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Places to Visit in USA

The USA is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and that’s why in everyone’s travel bucketlist. But did you know that it is the third largest country in the world in terms of the area? Yes, you’ve heard it right!

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So, visiting such a beautiful and large country is not going to be an easy victory if you are not aware of what to visit. There are several important things and places in the USA to consider, and most importantly you will need travel insurance as well.

Hence, a comprehensive list of the best places to visit in the USA will help you rove around the country effortlessly. This article is all about the useful tips for planning your trip to the USA.

Also, don’ forget to make arrangements for availing the most important travel documents such as travel insurance USA, USA Visa and Passport, travelling guidelines etc. These will help you make this trip an organized one by preventing any rush hours’ hassle.

List of Places to Visit in the USA

The USA is a place with more than 50 states, and every state has its own importance and offer some beautiful places to visit. It may not be easy for you to visit all the places on your first trip to the USA or in just one trip. But there are some places that you should not miss like:

  • New York
  • Florida
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Los Vegas
  • Chicago
  • Washington DC
  • Orlando 
  • Miami

Apart from the avid travellers, there are student visitors as well who come to this place for pursuing higher studies. These students are allowed in this country only with a student travel insurance, who can explore these happening places and try their luck.

New York: The City that Never Sleeps!

Whenever we talk about the USA, the first place that comes to our mind is New York City, the city that never sleeps. When you step into NY, you are going to have the best experience of your life; an experience that you can get nowhere. Walking through the busy streets of the city is a different kind of feeling. You will be able to find something exciting and new in every nook and corner. You can see Times Square, Empire state building, Central Park, The Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Plaza, Broadway, 5th Avenue, and the best is the Statue of Liberty. You will have to spend at least three to four days in New York City if you wish to enjoy this place completely. You can go sightseeing in the morning and then a nice show in the evening on Broadway. With so much to explore, this is a place that makes you feel like visiting again and again.

Florida: The Sunshine State!

Florida in the USA is the place where you will be able to do anything that excite you the most. You can just be yourself when you are in Florida city. You can go for nature preserve camping, go shopping at a boutique or an outlet, build sandcastles, have some of the finest restaurants in the USA in Florida for the best meal, take a roller coaster ride, and much more. You can also sit on the shore and enjoy sipping a cocktail with your loved ones. That means it can be a trip of fun and adventure, just the way you wish it to be. Some of the best places that you can visit in Florida are Tampa, Miami, Key West, Daytona, Sanibel Island, Fort Myers and many other places as well. A speedboat ride in Miami is going to be one of the best adventures for you in the USA.

Los Angeles: The City of Angels!

The next best place that you can visit in the USA is Los Angeles. Many people call this place the city of Angels as well. The most famous and rich people from the Hollywood industry stay here. Hence, it is the most happening place you could ever visit. It is not just the home for celebrities, but it is also one of the very expensive places in the USA.

Although, being so expensive place, this is one of the most visited places in the USA every year. A hordes of travellers and tourists from across the world come to this place to enjoy the lifestyle there. If you are looking for some of the best places to visit in Los Angeles, you’re in the right place. Santa Monica and Malibu beach are some of the best places that you will love to explore in Los Angeles. Venice beach is very crowded and lively in the evening, and it is fun to be there.

San Francisco: The Golden City!

Located in the northern part of California, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit in the USA. It is located at the Peninsula tip and is famous for many attractions. One of the most important places that you cannot miss in San Francisco is Golden Gate Bridge. Whether you go for a drive, walk or go for a bike ride, it is going to be one of the best experiences for you. This is also a great place for taking photographs. Another important thing that you should not miss in San Francisco is the cable cars. You will be able to look at all the major tourist attractions from a great height. This is a place with a lot of history to cherich, and hence you will be able to enjoy every corner of this city. The seafood of San Francisco is something that you shouldn’t miss.

Las Vegas: The Gambling Capital of the World

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they talk about Los Vegas is Casinos. This place, Los Vegas, is located in the middle of Nevada Dessert. It can be almost impossible for anyone who visits the USA for the first time to believe that a place in a dessert can be so popular. But, it is the casinos that made the place well-famous. Many people visit this place just to enjoy the feel of a real casino. Some of the best Casinos that you can visit are The Bellagio, MGM Grand, and Caesar’s Palace. Apart from just Casinos, there are a lot of things to explore such as girl shows, dance shows and other lavish shows that are perfect for people of all age groups. If you are someone who loves golf, Los Vegas is the place for you to enjoy this sport. You will be able to find more than 50 golf courses in and around the place.

