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5 Car Insurance Claims Queries that Demand your Honest Replies

In this ever-so-transforming era, people prefer to move hand in hand with the advancing schemes or policies to get the maximum benefit of any plan. Every individual looks for the security of his/her job, health, and family.

Nowadays, where cars have become one’s sheer necessity for personal transportation, how can someone overlook the need to get car insurance? At least, third-party insurance coverage is mandatory as per Indian Motor Vehicle Act, 1961. As we cannot tell what is going to happen in the future, it’s better to gear up and prepare ourselves to protect our possession from any unfortunate or unexpected event.  Undoubtedly, motor insurance is a must for every vehicle owner and is a legal requirement too.

“As I lay rubber down the street, I pray for traction I can keep, but if I spin and begin to slide, please dear god, protect my ride.” - Anonymous

In this article, we are going to focus on 5 important questions that you should answer truthfully while claiming your car insurance. But, before that, let’s go through some important tips for getting your claim accepted.

  • Check the time limit of your policy for making claims and file your car insurance claim as soon as possible.
  • Never try to overstate the value of your claim.
  • Stick to the facts - the more clear details you will give to the insurance company, the more smoothly your claim will be processed.
  • Gather evidence for your claim by taking photos or videos of the damaged car.
  • Document every detail of your claim process with you and keep the relevant letters safe.

We all have read stories about our childhood that taught us to never lie or else be ready to face the consequences. Same applies here; giving dishonest answers to important insurance questions may cause trouble to you and you may lose your car insurance claim.

Car Insurance Claims in India

Let’s look at these 5 important questions below that you should never lie about your car insurance claim.

Q1. Where was your car parked?

Think, if someone tells his car insurance company that he parks his car inside his house garage, but actually he parks his car outside on the street. In case his car got stolen, the insurance company can easily get to know about his lie. Then he must forget about his insurance cover for the loss occurred to him.

Q2. Do you use your car for commercial use?

You must have a commercial car insurance if you use your car for delivering articles, food items, or you are a real estate agent driving clients to show them property/houses.  If you use your car for any commercial purpose, then don’t hide it from the insurer.

Q3. Do you want to claim for the theft of your car?

Never ever script the drama of fake car theft to get insurance cover. If the insurance company finds out that the car was never stolen, then they would definitely take strict actions against you.

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Q4. Who was driving your car?

You are liable for a claim if the person driving the car is of legal age and has a valid driving license, but lying about it will make it worse. The insurance company not only can deny passing your claim but also may take a legal action against you.

Q5. What’s the valuation of your car?

Generally, the cost of external accessories is not covered by insurance, and if you lie about your accessories to the insurance company, then this may cause delay or loss of your entire claim. While applying for a claim for an accidental insurance, this is a mandatory question, and this is something you should never lie about.


Remember! The insurance company has the right to deny your claim, penalize you with a higher premium or may even cancel your policy if you get caught lying and misguiding the insurance company in order to get your claim processed. So, honesty is a wise approach.

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