bulb fields in full colour. This can be best enjoyed from mid-April to mid-October with tourists peaking in July and August. Since the Netherlands sees a maritime climate, weather overall is neither too cold nor too hot. Take a look at Netherland’s weather condition to get a better idea:

Months Average Temperature
December to February -1°C to 7°C
March to May 5°C to 19°C
June to August 13°C to 22°C
September to November 8°C to 14°C

If you want to avoid crowds and dampness, then visiting in the dry season is the best. The months between February and May are the driest to visit the Netherlands and you can experience its beautiful spring season. The temperature doesn’t exceed 20°C and chances of rainfall are low, which let you explore the country freely.

Best Time to Visit the Netherlands for the Keukenhof

When you think of the Netherlands, chances are that the first image to pop into your head is that of tulips. The whole country showcases these Tulip bulbs in abundance and attracts people from everywhere. Among the most stunning and popular places to see these Tulips is in Keukenhof.

May to October sees a pleasant temperature in the Keukenhof, with very less rainfall. The lowest temperature observed here is around 6°C in January while the highest temperature is 22°C in August.

Just an hour away from Amsterdam, the Garden of Europe can be best experienced during the spring and summer seasons. If this place is on your list, make sure to visit the Netherlands at the best time, in this case between April and May. Situated in the town of Lisse, you can witness the bulb belt with over 700 varieties blooming in April and May. 

However, if you fail to do so, you can still experience this display thanks to their hothouses. While these are a pretty sight, visiting Keukenhof during early summer is an experience that can't be defeated by any commercial hothouses.

Places to Visit in the Netherlands

There's more to the Netherlands than tulips and windmills. This small country is the world's second-largest food and beer exporter and offers plenty of things to do to visitors. Take a look at some of the most popular places to visit in the Netherlands:

Amsterdam's Canals

Probably the most popular place in the Netherlands, a trip to Amsterdam is incomplete without visiting its canals. The city's beautiful waterways allow access to Amsterdam's best tourist attractions and are among the favourite things to do here. Tourists can visit major art galleries, museums and neighbourhoods like Jordaan through water taxis. Make sure to visit 'hofjes', the hidden courtyards in different buildings. Some other key attractions you can visit through canals include the Royal Palace, National Memorial, and the New Church.

Anne Frank House

This is a must-visit place, history buff or now. Anne Frank House is located in Prinsengracht, where the Jewish family hid during the second world war. The house where she wrote the famous 'Diary of a Young Girl', has been fully restored and continues to be a grim reminder of a horrible time. It is often hard to visit as the tickets sell out. If you're visiting the Netherlands during summer or spring, make sure to book the tickets in advance. The nearby area is full of several attractions including old canals and old buildings.

The Windmills of Kinderdijk

Popularly known as the Children's Dike, this famous village is located at the River Noord in the wetlands of Dordrecht. The village boasts of brilliantly preserved windmills from the 18th century which has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists can visit 19 windmills that were built between 1722 and 1761 to control flooding and until today they remain a great specimen of water management in the country. These majestic structures are open to viewers from April onwards and can be visited until October. If you're visiting the Netherlands for these windmills, the best time to do so is from April to October. Nearby is the port city of Rotterdam, the oldest city in the country. Tourists can also visit the unique National Park De Biesbosch, famous for its freshwater plants and wildlife.


Used to be the economic, cultural and political seat of the country and is among the best places to visit in the Netherlands. The city has a picturesque Old Town with numerous canals and historical buildings teeming with tourists. This Dutch city is popular for its historical buildings, with an extremely pedestrian-friendly Cathedral Square. Also called Domplein, tourists can visit St. Martin's Cathedral dating back to the 14th century. Visitors can also climb up the stand-alone church tower Domtoren dating back to the 1300s. There are many viewing platforms once you climb the 465 steps to the tower top, combined with a guided tour.


One of the most beautiful villages in the country, Ijsselmeer or Zuiderzee have become one of the most photographed tourist attractions of the Netherlands. Small hamlets surrounding the freshwater lake Ijssel still stand strong with many of their colourful houses converted into shops and museums. Towns like Marken, Enkhuizen and Volendam flourished during the country's Golden Age but lost importance when more harbours emerged. Tourists can visit these towns and learn more about the country's cultural heritage including maritime skills.

Best Time to Visit the Netherlands for Sightseeing

Unlike many countries in Europe, the Netherlands has one of the best weather conditions ideal for tourists from most countries. This is especially useful if someone is visiting to explore different regions here as the greatest threat to their plans is unexpected rainfall. The off-season between December and February is cold and damp which may discourage some tourists. 

If coming here for sightseeing and wildlife, June to August is preferable as the peak season sees ideal climate and bustling surroundings. 

However, if coming purely for art galleries, museums or picture galleries then any month is a good time as these places are open all year round. June to August sees temperatures ranging from 13°C to 22°C and makes it an ideal time to include other activities other than sightseeing.

Most Affordable Time to Visit the Netherlands

While summer is the best time to visit any European country, tourists need to remember that this is the peak holiday season. Visitors are bound to find a lot of crowds and high prices as accommodation and rentals are in demand. Add to this the high airfare, and a trip to the Netherlands can be a very costly affair. However, there are many ways to make this affordable if you plan your Netherlands visit during an affordable season.

The best time to visit the Netherlands to avoid crowds and save some money is during the spring shoulder months, around April and May. The school holidays and peak tourism period will have ended by now and there will be some respite in hotel costs. You can see many of its parks and gardens in full bloom after a cold winter. 

However, don’t forget that this is a prominent European country and even shoulder seasons are going to cost you a lot. It’s advisable to prepare well for this trip by making early bookings, looking for discounts and buying reliable international travel insurance to avoid any abrupt expenses arising during your trip. This way, you can make sure to stick to your budget and not stress about additional costs in case of an emergency while you’re in the Netherlands.

Worst Time to Visit the Netherlands

Best and worst time to visit any place is subjective. For some, cold may be a big factor to deter a trip. In the case of people who are not used to harsh colds, visiting during the winter season is not recommended. Not only is it pretty cold in the Netherlands after November, but also very damp. Winters in the Netherlands are very damp and often have the most precipitation. On average, the temperatures range between 2°C and 6°C. 

While many people visit the country during winter holidays or Christmas, be warned about the rush and unexpected rains during this time. It is also a very expensive time to visit the country as it is the main holiday season. Whenever you decide to pay a visit here, make sure to buy the best Europe travel insurance plan so that all your fears are at the back of your mind and you can make the most of your trip.

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