Chicago: The Windy City!

Popularly known as the Windy City, Chicago is one of the most beautiful places in the USA. Chicago is the third-largest city and popular for the Towering Skyscrapers in the city. If you love to taste different types of pizza and hot dogs, then this is the place. Located on the shore of Michigan Lake, this place is one of the major hubs for commerce, industry and finance. There are many things that attracts the visitors in Chicago like Millennium park, Sears Towers, and there are many amusement parks, restaurants, and parks as well. Music is also very popular in Chicago, and you can find people playing different kinds of music here. This is also a great place for shopping. The field museum of Natural history is one of the most important places to visit in Chicago. You will be able to enjoy this place only if you stay here for at least three to four days.

Washington DC: The American Rome!

When you are on a trip to the USA, how can you miss the capital city of this country on your trip? This place is located in the Columbia district. This place is home to many cultures, and it is a cosmopolitan city. Some of the popular places in Washington DC are Capitol Building, White House, Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. The Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial are also some of the best places to visit in Washington DC. The best part about this place is, all these places are in and around National Mall. You will be able to find a number of museums here. Also, there are some national parks, Nation Zoo, historic churches, and the Colonial Architecture of Washington DC is the best you get to see in this city. You can spend at least two days enjoying the best attractions of DC.

Orlando: The City Beautiful!

Another important place in the USA that you should never miss is Orlando. If you are on a trip to the USA with family, then Orlando is a place that you should give a visit. You will be able to find Universal Studios and Walt Disney in Orlando, which are the most favourite places for the kids. This place is located in Central Florida. Many people, after visiting, feel that this is the only place where all dreams come true. They change into reality. It is such a wonderful place to spend time along with the family. Kids will be able to see or meet all their comic characters in one place. You will also be able to enjoy a lot more than the theme parks in Orlando. The place has some of the best restaurants in the USA, bars and comedy clubs as well. The Botanic gardens of Orlando are very popular in the USA.  

Miami: The Magic City!

Miami is the vivacious city in the USA and one of the best places to visit here. The nightlife and Latin culture of Miami is very popular across the world. This place is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and in the southeastern part of Florida. You will be able to witness a number of cruise ships in Miami. This place attracts many people from many parts of the world. The sunny beaches of Miami are also very popular, and people love to spend time on the seashore. If you are someone who loves water sports, then Miami is the perfect place for you. You can try a number of adventurous water sports in Miami. It is also a good place for entertainment and shopping as well. The Everglades National Park is one of the best places that you should not miss when you are visiting the USA. Remember, you will need international travel insurance for visiting this place.

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  • Q. What are the most beautiful places that I should never miss during my trip to the USA?

    Ans: If you’re visiting the USA for limited days, then you should not miss New York City and San Francisco. They are the most beautiful places with a lot of places that you will be able to enjoy in the city.
  • Q. When is the best time to visit the USA?

    Ans: The USA is such a beautiful place that it can be visited throughout the year. There is no specific time about when to visit. This place is always filled with a lot of tourists. If you wish to visit the place for some outdoor activities, then spring is the best time, and it is between April to July. But if you wish to attend some of the popular festivals in the USA, then July to August, which is Summer in the USA, is the best time. If you are someone who wishes to avoid a lot of people around you when you visit any place, then you should plan it during September and October. The weather remains cool, and the crowd is also very less.
  • Q. What kind of activities can I participate in during my trip to the USA?

    Ans: You have many monuments to visit, national parks, backpacking and camping, skiing, mountain hikes, desert hikes, and wildlife in the USA is very attractive. You can choose any activity of your choice. In fact, you will be able to do a lot more than this in the USA, and this is a place of fun and entertainment.
  • Q. What is the important documents to consider while preparing for my USA trip?

    Ans: Apart from the passport and US visa, you should also consider international travel insurance.
  • Q. Which state in the USA is the friendliest state?

    Ans: When you are travelling to a new country, you will always want the best place, and you want the people to be friendly with you. Minnesota is the friendliest place in the USA, and you are going to love your stay in this state of the USA.

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