What are the Steps for Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal?

Tata AIG is one of the most renowned and trusted companies in the insurance market. Tata AIG is a joint venture between Tata Company (Indian) AIG Company (America) that offers plethora of general insurance policies to suit the diverse needs of people from all walks of life. Tata AIG car insurance is one of the specially formulated insurance policies to provide protection and security to the four-wheeler and its owner. Owning a car is not a luxury but also a dream for many. This asset costs lakhs of your hard-earned money and it is thus very important to keep it secure and safe. Tata AIG car insurance is specifically designed by experts keeping in mind the increasing needs and demands of car owners.

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In order to provide convenient services to its valued customers, the Tata AIG car insurance renewal process is fast and easy. In this fast paced world, where everyone is trying to run ahead of time, unfortunate events like accidents, road mishaps and more have increased tremendously. As such if you own a car, buying car insurance is no more an option but a dire necessity. Tata AIG car insurance provides various plans to meet the different needs of the customers and secure you for any unforeseen situations. Buying Tata AIG car insurance will only prove beneficial for you, as it provides assistance in financial as well as legal liabilities, helping you drive safely and peacefully.

Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy

Buying a car insurance policy may cost you a little more, but it should not be considered as a burden on your monthly budget. Therefore, it is important that four-wheeler owners buy a car insurance policy that provides them maximum benefit within minimum costs and duly help them in times of distress. Tata AIG Car insurance policy provides them a number of advantages such as cash-free garage services with a huge network of above 3800 garages, additional coverage like depreciation value repayment, daily allowances, no claim bonus protection coverage and more. The policy holders are safeguarded for damage/loss caused to their own vehicle and also get third party liability cover, in case of any natural or man-made disasters. The Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy named as “Auto Secure Private Car Package Policy” offers a comprehensive insurance special add-ons to meet the varying requirements. 

Features of Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy

The primary aim of the Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy is to provide the policy holder a safe, secure and happy drive without worrying of the future. Here is a list of the unique and individualistic features offered by Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy.

  • Financial protection of loss or damage caused to car insured with the company
  • Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy provides a special personal accidental insurance coverage to the owner (driver) of the car
  • The company not only provides a personal coverage but also provides an extraordinary insurance coverage for liability to any third party in case of unanticipated accidents or road mishaps
  • This Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy offers a total of 12 specially designed additional covers to its policy holders to improve security and safety.
  • The company offers an accident repair warranty for the damaged car up to a period of 6 months
  • With Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy the policy holder can avail a direct cashless claim settlement facility at any of the company’s vast of network 3800+ garages all over India. This helps you to save time and get your car back in function faster
  • The company provides an all-day (24 hours)claim settlement help and support to its customers
  • The insurance claim settlement procedure is fast and easy and is duly completed by the company within a span of minimum 7 working days.
  • Tata AIG Car Insurance renewal is one the quickest and easiest processes. It provides both offline and online insurance policy renewal facilities
  • The company offers a number of unique add-ons to suit the varying needs of customers and provide them an all-round protection. These specially designed additional covers are offered in 4 different packages by the company namely, Gold, Pearl, Titanium and Platinum. All the packages offer different features and benefits and are available at varying prices.
  • Tata AIG Car Insurance policy also provides road side support services for merely Rs 116 (excluding the service tax)
  • The No Claim Bonus factor remains intact despite claim settlement towards any part repair like glass, plastic, fiber, rubber of the insured car
  • It also offers a zero salvage deduction service, thus providing a stress-free and peaceful drive to the insured.

Exclusions of Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy

Though the car insurance policy by Tata AIG Insurance offers umpteen benefits to its policy holders, there are certain features that are exempted from the policy. There are a few situations in which the company will not provide any sort of financial assistance or help to the policy holder. Below is the list of general exclusions under the Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy

  • Any sort of wear and tear or depreciation in case of rough usage and aging of the car
  • Any damages/loss incurred due to mechanical and electrical breakdown/failures/breakages
  • Any private car utilized for public transport to earn money will not be provided insurance coverage under this policy
  • No financial assistance will be provided if the damages are caused when the owner is driving the car without a valid/authentic driving license
  • Any loss/damage caused due to irrational driving when the driver is under the influence of alcohol /drugs/intoxicating substance
  • Any loss/damage caused in case of the value depreciation of the car
  • Any eventualities occurred during war, mutiny or nuclear related activities
  • Any Consequential loss/damage is not covered. It simply means, in case the initial (original) damage leads to any other subsequent damage / loss, then in such a situation assistance will be provide only for the only the original damage under this insurance policy
  • A particular set amount of money is deducted each time in case of claim settlement.
  • Any loss/damage caused to the car beyond the specific geographical area and the specified usage limitations
  • Occurrences due mishandling by an unauthorized driver
  • Damages caused to tiers or tubes alone without any car mishap/damage

These exclusions are mentioned in the policy thoroughly. It is advisable that you carefully run your eyes through them before you finalize the deal to avoid any unnecessary confusion in future. Also, each add-on offered by the company has its own specific exclusion. So, precisely read and understand the inclusions and exclusions mentioned it the policy to avail full benefits.

Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal

Renewing your car insurance policy is as important as buying a suitable insurance cover for your four wheeler vehicle. Regardless to say, a good car insurance policy provides immense protection to your car and you for an array of uncertainties and dangers that you may come across while you are on a ride or going back home from work. Anything can happen anytime and your fun and relaxing drive may turn into a nightmare. But, if you have invested in Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy, then you are free from most of the consequences that may arise in future.

The Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal can be done in two ways. The company offers two simple processes for Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal, offline procedure and online procedure. In order to carry out the offline renewal process, the policy holder is required to physically visit the TATA AIG General Insurance Branch Office within the mentioned grace period, for a smooth TATA AIG Car Insurance Renewal process.  The policy holder is required to fill in the forms at the office necessary to initiate the process and pay the premium amount via cash/cheque. The Offline Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal procedure is a time and energy consuming task. As such to make the renewal procedure easy, simple and convenient for the insured the company offers an online renewal option. Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal through online is a comparatively easier and effortless procedure than the offline procedure.

In the 21st century, digital transactions and procedures are ruling the world. Whether it buying clothes, daily necessities, transferring money to another account or even buying and renewing insurance plans, each and everything is possible in this online world. Yes, you got it right! Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal can be done by a hassle-free online procedure merely sitting at your home. All you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone/laptop/computer and you are good to go.

TATA AIG Car Insurance Renewal is a basic, effortless and quick procedure. This procedure is designed precisely keeping in mind the fast and constantly running life of the people in the country. It save time and your work is done comfortably sitting at your own house. It is advised that you keep some essential information, both personal and car related before you begin with the online procedure. This will help you t quickly enter the required details and you do not have to search the entire house when you begin, as the reference.  You are first required to visit the company’s official website in order to carry out the TATA AIG Car Insurance Renewal online. Then navigate through the car insurance section and select the option ‘Renew Existing Policy’. After you have selected the mentioned option, it will open a new page and you will see another option named ‘Renew Online’.

For renewing your car insurance policy with Tata AIG General Insurance Company, you will be required to provide the following data on the website. As mentioned above, it is recommended that you arrange for the information pre-handedly before you even login to the company’s official website for a smooth process experience. Here is the list of the required information that needs to be filled online for TATA AIG Car Insurance Renewal.

  • Policy holder ID ( this will be provided on the insurance renewal notice or the policy schedule sent by the insurance company)
  • Policy holder Name (this data will also be provided on the insurance renewal notice or the policy schedule sent by the insurance company)
  • The Engine Number of the insured car (as mentioned at the time of buying the car insurance policy)
  • The Chassis Number of the insured car (as mentioned at the time of buying the car insurance policy)
  • The Registration Number of the insured car(this information will also be available to you through the insurance renewal notice or the policy schedule sent by the insurance company )

The above mentioned details of the car are to be mandatorily filled. Additionally, you will also have to enter some personal information like age, address, email address, city, state, income, mobile number, etc for the renewal procedure to be completed successfully. It is recommended that you furnish correct, valid, real and authentic details to the company as the company will cross-verify and is free to take the necessary steps if you are found guilty of providing wrong/incomplete information.

In order to complete the TATA AIG Car Insurance Renewal online procedure smoothly, follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the official website of Tata AIG General Insurance (www.tataaiginsurance.in.)
  • When the website loads, on the top menu bar, you will see an option of “Renew online”.
  • Here you will see options to renew different plans and policies offered by the company. But as you are here to renew your car insurance policy, you have to select the necessary option, i.e. Motor Insurance
  • On clicking the option of Motor Insurance, you will receive a pop-up notification and will be directed to a new page for further procedure.
  • The new page you are directed to, will ask you to fill in some specific details like policy number and Client ID, Insured Name/ Engine No/ Chassis No/ Car Registration No. Duly fill in the correct details and cross check before you move forward. After filling the details click “next”
  • Now you will be required to fill in personal contact details like Mobile number or Email Id and also your source of Income. After providing the valid details, select submit.
  • When you have furnished the required authentic information, you will be able to calculate the premium online.
  • In the last step, you need to pay the premium online by using any of the available options such as Net Banking, Debit card or Credit Card payment
  • Once you have made the payment, do not forget to save the premium payment receipt.
  • Your policy has been successfully renewed. You will get a policy renewal confirmation notification along with a digital premium deposit receipt copy by the company on your mobile number as well as email address provided by you.

As such your policy is renewed hassle-free without you even moving out of your comfort zone. So now, don’t forget to renew your car insurance policy on time to enjoy the benefits for a longer duration.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 26 June 2021
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