How To Claim Car Insurance: Car Insurance Claim Procedure

We often assume that having car insurance is an assurance of everything being taken care of in the event of a car accident.However, just buying car insurance is not enough. The following guidelines will help ascertain that you successfully make a foolproof car insurance claim that your insurance company cannot help but approve.

Points to Check to Prevent Car Insurance Claim Rejection

Ensure vehicle fitness

You must be able to substantiate that your vehicle is well maintained and trouble free, making it worth being driven on roads. If it comes to the fore that the accident was a result of your car not being fit to be driven, the insurance company will have a valid reason to reject your car insurance claim.

Be responsible

If your insurance company is able to dig out notices issued in your name for transgressions like over speeding, drunken driving, breaking signals or flouting other road traffic rules, your car insurance claim will be rejected on the grounds of irresponsible driving.

In case your car is stolen, it is your responsibility to prove that you had not carelessly parked your car. Also, it is wise to install an anti-theft tracker in your vehicle. This not only aids in easier claims processing at the time of theft, but also helps you claim lower car insurance premiums in general.

Never drink and drive

Drinking and driving has zero tolerance. Even the slightest hint of alcohol on you at the time of driving will lead to outright claim rejection.

Do not allow unlicensed drivers

Never let your car be driven by someone who does not have a valid driving license. If this happens and even if you that prove a third party’s fault caused the accident, the insurance company will reject the claim.

Stick to the purpose

A car insurance application form has a slot where the applicant must mention the purpose of vehicle use –personal or commercial. Ensure that you actually use your car for the purpose mentioned. If it is found that you are using your personal vehicle for business purposes and vice versa, it becomes a valid ground for claim rejection.

Have inspection done

Even it means spending extra time and money, it is vital to have your car inspected by an authorised surveyor or mechanic during car insurance purchase as well as renewal. This becomes a saving grace while claiming for damages, because there are official records substantiating your vehicle’s actual condition at the time of policy commencement/renewal.

Ensure information authenticity                                             

At the time of purchasing motor insurance, it is imperative to furnish complete and authentic information. Clearly mention previous claims and damages filed for (if any), and any breaks that may have occurred between policy renewals. Wrong and incomplete information is a ticket to claims rejection.

Report accident details correctly and on time

In the event of an accident, take pictures of the accident site immediately, and inform the police at the earliest for adequate proof and reporting. Gather all possible information in minutest detail - this information needs to be filed with the when you are figuring out how to claim car insurance.

Always make sure you report the accident exactly as it happened. Do not exaggerate facts.

Insurance companies have a norm of considering the claim only if the accident is reported to them within a stipulated period. Be aware of this time frame and report detailed information to the insurance company within the specified time.

Car Insurance Claim Procedure in case of Body Injury

Follow these steps if you get hurt in a car accident, it will ease the process of dealing with a personal injury claim:

  1. Take pictures of the accident scene and your injuries. These will be needed to full your car insurance claim form.
  2. Visit a doctor immediately
  3. File an FIR and request a copy
  4. Document everything related to your injury, including work time/activities you miss due to the injury.
  5. This is particularly essential if you wish to file a lost wages claim, Hire a lawyer if required

Note: In case it is deemed that the accident was the other driver’s fault, you may directly claim from the third party auto insurer. If the other driver admits to his/her fault and has sufficient coverage, his/her carrier will have to settle your damages.

Repair as per rules

Only after you fill up the requisite car insurance claim form and your insurance company gives you the green signal to repair your damaged car, take it for repair and that too, only to an authorized garage. If you go ahead without the insurer’s official approval, it is likely that yourcar insurance claim will get rejected.

Follow up

Follow up aggressively with the insurer to have your claim approved. Continued and rigorous follow-ups will help ensure that your file moves up in the pile and quick action is taken on it.

Final word

India has a reasonably mature car insurance market. While car insurance companies do pay out genuine claims, they also need to be vigilant and adhere to business rules and regulations to ascertain that only genuine claims are entertained.

Definitely read the car insurance policy document in full detail to understand every small thing your vehicle is covered for, and exclusions, if any. This immensely helps while filing claims. You also save time, money, and energy because you only chase the claims you know you are eligible for.

Doing your groundwork thoroughly and being honest will prove your genuineness to the insurance company and will significantly improve the chances of your car insurance claim being approved.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 11 June 2020
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