Places to Visit in England

Are you seeking to have a journey full of peaceful things, beautiful places, and crazy nightlife? Well, England might be the first destination popping up in your mind. England, a country in the United Kingdom, is popular for numerous things.

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From Fish and Chips to Buses, Black cabs, tea, old casinos, and whatnot. Travelling to England is fun and it can drive your joy with the diverse culture.

Being on a vacation to such a beautiful country can be excellent, but a lack of knowledge about the country itself can put you in situations when you have no idea where to go. To enjoy your travel to England in a better manner and to make your vacation memorable, we dig deep into the popular places and found some of the well-known locations that everyone would love to visit during their travel.

Each place mentioned in our mini-guide will help you learn about the key attractions of a place and it will make you get the best out of this journey. Also, you should make arrangements for important travel documents such as international travel insurance, England visa etc.

List of Places to Travel in England

Here is a quick go-to list for all the locations we have mentioned in our post. All these places have history, beautiful architecture, many tourist attraction things and more to enjoy.

  • Lake District
  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Brighton
  • Cambridge
  • Bath
  • Oxford
  • Norwich
  • Bristol
  • Durham

While learning about these destinations, you will be knowing about the things that make these locations interactive for a traveller. Each of the destinations has its good and bad things. So, it would be better to focus on the good side for now. Here we go to the popular locations and their attractions:

1. Lake District

To have an amazing journey, Lake District must be on top of your bucket list along with getting travel insurance. This lake is one of the oldest and it is the newest in UNESCO Protected Sites. The beauty of this lake speak on its own and gives you a peaceful vibe while sitting there in sunrise or sunset time.

The golden hour is excellent to take some stunning pictures and you can get your spouse, or your family to this destination to have an amazing experience. Having a pleasing journey is always the primary choice among most travellers, and starting with beautiful places like this can ignite the fire to explore more of the same.

The rest of the places mentioned in this guide are cities that are popular for their architecture. But, the Lake District is popular for its natural beauty and if you love nature, rivers, lakes and other peaceful places then it is a must-visit place for your bucket list. Amidst all excitement, don’t forget to apply for travel insurance to cover your trip against unexpected situations.

2. London

London is the most visited city in the world. Most of the tourists make a trip to London to visit its magnificent ancient buildings. The city is mostly famous for its long building known as 'Tower of London'. A person who is a great lover of food can get various varieties on the streets of London.

As London is a vastly visited city so London's culinary scene offers a mixture of classic multicultural cuisine. London has a lot of bars and casinos as most people love to visit them and play casino games. There is nothing better than enjoying the nightlife of London and having a Travel Visa to make your stay way more comfortable for a few weeks.

Among all the travellers, the British Museum is the top choice to explore. You can find beautiful art pieces from Assyria, China, Babylonia, India, Europe, and some other countries. Big Ben and Parliament is still the top-visited place for the oldest architecture in this town.

3. Liverpool

Next, the city comes is Liverpool. It is famous for its seaports which grew during the industrial revolution. The port of Liverpool was the most famous one during the late 19th and 20th century. It is also famous for its football teams that are Everton F.C. and Liverpool F.C.

The city is also famous for its food called 'scouse'. It is so popular in that region that it has become a nickname for the people who live in the city. Scouse is a meat stew made of mutton or beef with thick-cut vegetables.

If you are an audiophile, you must have heard the songs of ‘The Beatles’. No doubt that there is no other music band like them and they gained a whopping success while releasing some of the award-winning songs in the early 80s.

4. Brighton

The next location that you will love to explore on this vacation trip is Brighton. This city is one of the biggest tourist’s attractions in England. Brighton has the oldest seafront bandstand in whole over the country and the oldest aquarium in whole over the world too. Brighton is also famous for its food which is mostly the pie such as bangers and mash shepherd's pie with fish and chips.

Brighton’s pubs serve these classic innovative twists dishes or create other exciting dishes on their own. So, if you are willing to have beautiful nightlife and don’t want to miss a memorable night, then Brighton gives you a variety of numerous things to try. From Pubs to Discos, you can get to explore the best out of this place.

This place is well-known for the seaside resorts. The elegant vacation trip is possible by taking a twist and exploring the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum. Or, if you want to have an amusement ride, then let's book a cab to Brighton Palace Pier. The decorative ironwork is the primary attraction to this place and everyone love to explore this area of the town.

