Honda Activa 125 Insurance

Honda Activa 125 comes with variomatic transmission more powerful 125cc engine.It has been designed to be visually distinguishable from the other models as it comes with a slightly bulkier front bodywork.This new model offers a compelling blend of efficiency, performance, advanced features and comfort in the highly competitive scooter segment. The target segment for the scooter remains city riders travelling distances during the day. If you are planning to purchase a Honda Activa 125 here is all you need to know about its features and specification along with Activa Insurance policy purchase, renewal, and coverage benefits.

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Honda Activa 125 Features

Honda Activa 125 is loaded with unique features with its ergonomic design structure. Some of the key features are listed as under:

  • Honda Activa 125 has a separate switch for opening under-seat storage
  • It has a smooth and reliable engine
  • It comes with side stand indicator
  • The tubeless tyres ensure to protect it from sudden deflation in case of a puncture
  • Honda Activa 125 has a wide and comfortable seat with comfortable suspension
  • It also has a front glove box, which is an innovative feature

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Honda Activa 125 Specifications

Honda Activa 125 cc version provides alloy wheels at both ends, an optional front disc brake and the specifications are given as under:


125 cc

Torque (Nm)








Displacement (cc)12




Front Brake


Silent Start


Honda Activa 125 Variants with Price

Mentioned below are the three variants of Honda Activa 125 i.e. Std., deluxe, and Allow with their estimated ex. Showroom prices:

Honda Activa 125 Model

Ex. Showroom Price (Rs)

Activa 125 Deluxe, 60 Kmpl, 124.9 cc

65, 012

Activa 125 Standard, 60 Kmpl, 124.9 cc

68, 042

Activa 125 Drum Brake Alloy, 60 Kmpl, 124.9 cc



  • Comes with HET (Honda Eco Technology) as standard. This advanced technology improves the efficiency significantly without compromising on the overall performance.
  • The scooter is offered in 4 different colors namely, midnight Blue metallic, asteroid black metallic, pearl sunbeam white and force silver metallic. It can be had either in Standard form or a more expensive Deluxe variant.
  • With a 125cc Honda engine at its heart, 3D emblem, metal body, digital meter and telescopic suspension – it allows you to step up with style.            

Power and Performance

The core of the scooter remains its light weight and compact size suitable for city riding. The ergonomic seat and body design makes it easy to travel long distances with comfort and ease. The scooter comes with Honda Eco Technology, hence delivers a class-best fuel efficiency of 59 kmpl. The Fuel tank capacity of this scooter stand at 5.3litres and Fuel efficiency Range is 320Km.

Displacement: 124 cc

Maximum Power: 8.60 bhp @ 6,500 rpm

Maximum Torque: 10.10 Nm @ 5,500 rpm

Wheel base: 1260 mm

Ground Clearance: 155 mm

Height: 1151 mm

Braking and Handling

The scooter is equipped with features like 5-spoke alloy wheels, digital meter, a front disc brake, maintenance free battery and tubeless tyres. It also has Honda's Combined Braking system for better control while over the vehicle while braking.

  • The disc brake is offered in the Deluxe variant. The disc brake at the front is excellent and has a motorbike feel to it at the lever.
  • The Combi-Braking System makes this scooter very powerful. When the rider depresses either the brakes or the rear brake, the scooter comes to a halt much before time.

Honda Activa 125 Insurance Premium

The calculation of the premium of your Honda Activa 125 is based on its engine capacity and other body parts, the purpose of purchase, and the city of residence, while the coverage or IDV and deductible(s) remain the prime deciding factors. Two-wheelers must have insurance coverage because they’re more prone to misfortunes whether it’s a theft or road accident. In order to get the best and the highest possible coverage for your Honda Activa 125, you must compare multiple insurance plans to get the best insurance premium quote.

Also, Activa Insurance premium for Honda Activa 125 can be easily calculated online with an online two-wheeler insurance premium calculator. However, you can checkout the estimated Honda Activa insurance cost for its different variants mentioned as under:

Honda Activa 125 Standard Petrol

Estimated Annual Premium Cost ( OD + TP)


Rs 921 approx.


Rs 873 approx.


Rs 848 approx.

(The above premium is for reference purpose only, the actual premium cost may vary based on the IDV, NCB, Insurer, etc.)

Inclusions of Activa Insurance for Honda Activa 125

Third-party Insurance for Activa 125: It only covers loss or damage caused to a third-party from the insured Activa.

However, Comprehensive Activa Insurance will indemnify the policyholder against loss or damage to the two-wheeler and its accessories whilst there on-

  • In case there is fire, lightning, explosion, and self-ignition
  • Theft, burglary, and housebreaking
  • Strike and Riots
  • Shock damage, fire, and earthquake
  • Cyclone, typhoon, flood, hurricane, inundation, storm, and frost
  • Accident by external means
  • Terrorist activity
  • Malicious act
  • Damage during transportation via rail, road, lift, inland waterway or air
  • Rockslide/landslide

Compensation is subjected to depreciation on the replaced parts:

  • For all nylon, rubber, plastic parts, battery and tire -50 percent
  • Glass parts- Nil
  • Other parts

Additional Covers in Activa Insurance

Activa insurance add-on covers help you enhance your coverage with additional benefits on payment of extra premiums -

  • Personal accident protection to the co-riders
  • Personal accident protection
  • Coverage for electrical/non-electrical parts of the two-wheeler
  • Compensation of towing charges

However, there are optional benefits that you can opt for:

  • Depreciation Cover- In case of own damage claims if the vehicle is repaired at one of the network garages, then depreciation on the value of parts replaced will not be deducted from the sum assured.
  • Consumables Cover- It also covers expenses incurred on the repair/damage of the vehicle parts resulting due to any of the perils that are included in the policy. For example- engine oil, screw, nut and bolt, and the like.

