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Places to Visit in Armenia

The small but charming Armenia boasts rich history and beauty, which has turned it into an increasingly popular place for tourism. The country offers stunning views, food and culture and rivals its European counterparts because of its affordability. If you're planning a trip here, take a look at our list of places to visit in Armenia.

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List of Places to Visit in Armenia

Boasting some of the most spectacular places in Europe, Armenia has a perfect mixture of cultural legacy, history, activities and natural beauty. With so many beautiful places, planning a trip to Armenia requires considerable preparation. Here are some of the most popular places to visit in Armenia:

  • Yerevan
  • Goris
  • Sevan
  • Dilijan
  • Odzun
  • Jermuk

Before you finalize the trip, don’t forget to prepare important travel documents such as a travel visa for Armenia. To ensure your safety, don’t forget to carry an overseas travel insurance plan for Armenia.

Yerevan: The Pink City

The capital and the largest city of Armenia, Yerevan’s beauty is apparent from the stunning view of Mount Ararat, an important symbol for all Armenians. The city has several post-modern buildings while a majority of older buildings are of Soviet architectural style. It is also called the 'Pink City' because of its distinct pink-coloured tuff stones used in these buildings. Home to the famous Republic Square, Yerevan is a historical place and one of the important places to visit in Armenia due to its turbulent history. You must also visit the city's monument dedicated to the Soviet victory during the Second World War. History buffs shouldn't miss going to the Armenian Genocide Memorial, a reminder of its troubled past.

If you want to shop, head to the weekly Vernissage flea market. The city can be explored during the day and is also called the City of Cafes. Don't forget to take a walk through the Hrazdan Gorge. The city also has the only mosque in the country, the Blue Mosque. There are plenty of art galleries and cultural museums you can visit, along with spectacular restaurants offering great Armenian food items.


Though small in size, Goris is among the most charming towns in Armenia and is surrounded by mountains. Its key landmark is the acclaimed Tatev Monastery which is located on a cliff higher than 800 meters. The place is also famous for having the longest cable car in the world, which is the only way to reach the beautiful monastery. The ride is also an amazing experience, with some of the most stunning views of the natural landscapes. The region is also famous for Tatev Monastery, the Ttenut Eco Camp, and the abandoned Hin Khot village. Other popular places to visit in Goris include the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church which was founded in 1903.

The region is also famous for being the home of Armenian poet, Aksel Bakunts. You can visit his house turned museum and spend some time admiring several statues, a water fountain and get a tour of a typical 19th-century old-style Armenian house. The city's old part, Old Goris has a unique architecture, even though many of these beautiful houses have been abandoned. The city includes other interesting places such as Goris Geological Museum, Goris City Gallery for artworks, a World War II memorial and Central Square. You can also visit medieval cave dwellings where people of Goris used to live until the mid-20th century. While reaching these dwellings, you will need to cross the gorge from where you can also see stone pyramids. Finally, don't forget to try Goris' own draft beer.


Located in the Gegharkunik region, Sevan Island or Sevan Peninsula are among the most popular tourist attractions in Armenia. Among its most popular attractions is the beautiful Lake Sevan, also known as the freshwater fish hub of Armenia. Lake Sevan is among the most stunning places to visit in Armenia. Other key attractions include the Sevanavank Monastery which was founded in 874 AD when Armenia was under Arab rule. Made of crude black stones, this historical church has a stunning altar inside. It is also the perfect place to enjoy the views of the stunning Lake Sevan, or the inverted sky.

Sevan city offers plenty of cafes, teahouses and excellent food. Down the Nairyan Street is the Sewan Church, a newly constructed church worth a visit. Another monastery you can visit is the Hayravank Monastery which was built around the 9th-12th century. The place is also less crowded and offers exceptionally stunning views of Lake Sevan.

Dilijan: The Armenian Switzerland

Also known as the spa town because of its exceptionally clear mountain air and mineral water, Dilijan must be on your bucket list of places to visit in Armenia. The place has been deemed as the Switzerland of Armenia and for good reason; its alpine climate and forests full of pines make it a perfect tourist destination along with several activities and sports. The place is most famous for its water fountains and resorts are known for their healing properties. Key attractions here include the Haghartsin Monastery which has been well-preserved since it was built in the 13th century.

