Will Your Car Insurance Cover Engine Failure?

No car can function smoothly if its engine has aged by gradual use of the vehicle. It either needs to be repaired or replaced, which can lead to hefty repairing expenses. But the question is, do you have to pay the engine repair bill from your pocket, or will your car insurance cover engine failure? Read further to know if car insurance cover engine failure.

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Common Causes of Car Engine Failure

Engine failure can not only be frustrating but its repairs can also cost us heavily. Therefore, for early detection, it becomes essential to know why your car’s engine can fail. Here are a few common reasons that can cause your car's engine to stop working:

  1. Low Level of Engine Oil - If there is not sufficient lubrication oil in a car engine, it will lead to wear and tear over time resulting in engine failure. Thus, low levels of engine oil can cause your engine to fail.
  2. Engine Overheating - Overheating of your engine can also cause it to fail. If your car's cooling system has been damaged, or the head gasket has blown, your car may start overheating, thus, increasing the chances of engine failure. 
  3. Water Ingression – Water ingression is another common reason for car engine failure especially in areas with heavy rainfall. If the water flows through the inlet manifold of your car, it can cause severe damage to the car's engine.

Some other common reasons behind engine failure include combustion in the engine, oil leaks, ignoring the engine oil light, and wrong fueling.

Can I Claim Car Insurance for Engine Failure?

Consider you have purchased car insurance cover for your car and it meets with a road accident. The damages sustained by your car's engine due to an accident will be covered under your motor insurance plan. So, you can claim car insurance for engine failure in such a case.

However, if your car's engine is damaged by your negligence or any wear and tear due to gradual use of the vehicle, it will not be covered in your motor insurance policy. Moreover, any mechanical failure of your car's engine will also not be covered under your insurance claim. 

So, you can only register a claim under your car insurance for engine damage in the following situations:

  • Road accidents resulting in engine failure
  • If a car engine catches fire
  • Someone steals your car and breaks the engine

Thus, your motor insurance policy will not cover any engine repair or replacement costs that are not directly arising out of accidental damage, fire or theft. You cannot register a claim for engine failure in such situations.

However, if you want to cover any loss or damage to your car's engine, you can opt for the Engine Protection add-on cover.

What is Engine Protection Cover?

Engine Protection cover is an add-on cover provided by motor insurance companies under their car insurance policy. This add-on covers loss or damage to your car's engine even if it's not resulting from an accident.

An engine protection add-on covers the cost incurred in repairing or replacing a car's engine and its parts. For example, due to heavy rains in your city, there has been waterlogging in your area. As a result, your car gets submerged in water, thus, causing damage to your engine. In such a situation, the engine protection add-on will cover the cost of repairing the damages sustained by your car’s engine due to waterlogging.

By paying an additional premium, you can easily include this add-on in your existing vehicle insurance plan. Thus, the engine protection cover offers financial aid against any damage to your car's engine.

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What is Included and Excluded Under Engine Protection Cover?

The engine protection cover is an add-on so it cannot be purchased independently. You can add it to your existing policy by paying an extra premium.

The engine protection add-on offers coverage against any damage to the car's engine, damages to the gearbox, water ingression in the engine, leakage of lubricant oil, loss/damage to the hydrostatic lock, damage to the undercarriage, cost of consumables and labour cost as well.

On the other hand, the engine protection add-on excludes consequential damages to the engine, damages due to force start, regular wear and tear, damages already covered by the car manufacturer and water inundation until proved as part of water ingression cover. 

Is Engine Protection Cover Worth It?

A car's engine is the soul of a car and any damage to the engine may stop your car from moving. Moreover, repairing a car engine can be really expensive if you do not have an engine protection cover with your existing policy. Here is why you should opt for the engine protection add-on cover for your car: 

  1. The engine protection cover provides financial support when your car engine gets damaged without being involved in an accident. 
  2. This cover is very much ideal if you are living in a flood-prone area as it can cover damages arising out of water ingression. 
  3. If you have a new car, you would never want any unfortunate incident to damage its engine resulting in heavy expenditure. Having an engine protection add-on can save you from such expenses. 
  4. An engine protection cover will also make sure that your damages are timely repaired, thus, making your car function smoothly for coming years.

Thus, purchasing an engine protection cover can be very beneficial for you as it can cover you against the most expensive part of your car i.e. your car’s engine.

Wrapping Up!

To conclude, your motor insurance company will not offer car insurance for engine damage. But, you have an option to add engine protection cover to your existing policy on an extra premium amount and obtain coverage for any unforeseen damages that your engine may sustain. Moreover, if you are planning to purchase car insurance with the engine protection cover, you can quickly compare plans of different companies along with the add-on cover costs on Policybazaar.com and choose the most suitable one for your car.

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