6 Car Insurance Myths Might Cost You a Fortune

Enough has been said and written about the importance of buying car insurance. Car insurance offers various benefits and offers financial protection to the policyholders in the time of need. Insurance buyers who buy insurance for the first time should not believe everything they come across. At the time of buying insurance for the first time, it is difficult to distinguish between myths and facts.

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The biggest drawback in tackling these misconceptions is the lack of awareness. In India, a majority of car insurance buyers are unaware of how the car insurance is calculated by the insurance providers.

How Car Insurance Works?

The car insurance policyholder pays a fixed amount of premium to the insurance company. In return, the insurance company offers pre-decided coverage. The premium amount depends upon various factors such as the sum assured, age of the car and age of the policyholder, car manufacturer etc.

Since commuting is an important part of our life, owning a car makes our life comfortable. In order to enhance the car’s performance, the car owner must give due importance to its maintenance.

While it is mandatory to buy car insurance in India, it offers an extra layer of financial protection in case of the a road accident. Car insurance safeguards you against the damages that can arise due to accidents, thefts, etc.  Buying a car insurance might sound like a costly affair but it’s not. If you compare car insurance benefits with the features, having car insurance is worth it.

Why do People Tend to Believe in Car Insurance Myths?

For some insurance buyers, understanding the policy and its coverage along with the jargons can be a tough task. Most of them they fall prey to the myths that run around due to the lack of relevant knowledge.

Firstly, it is imperative that you carefully choose the best car insurance company. For this, you will have to put in your thinking cap and do some research. You can read reviews online and, ask your near and dear ones about the insurance policies they have and also read expert advice. The best car insurance company is one that has a good CSR (Claim Settlement Ratio). Ideally, it should offer maximum insurance benefits at minimum insurance premium.

Misconceptions about Car Insurance

When it comes to buying car insurance, you might be in a dilemma due to the prevalent myths. Due to these myths, selecting a car insurance policy becomes a difficult task. Also, believing in these myths can increase your out-of-the pocket-expenses.

Listed below are the 7 most common car insurance myths that you should never fall prey to. It will help you to come across the best car insurance plan.

  • Color Makes a Big Difference: This is one of the most common myths related to car insurance. Many people are under the impression that the color of the car they own will have a significant impact on the insurance premium. The color of your car has nothing to do with your car insurance premium. As mentioned above, while calculating the car insurance premium, a number of factors are taken into account, but the color is not one of them. The car insurance companies factor in the car model, risks involved, the driving experience of the policyholder while are calculating car insurance premium.
  • Responsibility in Case of Damage: There is a myth that the policyholder is not responsible in case of any damage caused when anyone other than him/her is driving the insured car. The car insurance protects the car and not the driver of the car. While driving our car, if your friend or relative meets with an accident, then responsibility lies with the insurance company.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover is not for Everyone: Several insurance buyers think that buying comprehensive car insurance is merely a waste of money. Though, the Motor Vehicle Act of India, 1988 makes it compulsory for every vehicle owner to buy third-party liability insurance for all the vehicles plying on Indian roads. The third-party insurance does not provide sufficient coverage to the policyholder. In case of accidents, this type of insurance cover provides financial benefits to the other party involved. If your car is severely damaged and needs repair, your insurance company will not offer any cover. You will have to bear the expenses from your own pocket.  It is recommended that you buy a comprehensive car insurance to cover to losses or damages caused to your own car as well as damages caused to the third party.
  • You don’t have to Pay the Expenses from your Own Pocket: If you have a basic comprehensive car insurance policy, then you will have to bear the voluntary deductible. If you own a zero depreciation car insurance policy, then you will not be required to spend any money from your own Everything will be taken care of by the insurance company.
  • Be with the Same Insurance Company: Sticking to a particular insurance company for years is a matter of personal choice. It is a myth that you have to stay with the same insurer. This may cost you extra in terms of the insurance Furthermore, you might miss out on extra benefits that you can avail with a different plan offered in the same premium range. It is a must that you carefully go through the terms and conditions before buying the car insurance in India. Many insurance companies provide the facility where the policyholder can opt or withdraw from the policy at any given period of time by merely submitting a letter. Additionally, a number of insurance companies have a provision of a grace period, up to 2 weeks from the day of the policy inception. During this grace period you are not happy with the offered coverage, you are free to change your mind and opt out. However, you will have to pay a small amount as cancellation fee to the insurance company.
  • Third-Party Liability Cover is Enough: As mentioned above, having a third-party insurance cover for every vehicle plying on the Indian roads is mandatory as per law. In order to fulfill the legal liability, people buy a third-party car insurance. They think it saves cost.

Undoubtedly, it is less expensive as the premiums are low. But it will only be helpful in the short term. It is true that a comprehensive cover costs more than a third-party liability cover. But when it comes to quality, features, and benefits; the latter offers comprehensive coverage.

As the name suggests, comprehensive car insurance provides all-around coverage. A Third party car insurance cover may be easy on your pocket. But when you face difficulties, other than any damages to the property or life of the third-party, you will have to bear the expenses all alone. So, just to save a few pennies, you will actually risk your beloved car and your money will go for a toss.

It is recommended by car insurance experts that you carefully analyze the benefits each insurance policy offers and then take a call. Also, consider the add-on riders for enhanced insurance coverage.

Summing It Up!!!

These are some of the prevalent common car insurance myths. When decide to buy car insurance in India, keep the points mentioned above in your mind and then take a call. This will help you make an informed and wise choice.

Additionally, it is recommended that you choose the insurance plan after conducting a proper research. Finding the best car insurance plan in this huge insurance market can sometimes be baffling.  Make sure you thoroughly read the policy terms and conditions before you seal the deal.

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