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Protect Your Car's Heart with an Engine Protection Cover

An engine is the most important part of any car. If it is damaged, your car will be nothing more than just a piece of metal kept in the garage. So it is really important to protect your car’s heart with an engine protection cover.

The engine protection cover is usually not a part of your comprehensive car insurance policy; it is an add-on cover.

There are various other covers to choose from such as Zero Depreciation, Garage Daily Cash Cover, Road Side Assistance, among others but engine protection cover tops the list.

Your car engine is prone to crucial damages that can be caused during the rainy season when the roads are completely waterlogged. If by chance the water goes into the engine, it may cause severe damage to it.

Engine repairing can cost a bomb of money but thanks to its expensive material and labor charges.

This huge cost of repair can be compensated if you have purchased an Engine Protection add-on cover with your car insurance policy.

What is the Cost of Engine Protection Cover?

If you are planning to buy an engine protection cover, you need to know that the insurance firms price the premium approximately 2% of the present market value of your car.

Although this sounds expensive, if your car gets damaged, this plan will help you save a considerable amount of money as the engine is the most expensive part of the car.

You have to buy the engine protection cover over the cost of the premium of the basic policy. You can do this while purchasing the car insurance policy or renewing the car insurance policy.

Though this add-on cover increases the premium amount, it acts as a savior in the long run. Your car is financially protected against expenses incurred due to the damaged engine and its parts like piston, crankshaft, pins, gearbox, cylinder, etc.

During monsoon, the roads and streets are completely waterlogged. Your car might face problems if the water enters the engine. Since the engine damages are not covered under your normal car insurance policy, you should go for this add-on.

Repairing or replacing the car engine can cost you a huge amount of money. If you have this cover, you will not have to pay for it from your pocket. An engine protection cover can, thus, be quite advantageous.

Who Should Buy an Engine Protection Cover?

If you are living or working in an area which is highly prone to floods or water-logging, you should opt for engine protection cover. Also, if you are the proud owner of high-end luxury cars, then you should buy this cover. It will help you to avoid all kinds of monetary risks involved in repairing the engine.

What Kind of Damages is Covered Under-Engine Protection Plan?

Many car insurance firms like Reliance Motor Insurance offer engine protection cover that provides a financially protective coverage against the damages that may happen in car's engine because of leakage of water ingression, lubricating oil, hydrostatic lock, etc.

Leakage in Lubricating Oil Pipe

Oil not only lubricates the engine but also helps in keeping it cool. Sometimes due to an oil leak, you can lose out on oil that might cause serious damage to the engine. That’s why it is really important to stop the oil leak as soon as possible. The engine protection cover can help in meeting the expenses arising out of repairing done due to the leakage of lubricating oil.

Gearbox not Functioning Properly

Does your gearbox often get jammed? This happens due to deficiency of proper fluid or some impurities that may act as a hurdle in shifting gears, while you are driving. And if you don’t get it repaired on time, your gearbox will be damaged and cost a lot of money. Engine protection cover helps you in clearing those expenses.

Water Ingression

If you try to restart your car in the waterlogged area, it can cause significant damage to the engine. Water ingression completely disturbs the electrical systems of the vehicle, thereby affecting the engine. With Engine Protection cover, your expenses will get covered.

Hydrostatic Lock

A hydrostatic lock occurs when your car’s engine comes in contact with water. Water stops the engine from starting, thereby forcing the car to stay in a static position. If you continuously try to start a wet engine, it may cause great damage to the engine. Thus hydrostatic lock damages are covered under the engine protection cover.

Why is it so Important to Protect the Engine?

  • The engine is the most expensive part of the car
  • Getting it repaired can cost a huge amount of money
  • Labour and material charges are extremely high

Exclusions of Engine Protection Add-on

Engine Protection add-on does not offer financial security to your car engine if:

You Force-Start the Car

The engine is engineered to shut down when it is wet. But if you try to force start your car in a waterlogged place, it can lead to severe damage to the engine. This is seen as an intentional move to damage the engine and thus not covered.

Consequential Damages

If you are driving a car with a damaged bonnet even after it is involved in an accident and this has led to leakage in lubricating oil, thereby damaging the engine, you will not get any compensation. This is because this damage is not caused directly by accident.

No Unlimited Validity

Engine protection add-on cover does not offer unlimited claims. Read the terms and conditions of the policy to understand how many times you can ask for a claim.

Age Limit

The engine protection cover is available only for cars that are more than five years old.

The Final Words

The comprehensiveness of engine protection cover depends on company to company. So you need to understand the terms of the policy before purchasing the cover.

Moreover, the claim settlement process for engine protection cover is smooth and hassle-free.

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