10 Basic Car Maintenance Tips for First-Time Car Owner

Buying your first car is always special. The long discussions over deciding the type & budget of the car become worth it when your brand new car finally comes home. You may have spent a fortune to buy your car and would never want even a scratch on it. Well! you can avoid a lot of adversities by driving your four wheeler responsibly and get it insured under the best car insurance in India. 

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About Car Insurance Policy

A car insurance policy is a safety tool that will keep you financially safe in case your car suffers from unforeseen damage or gives rise to third party liabilities. Several events can pose a threat to your brand new car, including natural calamities, accidents, fire, theft and manmade disasters. Car insurance keeps your car safe if any of these incidents occur.

If you are buying any motor insurance for the first time, you can choose to purchase either third party insurance or comprehensive car insurance. A third party car insurance policy will cover all your legal liabilities that may result out of causing property damages, bodily injuries or death of third parties in an accident. For example, if you accidentally hit a pedestrian with your car, your insurer will cover your legal liabilities by paying compensation to the victim.

On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance will cover third party liabilities as well as own damages of your car. Own damages refer to the damages sustained by your car due to unforeseen incidents, such as fire, natural disasters, theft, accidents and manmade calamities. As part of the comprehensive car insurance, you will also get personal accident cover.

No matter the type of insurance you want for your car, you can effortlessly purchase it online. You should ensure to compare plans from various motor insurers online before choosing the best car insurance in India.

How to Keep Your Car Safe? 

With car insurance by your side, you can protect your car from any unpredictable incident. But as you may have heard, prevention is always better than cure. Thus, you must take every possible step to avoid a situation that may result in damage or loss of your car.

For starters, you must drive your car safely and responsibly. A lot of car accidents result out of rash driving or drunk driving. Besides, driving the car while using the phone or not adhering to the traffic rules also result in several mishaps on road. Thus, how you drive your car determines the safety of yourself, your car as well as other people on the road.

While scratches can be avoided by being a responsible driver, your responsibility as a car owner does not end with it. It is equally important to maintain your car and keep it in perfect condition to prolong its life. A well-maintained car is less likely to give you any trouble. Moreover, any probable wear and tear of the car can be discovered on time preventing any major mishap.

If you don’t maintain or service your car regularly, you may also face future claim rejections. This is because insurance companies expect car owners to keep their cars in good condition. So if you don’t maintain your car properly, it may be considered negligence on your part and the claim under your comprehensive car insurance policy may get rejected.

10 Basic Car Maintenance Tips for Every First Time Car Owners

Every car owner should know how to maintain his/ her four wheeler to increase its life. Since you have purchased a car for the first time, you may be unaware of the things that you should do to keep your car in perfect condition. Here are 10 basic car maintenance tips that every first-time car owner should know:

    • Refer to Your Car’s User Manual

      Every car comes with a manufacturer’s user manual. This manual is not less than a bible for your car as it will tell you everything that you need to know about your car. Right from car specifications to its safety features, the manual can educate you about a lot of things and can help evade several minor car problems. Thus, go through your car’s user manual as soon as you buy the vehicle and always keep it handy. If you have misplaced the hard copy of the manual, you can always find it online at the website of your manufacturer.

    • Regularly Check Your Car’s Tyre Pressure

      Tyres are what keep your car moving. Any issue with your car’s tyre can literally strand your car in the middle of the road. Thus, you must check the pressure in your car’s tyres regularly. If the pressure has reduced over time, immediately get the air refilled up to the recommended limit. This will help to reduce the wear & tear of the tyres and keep them in good condition for a longer time. Also, check for any stuck objects or cracks in the tyres from time-to-time so that it can be repaired before any mishap occurs. If you have comprehensive car insurance, you can also buy tyre protect add-on to get any damages to your car’s tyres covered

    • Look Out for Warning Lights

      After you buy a car, learn to identify various warning lights on the dashboard. A car is in-built with various sensors that indicate if something in your car is out of order. For instance, a warning light will start to show if the fuel in your car is about to finish. These warning lights can help identify several problems at an early stage and help you maintain your car. Go through the user manual to learn the meanings of these warning lights and get these problems fixed on time to avoid any mishap.

    • Keep Your Car Engine’s Clean

      Your car cannot function properly if there is an issue with its engine. It is extremely important to keep your car’s engine clean to ensure its smooth functioning. Besides, repairing a car’s engine is expensive and you would not want to struggle with finances in case of engine damage. Thus, you should use clean fuel in your car and clean the engine regularly to keep it free from any gunk. Also, watch out for any oil leakage from the engine as it can lead to major problems in the car and it is best to identify it at an early stage. Moreover, oil leakage with dust can severely damage the engine. You can also stay prepared against unforeseen engine damages by buying engine protector add-on cover under comprehensive car insurance.

    • Clean the Car Battery Frequently

      The battery of your car needs to be a good condition for the vehicle to run smoothly. Thus, it is important to clean the car battery frequently to extend its life. Learn about the location and basics of a car battery through the user manual. To clean the terminal contacts of a car battery, you must disconnect it first, starting with the negative terminal. By disconnecting the negative terminal first, you will cut off the electricity supply preventing any mishap. Clean the terminal contacts carefully using a battery cleaning brush and reconnect them to the battery, starting with the positive terminal this time.

    • Keep a Check on the Brake Fluid

      The brakes of your car require brake fluid to function smoothly. Without adequate brake fluid, your car brakes can stop working, which can result in a major mishap. You can know about the required level of brake fluid from the user manual. Moreover, keep an eye on the colour of your brake fluid as a darker colour indicates the need for a change of the fluid.

    • Change Lubricants and Oil Filter Regularly

      Your car is a machine that works smoothly with the help of lubricants. The oil absorbs the heat created due to friction and helps the car to function smoothly. However, the oil needs to be refilled from time-to-time as it may get contaminated. Moreover, your car comes with an oil filter that prevents contamination of the oil and keeps it clean. Just like the oil, you also need to change the oil filter regularly to remove accumulated dust and dirt.

    • Keep an Eye Out for a Faulty Spark Plug

      A spark plug is important to start the engine of your car. A car with a faulty spark plug can have trouble coming to life. Thus, you must keep an eye out for a faulty spark plug while using your car. Moreover, it is easy to identify a faulty spark plug. For instance, if your car’s engine starts only after you insert the key in the ignition a few times, it indicates a faulty spark plug. Besides, uneven acceleration, a drop in your car’s mileage and more vibrations & noise while idling are also signs of a faulty spark plug.

    • Ensure Good Mileage of Your Car

      As a car owner, take every possible step to ensure that your car gives good mileage. You can do so by keeping your car in good condition and maintaining its fuel economy. You should also avoid rash driving or frequent speed fluctuations as it can impact the mileage. Also, avoid carrying heavy items in your car as it will again reduce its mileage.

    • Change Cabin Air Filter

      The cabin air filter of a car needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the flow of clean air inside the vehicle. Besides, it also ensures proper cooling of your car. If your car’s AC is not cooling the vehicle effectively, it is a sign that you need to change the air filter. Refer to the user manual to know how to change the cabin air filter.

Summing It Up

If you want your brand-new car, on which you have spent most of your savings, to sustain for a very long time, you must keep it well-maintained. As a car owner, it is your responsibility to keep your car safe from every possible risk by buying the best car insurance in India. Besides, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to maintain your car so that no harms comes to it.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 26 June 2021

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