All You Need to Know About CNG Car Insurance

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If you are planning to get a CNG kit fitted in your car or purchase a new CNG car, you should know how it will affect your car insurance policy price. Here is all you need to know about CNG car insurance and how CNG will impact your motor policy premium.

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Get Car Insurance starting at only ₹2,094/year #
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      Advantages of Having a CNG Vehicle

      If you are looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly way to drive, having a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) car can be the best option for you. Due to increasing pollution, carbon emission, climate change, and whatnot, CNG vehicles are in vogue recently. Not only are they a great alternative to petrol but are also less expensive and economical.

      Besides, you can get the same mileage with a CNG car that you get with a petrol one at one-third the price of petrol. Moreover, CNG has very low carbon footprints, making it one of the most environmental-friendly fuels. Thus, having a CNG vehicle can be a great way to make the ecosystem greener and better.

      Ways to Install CNG in a Car

      Many manufacturers in India have started manufacturing CNG cars to reduce the dependency on depleting resources like petrol and diesel. However, if you are considering getting a CNG car, you must also be aware of how you can get a car insurance policy for your CNG vehicle.

      There are two ways that you can adopt to get a CNG vehicle. The first is getting a CNG kit installed in your old car and the second is purchasing a new CNG car. Whatever be the case, both these ways will affect your car insurance premium. Therefore, let us understand them one by one:

      1. Installing an External CNG Kit

        The first option you can opt for is getting an external CNG kit fitted in your existing petrol/diesel car. However, your existing car insurance policy won't suffice to cover you for getting a CNG kit installed. Thus, your insurer must know as soon as you plan to get an external CNG kit installed in your vehicle.

        If you are getting a CNG kit installed in your car, you must do the following:

        • Firstly, inform your RTO about getting a CNG kit fitted in your car so that they can update your RC book.
        • Next, inform your insurer about the modification you have done to your car so that they can change your four-wheeler insurance policy to cover your CNG vehicle. The insurer will most likely increase your policy coverage, which will have an impact on your premium as well.
      2. Buying a New CNG-fitted Car

        Purchasing a CNG vehicle is an easier option as you are not required to do much in this regard. The registration of your vehicle is done once you have purchased a CNG vehicle. Thus, the RTO is already aware of the CNG vehicle and issues an RC book with a CNG seal on it.

        Moreover, when you purchase a CNG car, you buy a new car insurance policy. Thus, the insurer already knows about the CNG vehicle and provides you with a CNG car insurance policy for your four-wheeler.

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      Impact of CNG Kit on Your Car Insurance Policy

      Now that you know the two ways of getting a CNG vehicle, you must also know how getting a CNG kit fitted in your car impacts your motor insurance policy. Here is how CNG impacts your four wheeler insurance premium:

      Insufficient Coverage

      When you get a CNG kit fitted in your old car, your existing car insurance policy ceases to cover this alteration. This is because your existing four-wheeler insurance policy only covers your car for the existing fuel capacity i.e. diesel or petrol.

      When it comes to CNG kits, the cost of maintenance and damages is higher, which also increases the liability of your insurer. As a result, there is an increase in your existing coverage.

      Thus, if you want your car policy to also cover the cost of a CNG kit installed in your car, you must inform your insurance company and expand the coverage of your existing motor insurance policy.

      Increased Premium

      As stated above, a CNG kit carries a higher maintenance cost, which increases the coverage of your existing car insurance policy and you are ultimately required to pay a higher premium.

      When it comes to charging a premium for CNG fitted cars, the IRDAI has fixed the third-party liability premium at Rs. 60 for CNG kits, which are installed externally or are already factory-fitted. Thus, a policyholder will have to pay Rs. 60 extra towards your liability-only car insurance policy.

      The inclusion of a CNG kit is also offered under a comprehensive car insurance policy, thus, increasing its premium amount. Therefore, whichever coverage you choose for your CNG fitted car, your motor insurance premium will increase.

      Requirement of an Endorsement

      When you get a CNG kit fitted in your car, you have one more formality to follow, which is getting an endorsement done to your existing four-wheeler insurance policy. An endorsement is done by your insurer to your car policy whenever you get an alteration done, such as getting a CNG kit installed in your car.

      Thus, you need to request an endorsement of the installed CNG kit from your insurance company. In case you fail to request one, the car insurance company may consider rejecting your claim during accidental damage.

      Using CNG Car Insurance Premium Calculator

      If you are looking to purchase car insurance online for your CNG car, you must consider calculating the motor insurance premium that you will be required to pay beforehand. You can do so with the help of a CNG car insurance premium calculator.

      Using this calculator, you can compare the car insurance premium of multiple insurers and find the most suitable plan for your car. To calculate CNG car insurance prices using this calculator, you need to enter details like car make, manufacture, variant, location, etc. and the online tool will calculate the motor insurance premium for your CNG car.

      Wrapping Up!

      The dependency on petrol and diesel has increased fuel prices around the country. Moreover, both these fuel types are not sustainable for the environment, thus, increasing the need for an alternative fuel like CNG in the market.

      By installing a CNG kit in your car or purchasing a new CNG car, you can not only opt for a cheaper alternative but can also reduce the carbon emission levels of your car. Additionally, you must also consider getting an appropriate car insurance policy to adequately cover your CNG car.

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