Personal Accident Car Insurance Coverage: A Handy Guide

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In today’s times, owning a car is more of a necessity than a luxury. Gone are the days when owning a car was only a symbol of the luxury statement. Today, the scenario has changed and for the better.

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Get Car Insurance starting at only ₹2,094/year #
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          Today with a plethora of car options available in the market it sometimes becomes a difficult choice of, which car to buy. There are different car and models available catering to the people from all walks of life.

          Moreover while purchasing a car make it a point that you buy a comprehensive car insurance policy, which will secure from any unwanted monetary cost incurred due to any unforeseen events. In India, third-party car insurance is a legal mandate.

          In case you do not have the plan, then buy a comprehensive car insurance online and grab the best deal. It is imperative to look for inclusions and include the same based on your prerequisites. Besides, opt for add-on covers in a car insurance policy.

          An add-on car insurance cover, not just enhances your policy but moreover adds that extra layer of protection. One such add-on cover is the personal accident insurance cover. If you are somebody who thinks that add-on covers are not required. Then you are mistaken.

          Thinking, why would you need a personal accident insurance cover?

          Read on!

          What is a Personal Accident Cover in the Car Insurance Policy?

          In the occurrence of any mishap or an accident, having a personal accident cover in a car insurance policy will act as a safety net.

          We all know, that an eventuality neither comes with a prior notice nor comes knocking. If your car meets with an accident the injuries could be serious and could be for a long-haul. 

          Having this add-on cover is beneficial to the owner or driver of the car. In case of any mishap, this leads to permanent dismemberment or loss of the legs/arms. The insured can file for a claim based on the sum assured.

          If under any unfortunate circumstances the insured passes away, the nominee in the policy can file for a claim. However, under circumstances where the driver or the owner of the car does not hold a valid driving license, then no claim amount will be payable. Besides, if the owner has a fleet of vehicles, then personal accident cover will be applicable towards the car, which has been insured.

          Besides, there are car insurance companies, which also provide tax-free compensation in case of demise of the policyholder or the case of severe body injuries. The amount could either be paid in a lump sum or instalments. But, it is important to read the blue point of the car insurance policy schedule so that you are well-aware and do not face problem at the time of claim. In case, where the insured has scummed to serious injuries chances are that higher amount shall be provided.

          What are the Characteristics of Personal Accident Cover in Car Insurance?

          Listed below are some major characteristics, which are essentially covered within personal accident cover:

          • Death Cover: Under adverse situations, wherein in case of an accident the policyholder passes away, the complete sum insured will be likely paid to the nominee
          • Permanent Partial Disability Cover: In case of an accident, the insured suffer a permanent partial disability, the car insurance company is liable to provide a specific percentage of the sum assured to the insured. The sum assured essentially is based on the extent of the incurred disability.
          • Temporary Total Disability Cover: In case of a car accident, wherein the insured succumb to major injuries and has been confined to home, then every week policyholder will receive a weekly benefit by the insurance company.
          • Permanent Total Disability Cover: The insurance company is liable to pay the complete amount to the policyholder when if in the accident the policyholder has suffered a permanent total disability.
          • Cover for Accidental Hospitalization: In case of an accident or mishap, having personal accident cover also takes care of the hospitalization overheads.
          • Mortal Remains Transportation: In case the policyholder demises due to car accident, the insurance company pays the nominee a specific amount to the nominee to transport the mortal remains.
          • Education Grant: Most likely, there are times when the cover also involves an education grant, which offers the education of the dependent children of the insured in case the policyholder has passed away in an accident depending upon the terms and conditions of the car insurance policy.

          What is PA Cover for Owner-Driver?

          Car accidents are scary and they could be financially disturbing too. Therefore, it is better to add a PA Cover in your car insurance policy.

          A PA Cover is important for the owner or the driver and should not be overlooked. Envision a scenario wherein you are driving the car and the car meets with an accident. The scenario could be disturbing and exhausting.

          Listed below are some important aspects that need to be taken care while buying personal accident car insurance cover:

          • The owner-driver needs to have a valid driving license.
          • The owner-driver in the car insurance policy needs to be the name of the policyholder.
          • The owner-driver needs to be authorized owner of the insured car.

          What are the Benefits of Personal Accident Cover in Car Insurance?

          Now, listed below are some key benefits of personal accident cover under a car insurance policy:

          • Personal accident cover is helpful and provides financial ids in times of a road accident or mishap.
          • Whether the injury is major or minor, compensation can be availed by the policyholder of the car insurance policy.
          • There are insurance providers who protect against temporary and partial disability excluding demise and complete dismemberment cover.

          What are the Different Types of Accident Covers?

          In the below grid, is the list of different types of accident covers:

          Type Who Will Be Covered Type of Car Insurance Policy Limit of Compensation
          Personal Accident Cover Owner-driver Comprehensive car insurance policy or mandatory over in third-party car insurance policy Rs.2,00,000
          Accident Cover A third-party person Third-party car insurance policy No Limit
          Unnamed Passenger PA Cover Anybody who is in the car along with the driver An optional cover in the comprehensive car insurance policy As per sum assured of up to Rs. 2,00, 000
          Personal Accident Paid Driver Cover Paid driver An optional cover in the comprehensive car insurance policy As prescribed by the Workmen Compensation Act

          Wrapping it Up

          It is important to have a car insurance policy as it will protect you from any incurred loss or damage that would lead to an unwanted financial implication. Therefore, while buying the policy it is prudent to take out time and research in regards to the same.

          It is better to buy a car insurance policy online. Do not buy a policy in a rush and give it some time. Take out time before you zero down the policy and compare different car insurance policy quotes online and make an informed decision.

          Opt for additional cover personal accident cover, which will secure you from unexpected expenses. Remember, better safe than sorry.

          Drive ensuring the safety of yourself and others.

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