Exclusions of Honda Activa 125 Insurance

Activa insurance is not liable to pay under the following circumstances-

  • Consequential loss, wear and tear
  • Damage to brakes and mechanical breakdown
  • Damage to tires. If the bike is also damaged, then the replacement cost borne by the insurer will be 50%
  • Housebreaking or theft attempt leading to loss or damage to bike accessories (unless the bike is also stolen)
  • If the insured is found to be driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Any accident taking place outside the geographical area
  • Any claim occurring out of contractual liabilities
  • Any loss, damage, accident, or liabilities while the bike is being used against the limitations andbeing driven by a driver without a driving license
  • Any loss, damage or liability resulting from nuclear fuel, nuclear waste, emission, radiations, and ionization
  • Any loss, damage or liability in connection with hostilities or war conditions, civil war, rebellion etc.

How to Buy Activa Insurance for Honda Activa 125?

You can checkout Activa insurance online for Activa 125, which can be purchased online in a few simple steps as given below:

  • Just enter your vehicle number and select the bike you own and click proceed
  • Enter your personal details
  • Vehicle details such as manufacturing year, NCB, model variant, etc.
  • And know your premium
  • Once you are sure, you can make the payment and your policy will be mailed to you

How to Renew Activa Insurance for Honda Activa 125?

For active insurance renewal for Honda Activa 125, you can go for both offline and online method. However,to save time you can go for Honda Activa insurance renewal online and the steps are given below:

  • Enter your Honda Activa insurance policy number
  • Registration No./ Engine Number/ Cubic Capacity/IDV/Chassis Number/Manufacturing year
  • Enter New if it is a new vehicle
  • And click on submit

What to Opt for?

The insurance policy is key to safety and risk aversion for the two wheeler owner. The key aspect of the policy is that it must reduce every risk associated with two wheeler. One has the option to buy full fledged comprehensive insurance plan while you can opt for third party insurance plan if you are looking for cheaper plan. One must carefully evaluate plans offered by different insurance companies to buy a suitable plan meeting your needs. Below are the plan that can be bought by two wheeler owner:

  • Comprehensive insurance plan: Comprehensive insurance plan is the most sought plan as it covers every risk. It compensates two wheeler owner for damages to third party vehicle, third party property, own vehicle damages and provides optional personal accident rider as well.
  • Third party insurance plan: This plan provides coverage for third party vehicle and property damages due to an accident.

Activa Insurance FAQs

  • Q1. What is NCB in Activa Insurance?

    Ans: No claim discount or bonus is accumulated every year, and more the number of claim-free years, more is the discount. You can save between 20 and 50 percent on your Activa insurance

    premium with a no-claim-discount. Also, know that:

    • No-claim-bonus will be nullified once you have filed a claim
    • You can avail it at the time Activa Insurance Renewal
    • It is valid for usually 90 days from the Activa insurance policy expiry date
    • You can also transfer your NCB when you switch your insurance policy from one insurer to another
  • Q2. What is IDV for Activa insurance?

    Ans:IDV is the prevailing market value of your two-wheeler. It is important because Activa insurance (every other insurance company) will consider it and then decide the sum insured amount. You will be paying an extra premium if you choose a sum insured that is more than the market value andvice versa.
  • Q3. What is difference between comprehensive two-wheeler insurance and third-party

    Ans: There are two types of two-wheeler insurance policies that Activa, bikes, scooters, and mopeds can avail-

    Third-party Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy:  3rd party bike insurance is designed to safeguard the interest of pillion riders, and any other third-person, vehicle or property. The motor insurance company will recompense the third-party damages incurred from your vehicle. And this one is mandatory for all the bike owners/drivers.

    Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance Policies:  Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance covers third party as well as own damages to your two-wheeler from natural as well as man-made calamities including accidental damages, fire, flood, earthquake etc. This insurance policy also compensates for damages and loss incurred due to theft, terrorist activities, burglary etc. The cost of the premium is slightly higher than the liability insurance policy.

  • Q4. Should I buy a comprehensive or a third-party vehicle insurance policy for my Activa?

    Ans: A minimum of third-party insurance is mandatory for your Honda Activa and any other vehicle; however, it is recommended to purchase a comprehensive Activa insurance policy.
  • Q5. What is the difference between comprehensive insurance and zero depreciation cover?

    Ans: There are various add-on covers that are available in a comprehensive insurance policy for Honda Activa 125. And zero depreciation cover is one of the additional benefits that you can opt for with your basic Activa insurance policy. By opting for zero depreciation cover you can get full compensation for the damage without deducting the depreciation value on the parts. All you need to do is pay an extra amount of premium to avail the same. You cannot opt for zero depreciation cover in a third-party insurance policy for Honda Activa 125.

    You can also check insurance for the following bike models:

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