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Places to Visit in Japan

Japan is one of the most advanced industrialized countries of the world that is known for its advanced technologies and sciences. It is an Asian country that has renowned history and culture.

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You must have heard of some of the histories and cultures of this country that still entice us. So, if Japan is your next destination then we’re sure that you’ll return with a lots of memories about this country’s traditions and culture. The place can be a good choice for both solo and a family trip, provided you’ve planned it well. Starting from flight bookings to looking for accommodation, these things should be in your priority list.

And when we talk about planning for Japan trip, the list of preparation must include applying for travel insurance Japan as well, along with applying for Visa. Also, you should have a well-researched itinerary to explore the country to the fullest. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some good-to-visit places in Japan.

List of Places to Visit in Japan

This list includes some of the famous tourist attractions in Japan. These places welcome a hordes of people across the world and offer unique features to please them. You can visit these places with Japan Visa easily.

  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Nara
  • Hakone
  • Takayama
  • Nicco
  • Kamakura
  • Hiroshima
  • Miyajima
  • Kiso Valley


If you want to mingle with the people, you should visit Tokyo. It is one of the most famous places in Japan. The capital of Japan is a metropolitan city that has a vast population. The town is filled with various markets and shopping malls. You must not miss the cherry blossoms and the traditional fish market of this city. If you walk along the streets of this place, you will love to have a glance at the markets and other things. Tokyo is also the home of many shrines. Out of this, Sensoji temple and Maiji temple is the noted one. Tokyo is also one of the largest and most significant business hubs in the whole world. You can get almost all the renowned brands in this place. This place is one of the best places where you can buy fresh sushi. They have amazing taste. You must taste it for a better experience. It would help if you also planned to come to mount. Fuji from Tokyo. Never miss the chance to go to that place.


Another famous place in Japan is Kyoto. You must know that some 1000 years ago, Kyoto was the capital of Japan. So, it is evident that Kyoto has many historical facts and evidence. This is the reason many people try to explore this place. You can also have a glimpse of the destructions of World War II. Kyoto is located on Honshu Island and has an average population of 1.5 million. You can also catch numerous shrines and monasteries that are located in various corners of the city.
Kyoto is also the home of Nijo Castle. It will be correct to say that Kyoto is not only famous for shrines and religious purposes, but it is also the place where you can get to see the world’s most famous aquarium. The aquarium is filled with rare species of fishes and marine animals. It will be good place for kids to enjoy their day. There are many things to explore for the students as well. However, students must visit this place with travel insurance.


Earlier, Nara was known as Heijo. It was the first capital Parliament of Japan. This place was established in 710. This capital was moved to Nagaoka in the year 784. During that time, the Government was threatened by the powerful monasteries. They were mighty and influential during that period. If you come to this place, you must not miss visiting Nara Park.

This park is the home of deer. The deer often accumulate while the tourists gather in the park. They demand food. You will find many Pagodas that are located in various corners of the city. You can also catch the beautifully landscaped gardens that are located in this place. Nara has numerous museums that have preserved historical things and elements. It will be great to know and find them out.


One of the most beautiful places in Japan is Hakone. This place is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty. You can catch many hot springs that are located in various corners of the city. Many people come to explore these beautiful hot springs. Hakone has turned out one of the most lucrative tourist destinations in the world.
It is a pleasant place. Apart from this, you can also catch many galleries and museums that are found in this city. The small shops and stores are famous for selling the handicrafts of this place. One of the most important things that tourists usually do is the boat ride on Lake Ashi. Hakone remains crowded with people and tourists during the weekends. People from other corners of the city come to this place to enjoy and relax the holidays. You can also visit the National Park named as Fuji-Hakone-Izu. It is the best place to spend with family members and friends.


Located in the Northern part of the Alps, Takayama is a small town and famous for its natural beauty. It is one of the most favourite tourist destinations of the world, where many people come. The beautiful landscape and pictures always attract people. You can have a wonderful weekend in this place. It has some preserved historical sites that can take you to the Edo period. You can also see some beautiful shrines and temples in this place. In the Hida Folk Village, you can catch the local and handcrafted materials.

