Tips on How You Can Carry Your Car Insurance While Relocating

Imagine that due to your consistency as a good performer, your company offers a project that demands you to relocate to another city. While you’re super excited, deep inside you're confused about how to manage the things all sudden, starting from packing to enquiring about the new place. And amidst the chaos, you forget completely about your car insurance. Oh shit...

Well, this happens. Moving to another city is really stressful. You have to manage everything from A to Z and in the middle of such challenges, possibilities that you may forget to think about what to do with your third party car insurance, are quite high. Not a big deal, now that we’re here.

In this article, we’re giving some tips on how you move with your car insurance policy with you, when relocating.

Intimate Your New Accommodation

It is useful to update the new address with your insurer. It serves as a medium for communication, along with your contact number and email address. This helps the insurer to communicate with you regarding your car insurance to your new home address. The reason could be anything including car premium, renewal, coverage, NCB, claim settlement and so on.

Re-registration is Necessary

Once you move to another city, be it permanently or for a couple of months, re-register your vehicle with a local insurer to avail the local registration no. Don’t forget to inform your existing insurer, so he/she can update your policy records. This helps avoid any issue when you make a car insurance claim after relocating. This process compulsorily needs a No Objection Certificate from the Road Transport Authority where you used to live before moving. Hence, make the arrangements you have.

Check for Network Garages

At the time of purchasing car insurance online, the insurer assure customers that their services can be availed throughout the country. However, the insured can avail cashless services only at network garages. Therefore, it is important to check if the new place where you’re moving to has network garages. In case you need to get something in your car fixed or repair some parts through a network garage, they may not be available at your new location. Hence, you may end up paying from your pocket and then have it compensated through a claim. Sometimes though, the option of garages in some cities is limited.

Influence on Your Premiums and Car Cover

We can’t guarantee there will be a change in your car premium or not. It will entirely depend on the insurance company. However, it may vary depending on the risk covered. Again, the premium is also determined based on the zonal risk. Your insurer may ask you to pay a higher premium when you relocate to a naturally catastrophic zone like flood-prone or earthquake area. But, bear in mind that your insurance company wouldn’t provide assistance for towing the car to a roadside workshop or any help.

Upgrading Cover

According to the place, usually, your requirements change. Something that works well in an area may not work out as well, for another. Hence, when relocating to a new city, it is necessary to consider your present car insurance requirements and mend the gap. We strongly recommend that you get a comprehensive insurance with your existing third party insurance plan to protect your car from possible damage while standing on the roads. This would protect your car from theft, vandalism, man-made or natural disasters, terrorism, damage due to terrorist activities, riot or strike etc.

Most Importantly- Your NCB Bonus

No Claim Bonus is an important aspect of every general insurance policy. When you decide to relocate, you may be curious about what happens to the No Claim Bonus that you’ve earned. If you are thinking that you’re going to lose it, squish that thought in your mind- NCB is offered to the insured for every claim-free year and it follows you wherever you go. Let’s say you shift to a new city and purchase a new car. The No Claim Bonus will be transferred to your brand new car. Likewise, if you’re unhappy with the services of your current insurance provider or want to switch to a new one, your earned NCB will be transferred as well.

You can consider these pointers at the time of relocation.

Save Money When You Move

If you want to save money on your car insurance, then look for all coverage options in the new city. You may find companies you’ve never known or heard of before offering good coverage that meets your needs as well. You should check these options in case you are moving to a place where the insurance premium seems comparatively higher.

Though your existing car insurance provider may offer you a good discount, but you should still look for other available options at a cheaper price. Hence, an online comparison can be your best strategy. By comparing the plans, you can decide on a fair deal and this way, save money as well.

How to Avoid a Coverage Gap?

As per the Motor Vehicle Act in India, driving your car with an invalid car insurance is a legal offence. You may be caught by the traffic police leading to a huge penalty. So, if you want to avoid the gap in your car policy, never cancel the old one without buying a new one. Here you need a little speed and effort:

  • Make sure that your old car insurance policy is cancelled officially.
  • Contact your agent asking for start date of your new car insurance
  • Don’t forget to print policy document or other relevant documents regarding your insurance policy.
  • Ensure with the new insurance company that your vehicle will be covered while you are moving

The Bottom Line!

By being quick on your feet and doing a little research, you can handle the stress of relocating somewhere. While other things maybe a higher priority, don’t ignore your car insurance which will be your saviour, in case any unforeseen possibility knocks on your door!

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 10 June 2020
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