How to Save Your Car During Monsoon with Add-On Insurance Covers?

Rains in India are mostly witnessed during the monsoon season. The monsoon is the lifeblood of many people in our country, especially the farmers. However, it comes with some challenges too, as the poor drainage system is one of the common problems in India. So, to save your four-wheelers from unforeseen damages, you can buy add-on covers designed the for monsoon season.

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How to Save Your Car During Monsoon?

Comprehensive car insurance covers the damages and losses to your insured car due to natural calamities, man-made disasters, theft, accidents, fire, etc. However, it does not cover damages caused due to water clogging or flooding like engine failure.

Therefore, you can make your car monsoon ready by having the right add-on covers for monsoon with your comprehensive insurance plan. Here is a list of important add-on covers that you must consider buying-

  1. Engine Protection Cover

    Engine Protection add-on cover can be purchased with your comprehensive car insurance plan. In India, during monsoon, the cars with lower ground clearance get damaged on water-clogged roads.

    Damages in your car engine can be due to water ingression. It can harm the car engine's components causing engine oil leakage or causing damage to the gearbox. Having an engine protection add-on cover compensates for the repair or replacement of your car's engine parts in case of a damage caused due to water-clogged roads. It will cover the cost of repairing or replacement of the engine parts.

  2. Return to Invoice Cover

    Another important add-on cover that you can opt with your car insurance is Return to Invoice cover. Your standard car insurance compensates you with the IDV or the approximate market value of the car.

    If the damages are beyond repair or your car is a total loss, the RIT cover will pay the amount that is mentioned in the car's invoice or bill, including the car registration charges and road tax.

    Flooding can cause severe damage to your car during the monsoon season. In the worst-case scenario, these damages can be beyond repair. Therefore, the Return to Invoice add-on cover will compensate you in such circumstances.

  3. Consumables Cover

    Your comprehensive car insurance policy does not provide any coverage for the cost of consumable items like screws, engine and gearbox oil, air filter, oil filter, distilled water, nuts & bolts, bearings, etc. Also, you will have to pay for these expenses from your own pocket while settling the bill.

    If your car gets damaged in a flood, storm, or cyclone, you do not have to bear the cost of consumable items by having the Consumables add-on cover. Ultimately, this will reduce your financial stress.

  4. Roadside Assistance Cover

    During monsoon, if you are stuck in an emergency like an accident or a car breakdown, your comprehensive insurance plan alone cannot help you with this. Hence, you must have the roadside assistance cover to enhance your comprehensive car insurance coverage.

    By opting for this add-on cover, you can also avail the of benefits like fuel support, battery assistance, towing, etc.

  5. Outstation Emergency Cover

    During the rainy season, if your car breaks down or meets with an accident outside the 100 Km radius of your residence, things become grimy. You may be stranded in the middle of the road and require assistance until your car is fixed.

    In such a situation, the outstation emergency cover comes to rescue you by providing all types of outstation roadside assistance.

  6. Zero Depreciation Cover

    While settling your claims, depreciation of the car parts is considered. However, having a zero depreciation cover, your insurer will compensate you for the cost of the repair without considering the depreciated car parts.

    During the monsoon, you can drive through the water-logged roads, due to which your motor parts can be damaged. If the car part is damaged due to water logging, you can ignore the depreciation factor and get fully compensated for the repair bill with the help of Zero Dep cover.

Tips to Protect Your Car During Monsoon

Driving your insured car through waterlogged roads is risking your car's life. Things become more challenging because of the potholes and plunge pools on the road. Here are a couple of tips for monsoon season-

  1. Check Water Level

    Before hitting on the road, it is advised to keep an eye on the water level of the road. If you find a higher water level, try to take an alternate route because driving in such a scenario means you are prone to other problems.

  2. Be Calm and Drive Composedly

    Instead of rushing, drive slow during the rainy season. Try to maintain your speed between first and second gear, and avoid moving to higher gears. This will help in blocking the water from the exhaust pipe.

  3. Check Your Car's Battery Before You Leave

    Before you leave your home, it is advised to check your car's battery. During the monsoon, moisture and humidity might damage the battery set's internal circuitry. Hence, to keep your car battery up and running even in the rainy season, it is advised to check your car's battery with a professional mechanic.

  4. Go for Body Coating

    Another important tip for monsoon season is to opt for paint protection. You can do the body coating and protect your car from rusting. You can do this from your car authorised service center.

  5. Greasing and Oiling the Braking System

    Usually, in the rainy season, you might hear squealing and grinding noise while applying the brakes. In such a case, it is advised to get your brakes checked immediately as early as possible.

  6. Avoid Using Hydrostatic Lock

    Another significant tip is to never force to start your car when its engine is submerged in the water. There are chances that your car might pull a hydrostatic lock, and this will damage the car's engine.

  7. Check the Air Pressure of the Tyres

    Your car needs good traction and correct air pressure while running on wet roads. Therefore, it is advised to check your car's tyre before going out. Moreover, you must keep a spare tyre in your car.


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