The local people make various things and sell them to the tourists. The village is beautiful and lucrative in the sense because the houses are made with thatched roofs. Takayama has its festivals. The two festivals namely Sanno Matsuri and Yahata Matsuri are among the most famous festivals of this place. During this period, you can find that the floats with magical lanterns parade through the city. This attracts the people and the tourists. You can get many people to come here to relish and enjoy this festival. It looks to be colorful and bright. It would help if you tried it once in your lifetime.


If you are in Japan, you must also come to Nikko as this place is famous for its outstanding natural beauty. It is a spectacular place that is famous for its lush and green look. This place is renowned for Buddhist temples and monasteries. The best thing about this place is that you can find the excellent architecture of the buildings in this place. The boiling hot springs and steams are one of the main attractions of this place. You will come across the green forests and beautiful landscapes of this place. It appears one of the main attractions of this place. You can also plan for a day trip from Tokyo, as it is a two-hour train journey. Nikko is easily accessible by trains.


This place is located on the shores of Sagami Bay. You can come to this place within a short time as it is a one-hour train journey from Tokyo. It is known as the coastal city as it is surrounded by coasts from all sides. Kamakura was once the capital of Japan. However, still, now it is famous for plethoras and beautiful temples and shrines.

Another specialty of this place is that it has the most giant statue of Buddha, which is measured to be 13.35 meters. It is made of bronze and beautifully framed. This attracts people from various corners of Japan. However, Kamakura is famous for temples and shrines, but it has many shops that sell local products. Many people come to this place for hiking. Some other also come here to take a sunbath. You can also enjoy swimming on the beaches of Kamakura. It will give you a beautiful experience at the same time.


Hiroshima is one of the most famous historical places of Japan that is located on Honshu Island. The most memorable part of Hiroshima is that when the bomb was dropped in the year 1945. The date was 6th August. The devastating bomb took many lives. This day is till now considered as the black day of Hiroshima. It is estimated that about 60% of the buildings were destroyed during this period. It took a lot of time to give a new shape to the city.

However, by 1974 the town returned to its original form, and it recovered to a great extent. The place has Hiroshima Peace National Park that made for the memory of the people who lost their lives during that period. It is a large park that is home to many exciting things. Torrii is another excellent place of Hiroshima that is said to be a wooden shrine of the gateway. This appears to be floating during the high tide. This place is located on Miyajima Island. So, it would help if you come to this place to explore some of the best things about Hiroshima. It would help if you came to this special place.


Miyajima is a small island that is located in the Northwest of Hiroshima. Tthe Seto Island Sea surrounds it. It is one of the lovely places where you catch many temples and shrines. It is instead the home of many religious dwellings. The other name of Miyajima Island is Shrine Island. Many people come to this place to explore the sacred areas of this place. The lush and green places of Miyajima are excellent hiking places for tourists. It has a five-storeyed building that is known by the name Shinto Shrines. It has many attractive places that the people love. Miyajima is noted for many fabulous and amazing places.

Kiso Valley

Kiso Valley is another unique place in the whole city. It is coated with thick forest and steep mountains. This is the reason why many people love to come to this place. It has fantastic historical sites that are why people come here. You can also collect many historical facts during the Edo period. It will be a great experience to explore this place. You can also catch many historical buildings that are located in Kiso Valley. It will give you a memorable experience.

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  • Q. What are the best places in Japan that I can visit?

    Ans: You have many places in Japan. Out of this, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kiso Valley is the main attractions. This is because; you can catch many places that are noted for their historical significance. These places will remind you about the famous Hiroshima event that took place on 6th August 1945. You can also collect many historical evident from these places. You can also opt for a day trip from Tokyo. You can get frequent trains that connect various places in Japan and other cities.

  • Q. Which is the best time to come to Japan?

    Ans: It is seen that winters are very cold and chilling. Even the summers are scorching and humid. Summer is also known as the Typhoon season. However, it is best if you visit Japan between March to May and September to November. Other than that, the temperature remains high and different during another period. Summer in Japan is so hot and humid that you will love to come to this place. Most people come here during these months. They can explore the best things during this period. You will get a wonderful feeling and experience.

  • Q. What are the things that you can enjoy in Japan?

    Ans: You can carry various outdoor activities that are found in Japan. Many people try hiking, swimming, and other sea activities. You will get a wonderful experience while doing the fun activities in Japan.

  • Q. Which is the friendliest state in Japan?

    Ans: Tokyo is one of the friendliest states in Japan. Most people love to come and stay in this place. It is a perfect place for residing. You can come here and settle down.

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