Another important place includes the Goshavank Monastery located outside the Dilijan Town. The town also has an ancient Greek-style Amphitheatre and is a great place to admire the views. Other places worth a visit include the Art Gallery of Dilijan and the Geological Museum. If you're up for a hike, head to the Dilijan National Park which has several zones offering recreational activities, monasteries and unique biodiversity. For souvenirs, head to Shamberyan Street where you can buy many things from their traditional traders.


This historic village is situated in the Lori Province and is among the most beautiful and important places to visit in Armenia. Situated on the left bank of the Debed river, it is located on top of a plateau and is among the most scenic parts of Northern Armenia.  Because of its geography, the place has more prehistoric buildings instead of Soviet-influenced architecture. The Odzun village is among the largest villages in Armenia and can be best experienced during the spring season.

The key landmark here is the Odzun Church which was built between the 5th and 7th centuries and is frequented by tourists throughout the year. It's also Armenia's cupola basilicas, hence an important church in the country. Nearby is Ardvi village, popular for its iconic monastery, Surb Hovhannes. Dating back to the 8th century, it has two churches and a bell tower. Nearby is the Odzi Port, famous for its healing waters and stunning beauty. Another must-visit place is the Horomayri Monastery, about 1 kilometre from Odzun. The place dates back to the 12th century and has carvings, caves, Khachkar and panoramic views. It also makes a perfect hiking destination during good weather.


A popular spa town, Jermuk has several thermal mineral water springs and attracts locals and tourists alike. The town is famous for its wellness resorts and recreational activities, along with having the second largest waterfall in the country, making it one of the best places to visit in Armenia. The town has picturesque spots and several interesting highlights, including monasteries, resorts and restaurants.

Built in the 10th century, the Gndevank Monastery is one such place known for its stunning medieval Armenian architecture and khachkars and tombs from the 10th to 16th centuries. Situated at 2,000 meters, Jermuk Waterfall is the second largest waterfall in Armenia and is also known as the Mermaid's Hair waterfall because of the waterfall's gorgeous hair-like shape. During winters, Jermuk offers skiing sites as well as a 1,000-meter long ropeway at a height of 2480 meters.  Don't forget to visit Jermuk's unique Water Gallery, a place where several pipes in the walls offer a variety of natural mineral waters for visitors to try. You can also consider visiting a sanatorium to unwind.


  • Q1. What is Armenia famous for?

    Gifted with stunning landscapes and some very important religious landmarks, Armenia is quickly becoming every budget traveller's choice. Armenia is also famous for being the first country to officially adopt Christianity and has several of the world's oldest churches as well as monasteries.

  • Q2. Which is the most beautiful city in Armenia?

    The stunning country offers tourists history, nature and culture and has several beautiful cities. Some of the most beautiful places to visit in Armenia include Yerevan, Dilijan, Odzun, Chndsoresk and more.

  • Q3. Is Armenia good for tourists?

    Overlooked for several years, Armenia is a great place for tourists thanks to its rich cultural heritage, delicious food and ancient sights and landmarks. The people are also pretty friendly and there are a lot of things to do here for visitors.

  • Q4. Is Armenia cheap or expensive?

    Because the country has been often overlooked as a great tourist destination, Armenia is not overcrowded and hence an affordable tourist destination. Compared to its European counterparts the country is very safe and can be opted for by those on a budget. Don't forget to carry travel insurance for Armenia if you're on a budget; it will protect you from extra expenses in case something goes wrong.

  • Q5. What kind of food do Armenians eat?

    Armenians eat the traditional crops grown around their region as well as meat and vegetables. Armenian bread, lavash is a staple and usually served with eggplants or lamb. Herbs, legumes, vegetables, meats, rice, flour and the use of dried fruits are common. This means that those visitors who do not eat meat or have restrictive diets can easily eat Armenian food as there's a wide variety.

  • Q6. How safe is Armenia?

    Armenia is pretty safe for travellers and has a considerably low crime rate. Even petty crimes aren't very common. However, tourists must stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Don't forget to buy international travel insurance for Armenia before leaving for your trip!

  • Q7. Is English widely spoken in Armenia?

    While Russian is the most common second language spoken by the Armenians, English is slowly becoming a popular second language and is spoken by many Armenians.

  • Q8. What is the best time to visit Armenia?

    Armenia sees a significant change in seasons and tourists must plan their trips accordingly. Still, Autumn is the best time to visit Armenia thanks to sunny and long days. There are many places to visit in Armenia, especially canyons, valleys and forests.

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* Price shown is for a 30 day trip to Armenia with 50,000 dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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