5. Cambridge

This city is famous for its legendary university. Cambridge is a beautiful city with a lot of greenery and old huge buildings. The city is also famous for its huge museums which have a large collection of Archaeology and Anthropology artefacts spanning almost two million years. Visiting Cambridge is incomplete without visiting the market square.

You can find that the different vendors sell local products and freshly cooked food it is a great place to grab some food to eat while exploring the whole market. Leaving food at a side, there are various stalls selling art products, Clothes, Plants and bikes. The market square is a great attraction for the tourists in Cambridge.

While learning about the city, you can forget everything. To get back some consciousness about the master of engineering and how things work, you can check out Queens' College and the Mathematical Bridge. It is a beautiful example of simple mathematics and physics in one place.

6. Bath

The city is a historic Roman and Georgian spa city. The city has a lot of hot springs, Roman-era baths, and huge Georgian structures. There is a wide area for restaurants, theatres, cinemas, pubs, and nightclubs along with interesting museums. Bath is the widest tourist attraction city for its 4.4million visitors per year.

Tourists who visit the Bath city can eat the traditional food of the city known as Bath Buns. It is a bun covered with sugar and baked into the bottom with a whole sugar cube. Being 97 miles at a bay from London, this location seems like a close one and a must-visit among most travellers.

On this journey, you can head to Roman Baths and you can explore the ancient spring bath used built by Roman. Other than that, one of the nearby places to the Roman bath is Georgian Roots: Royal Crescent. It is such a marvellous street to walk in during the evening time for some fresh air and a great view.

7. Oxford

The most obvious reason for Oxford being popular is the Oxford University. It is cited as the best university on the planet. The city is mostly visited by students who want to study at the university of oxford. It is also a safe city for tourists which has a low crime rate. The famous food of the city is sausages, frank cooper's Marmalade, and oxford sauce all remain popular.

Oxford is widely popular as it is clear from their exposure to the world in the form of university, study, research, and many other reasons. For a traveller, this location is unique but it will put meaning to your travel by allowing you to go slightly different from the same thing and trying something new. If you are a student, you can check your student travel insurance policy to learn about the key things, as it is an essential clause for getting admission in the university.

As you have travelled the Oxford City Centre so far just after visiting the town, but we would suggest one more round to this place during the evening. You need plenty of time to explore this beautiful destination for an amazing experience.

8. Norwich

In England's Norfolk Country, you can find one of the beautiful cities called Norwich. The primary reason to visit this city is Norwich Cathedral, a beautiful church that has preserved the Norman character. Other than this church, you can visit Dragon Hall, Norwich City Centre, Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Tombland Alley and such other places.

To make your travel a little bit different from the architectural things, you can head to explore The Norfolk Broads, Hickling Broad and Horsey Windpump, Bressingham Steam & Gardens, Whitlingham Country Park, and the BeWILDerwood. All these places have some of the admirable beauties that are picturesque and it can make your travel way more memorable in Norwich.

9. Bristol

With the prosperous maritime history, Bristol is a city straddling the River Avon. This city has something different to explore for a traveller. The former city centre of this destination is not the same and it is changed to the cultural hub now. So, you get to explore the Bristol Floating Harbor.

If you are still willing to enjoy the ancient architecture of this city, then you get to visit St. Mary Redcliffe church. There is Bristol Cathedral, Brunel's SS Great Britain, Llandoger Trow and many relevant places. The Clifton Suspension Bridge is also an attraction of Bristol that you can enjoy during your travel.

There is still the Bristol old city that you can visit to make your travel a bit more memorable and picturesque. These locations have no restriction regarding photography and you can click some amazing and beautiful looking photos to have a lovely journey.

10. Durham

The last but not the least destination that you can visit during your travel to England is Durham. This city is now the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to the strategic position of this city, you get to explore the ancient beauty. Among all the key attractions, Durham Miners' Gala is the phenomenal one and everyone love to be a part of this event.

You can visit the Durham Cathedral, Open Treasure, Durham University Museum of Archaeology, Durham Castle, Durham University Botanic Garden, and Oriental Museum. Beamish is the living museum of this town in the north region and it is also connected to numerous story and has a phenomenal history to learn about.

If you want to try something different, then you head toward Durham Town Hall, Finchale Priory and its Ivesley Equestrian Centre. Just heading six miles from Durham, you can visit the 220 acres of the countryside called Ivesley Equestrian Centre. This place is known for sports and other creative activities.

Hope you have the list of places to explore now. Let’s prepare with the travelling guidelines for England, applying for visa and international travel insurance and making sure that your passport is with required validity.


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