Top Ten Tips for Finding the Right Car Insurance Policy

Owning a car is an extravagance as it is one delightful machine, which gives you the liberty of roaming around in all ease and solace. About cars, they are to be sure an extravagance to have and a reliable mode to commute making the lives of the people convenient enough.

Considering buying a new car? Well, in that case buying a car insurance policy is necessary as the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 makes it a mandate for all the owners of the car in India to buy a car insurance policy.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance essentially provides coverage to your car from any monetary expense, which may incur due to any unforeseen event. It provides coverage against robbery, financial loss by accident or some other liability.

The premium of the insurance is commonly decided on different parameters such as classification of car, type of car, etc. However, with a plethora of alternatives accessible in the market, it is a serious errand to choose the correct car insurance policy

Look underneath and find tips, which will assist you with finding the right car insurance policy:

  • Choose the Right Car: Has this question ever crossed your mind that why some cars cost less when compared to other cars when it comes to insuring. A sports car is always different if compared to other cars. Buying a car is a serious business and one should think about it twice before buying a car. A high-end model will cost more and you will end up paying a good amount of insurance coverage. As important, it is of how you drive similarly it is of utmost importance to know of what you drive.
  • Know your Needs: To find out the right car insurance policy, it is of prime importance to know what you are looking for. It is advisable to make a budget and keep it aside to know how much you will be spending and manage accordingly. Taking up a comprehensive plan is always smarter as it provides good coverage. While buying a plan understands the type of vehicle you own, how frequent you use it, etc. Being clear in your insurance needs will help you settle for the right type of insurance plan.
  • Compare Policy: With having so many alternatives just with one click online. Always compare the policies and the kind of cover they are offering. Check the rates. Though it is advisable do not settle onto a policy just because the company if offering ales premium rather compare the policies and but the plan which falls in your budget, coverage available and tally the premium amount for each. This is necessary before you lock and intend to buy the plan.
  • Background Check: Before buying a plan, it is good to have a background check of the insurance provider. The idea is simple to simply visit their website and get the information to form your opinion. At the same time, it is important to buy a policy from the provider who has goodwill in the market. Look for the claim process, car insurance renewal processes and claim settlement ratio. Go through the review section and know the about the products and services the company offers.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Do look out for the features and coverage offered by the insurance companies. By understanding, the coverage on car insurance one can save on car insurance premiums as well. Although, most of the insurance companies do offer similar kind of benefits and features. Your insurance plan should cover the key inclusions in terms of your car and provide coverage basis that ensuring a hassle-free ride.
  • Add-ons Cover: Buy a plan with additional benefits. Of course, you need pays some extra premiums for the add-ons cover but then it indeed gives you more advantages. Once you understand the add-ons, which need to be included in your policy plan you can choose the insurance policy at the best cost. Look for add-on covers like round-the-clock assistance, roadside assistance, zero depreciation, and so forth. Also, look for the option of flexible car insurance cover.
  • Review your Policy: Make it a habit of reviewing your policy from time to time. Please do take care that there is enough coverage for any kind of liability coverage for property damage/harm or bodily injury. If you go for minimum coverage, it ultimately means minimum protection.
  • Maintain Good Credit: Make a note of checking your credit regularly. In case, if you have a low score it will be advantageous for you as it will affect your premium.
  • Watch Repairs: It is always good to know where exactly your insurer is sending your car for repairs. While they generally send it to authorize garages/ workstations but it is still recommended to know about the same. As it is possible, the repair shop may use cheaper parts rather than original equipment from the manufacturer. It has been noted that the Non-OEM parts are not just prone to rust but also fits poorly. Moreover, they do not meet the federal safety standard.
  • Beware of Scams: There are people out there prepared to arrange mishaps, and this can prompt a case against you. To abstain from being in such a circumstance, you ought to consistently pursue the good driving practices, and on the off chance that you are engaged with an accident, quickly start clicking photographs and call the police to report it.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right car insurance policy for the car is significant and can be dubious to choose the best car insurance policy in this competitive era. Pursue these simple tips and buy the right car insurance policy, which suits your necessities.

With ownership comes responsibility. Pick the insurance policy carefully and get your priced possession insured without further ado.

Gear up the wheels of your car and enjoy a safe ride.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 10 June 2020
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