Manage Your Checklist of Car Insurance Policy While Relocating Within India

The relocation to a whole new city may seem exciting, but it is quite tiring sometimes. However, due to your job or sometimes due to other personal reasons, you have to move to a new Indian city or sometimes you may have to move to a new state. With the emotional stress of leaving your city, you have to manage a lot many things like shifting your entire household items, cars, motorbikes, etc. Along with this, you have to adapt to this whole new city with its different rules and regulations.

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Shifting can be easy if you have the belongings that are simple to carry and that does not come with any kind of insurance coverage. However, if it is a matter of transiting your automobile, then you may have a hard time in setting everything up in a completely new way.

Relocating to a new city of India or a new state may be challenging if you own a car or bike. This is because, along with the change of governance, traffic rules, and car insurance policies change also, but we have to be thankful for the technology as it has made everything easier to handle. The ease of doing most of the things online has made the relocation process comparatively easier. In addition to this, you can get to know about the rules and regulations of a new city online and keep yourself updated with the new surroundings where you will be living.

Let us find out the checklist of car insurance policy when you are relocating within India:

Checklist of Car Insurance Policy When Relocating in India

Considering the level of stress that you may come across while relocating to a new city of India and especially with an automobile, we are recommending the list of things that you can keep in mind:

    • Upgrading Your Car’s Insurance Policy

      Even though your car insurance policy is valid within the country, but you may feel the requirement of upgrading it for getting a hassle-free experience of driving. An upgrade in an insurance policy is needed when you are moving from a tier-2 city to a metro. Not only there be a huge rush of traffic in metro cities, but the rate of accidents is as well high. This demands one to be more cautious. In such a situation, you for sure are required to upgrade your existing car insurance plan to a policy that has a stronger coverage. An upgrade from a basic third-party car insurance policy to a comprehensive plan is recommended to safeguard yourself. This upgrade will not only provide coverage against death or damages, bodily injury but also covers theft and calamities.

    • Getting Needed Car Insurance Riders or Add-On

      You can as well consider purchasing riders or add-ons that can give you extra coverage along with your upgraded or existing car insurance plan. However, it is suggested to opt for those add-ons that are needed. For instance, an add-on for engine protection is good for safeguarding your car's engine against floods and is recommended if you are relocating to a city like Mumbai. In the same way, passenger cover rider is preferred for those who like to travel by car across the country with family. Most of the best car insurance plans provide options of add-ons or riders, which you can purchase as per your requirements.

    • Getting NOC from RTO

      It is advised to register your car with the RTO (Regional Transport Office) of the city or state you are relocating to. It is illegal to drive an automobile that has a registration of some other state. In addition to this, if you are switching from one Indian state to another, then getting No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required from the RTO of the state wherein your car was registered. After getting your NOC, you should register your bike or car with RTO of the new state where you are relocating.

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    • Letting Your Insurer Know

      You must let your current insurance provider about your new address wherein you are shifting to. You should also notify about changes made in a contact number. You can ask about the requirement for this; however, it is required to get an official document that can be beneficial for you.

    • Try to Avoid the Gap in Coverage

      You may forget to renew your car insurance policy that has expired just around your time of relocation. If this is the case with you, then driving with a lapsed policy can get you in serious trouble. Driving with an expired or lapsed policy is not only illegal but also will not give you coverage in case you encounter some loss.

    • Renew Your Car Insurance Plan Online

      At the situation of the expiry of the car insurance policy, you can change your insurer or renew your plan with your existing insurance provider online without any hassle. In this era of the internet, you can compare different car insurance plans online as per your requirements and single out the most suitable one. Moreover, purchasing or renewing an insurance plan online is much easier and cheaper as it removes the cost of any middleman.

    • Do Not Forget to Transfer Your No Claim Bonus (NCB)

      No Claim Bonus (NCB) is the discount given by insurance provider to the owner of the car who has made no claims in entire policy year that means during one term. In other words, it is a reward for the owners of cars for using the insured vehicle in the best possible manner. If you are relocating to a different city and even if you are going to purchase a new vehicle there, your accumulated No Claim Bonus is transferred to your new car. In the same manner, you do not have to worry in case of a change to a new insurance provider as your NCB is transferred to the new insurance plan as well.  

    • Check for the Network Garages

      Your car insurance provider should offer you coverage throughout India. So that your vehicle has met with an accident, you will be able to claim for the amount of repair through the cashless car service provided at network garages. In addition to this, you can opt for reimbursement of the amount that you have paid for the repair of your car. Therefore, do not forget to check the list of network garages of your insurance provider so that you will be able to get your repair work done easily in the new locality. However, if there are no network garages, then you should know the local garages where you can get your car repaired so that you can make the claim later and get reimbursement.

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    • Re-Registration is Mandatory

      Once you have planned to move to a new location, it is suggested to re-register your vehicle for the local registration number. It is advisable to inform for the same to your insurance provider so that it can update its policy records. Doing this will help you in avoiding various issues when you have to file a car insurance claim even for relocation. In this process, the No Objection Certificate that you have got from the RTO will help.

    • Check the Influence of Relocation on Car Insurance Premium and Insurance Coverage

      There is no surety of change on the premium of your car insurance plan because of relocation as it completely depends on your insurance provider. It as well depends on the risk coverage. The premium that you have to pay for your car insurance policy as well depends on the area wherein you are relocating. Your insurance provider can increase the premium if you are relocating to naturally catastrophic areas like earthquake-prone or flood-prone areas.

Summing It Up!

Sometimes the insurance providers as well make some changes in their insurance plans, thus it is suggested to stay updated about these changes. Moreover, to sty out of any stressful situation, it is advised to keep an eye on the traffic rules of India. However, do not worry much and relocate seamlessly and keep yourself excited about your relocation. Enjoy the new city and live your plans and make exciting future goals. Just keep the traffic rules in mind and drive safe in the new city for maintaining a positive and comfortable atmosphere.

We have sorted the checklist for your automobile while relocating, however, for other things you have to do research. You can find almost every information on the internet, but you have to plan. Do not keep anything for last except for final packing. By doing this you can keep your stress level low and relocate easily. There can be many things of high priority but do not think to avoid your car insurance, which will work as a savior when any unforeseen situation arises. Additionally, the coverage and premium rate depends on your insurance provider, so do not forget to inform your insurer. The best is to inform your insurance provider in advance so that you do not need to rush in the final hours.

Rest all will be fine, enjoy the new location.

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