Places to Visit in Thailand

The southeast Asian country, Thailand, has a lot of things to offer to travelers of all types. Nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and other people who just want to spend their vacations in an attractive place will find the best places as per their interests in Thailand.

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    The country also has lots of things to entertain children and make their vacation unforgettable. White sand beaches, luxuriant jungles, Buddha statues, royal palaces, etc., defines the cultural, natural, and historical attractions that one is going to experience on his trip to Thailand.

    So, if Thailand is your bucketlist then a few preparation tips will help you make the arrangement properly. Your Thailand checklist should include passport, visa, Travel Insurance for Thailand, a well-researched itinerary, list of accommodations available, placed to visit etc.

    List of Places to Visit in Thailand

    Thailand is a place of ancient temples, royal palaces, lots of beaches and islands, ancient cities, crowded markets, and many other things. So before planning a trip to Thailand, you should make a list of the places that you are going to visit in this southeastern Asian country. Practically, it is not easy to visit all the places in Thailand, so the following list will help you out when exploring Thailand.

    • Bangkok
    • Ayutthaya
    • Phuket
    • Chiang Rai
    • Sukhothai
    • Phi Phi Islands
    • Khao Sok National Park
    • Chiang Mai


    The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, is a place to explore the cultural side of the country because it has numerous places and temples to visit. The buzzy city is an excellent place to forget yourself when visiting, and the tall buildings and the network of canals define the uniqueness of the city. Located in the center of Thailand, the city has various markets for shopping.  The vibrant markets of Bangkok are the best place to buy the local things of the country.

    Being the capital city, it is full of traffic, so the best way to explore Bangkok is by metro, sky train, and tuk-tuks. You can enjoy the various foods of Bangkok in the famous restaurants of the city. It also serves as the best place to experience wild nightlife in Thailand. With all these attractive places to visit, Bangkok is one of the most attractive places to visit.


    This is one of the ancient cities of Thailand and was the capital of Thailand during the 14th century. It is located 80 kilometers north of Bangkok in central Thailand in the valley of the Chao Phraya River. Ayutthaya is surrounded by three rivers and was the capital of King U Thong’s kingdom. The kingdom is now destroyed and serves as one of the major historical attractions in the country.

    The place is home to 400+ temples, which is a heaven for history enthusiasts who explore the spiritual side of the country. For Buddhists, the place has high importance because here the largest gilded Buddha of Thailand, Phra Buddha Triratana Nayok, is located, which is around 20 feet tall. This is a seated Buddha and is one of the most respected and visited places in Thailand. Those who visit Bangkok can plan another two to three days trip to Ayutthaya and experience the magnificence of this ancient city.


    Located on the west coast of Thailand, Phuket is the best location for beach vacations. It is the largest island of Thailand and is home to the major attractions of the country. People of all kinds will have something to do at this place. Surin and Kata Beach, offshore islands, Patong Beach, and golden beaches offer an adventurous and fun activities to people who love to spend time at beaches.

    Apart from that, the place is great for visiting after sunset while enjoying the local food, ping pong shows, and cabaret shows. People can also shop for various local items while walking in the streets of Phuket or in the weekend markets of Phuket. Apart from that, there are many things to do in Phuket, such as scuba diving, whitewater rafting, jungle trekking, sea kayaking, etc. Phuket offers a heaven-like feel with its wide range of hotels, shopping centers, luxury spas, beaches, and resorts.

    Chiang Rai

    Chiang Rai is the city to experience northern Thailand, which has different attractions to mesmerize tourists. This city is home to many temples and bustling markets like other cities in Thailand. Chiang Rai is also a place for many historical and natural sites to enhance the experience of the tourist. Tourists can also do many activities in this place, such as cycling, hiking, rafting, and many other outdoor activities. 

    This place is connected through airlines so that travelers can reach this place with ease. This city serves as a golden triangle by connecting the borders of Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.  The city has everything to offer all kinds of tourists. With different museums, Chiang Rai offers a great combination of culture, art, and heritage of Thailand. If you are planning to visit Thailand, then you should opt for international travel insurance to cover your trip.   


    Sukhothai was the capital city of the Sukhothai kingdom during the 13th century, and later it was the first capital of Thailand. In the current situation, the city is popular for the ruins of the ancient Sukhothai city. Apart from that, this place also homes around 26 temples, numerous stupas, and a royal palace. There are around 193 ruins of the ancient city in this place that attract tourists from different corners of the globe.

    Sukhothai city is famous for Sukhothai historical park, which is a UNESCO heritage site in Thailand. Wat Mahathat, Noen Prasat, and Wat Si Sawai are the famous historical temples in this location to visit. From Ramkhamhaeng national museum, the history of this city can be learned. This place is worth visiting in Thailand to enjoy the historical and natural views of the city.

    Phi Phi Islands

    Thailand is a place to spend your vacation in islands, beaches, and resorts while exploring different historical cities of the country. All these can be experienced by visiting Phi Phi Islands. With a group of six islands, the place is a heaven for people who love islands. Also, it will be an unforgettable experience to spend two to three days in the Phi Phi Islands of Thailand. It is located 40 km away from Phuket on the southeastern coast of Thailand.

    Ko Phi Phi Leh and Ko Phi Phi Don are the two popular islands located in Phi Phi. Ko Mai Phai or Bamboo Island, Ko Young or Mosquito Island, Ko Bida Nai, and Ko Bida Noi are few others located here. All these islands offer a real treat to your eyes.  There is  a Phi Phi viewpoint that offers 360 degrees view of the entire island.  The Viking Cave in the Ko Phi Phi Leh Island has nests of different edible birds. With all these attractive locations, Phi Phi Island is an excellent tourist destination in Thailand. 

    Khao Sok National Park

    Those who are fond of adventurous activities and love to spend time in nature will appreciate the picturesque scenery of the Khao Sok National Park in Thailand. The national park is located in the Surat Thani region and boasts the largest forest in this area. The Khao Sok National Park is around 160 million years old. This makes this forest denser and older compared to the Amazon rainforest. This old national park houses different rare species that make the place worth visiting.

    While visiting the park, tourists will see rafflesia flowers, gibbons, tigers, and hornbill birds which are rare to find. You will need around three to four days to completely visit this national park. Other attractions include surge waterfalls, lush jungles, cave temples, and so on. There are unique trails such as hiking, bamboo rafting, etc., to let tourists enjoy their vacation efficiently.  Apart from all these things, the place is famous for experiencing wildlife in Thailand.

    Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai was the capital of the Lanna kingdom and is one of the attractive places to explore in the northern part of Thailand. The place has mountains in its surroundings and allows tourists to visit various landscapes and hill tribes. This place is popular for a variety of outdoor adventurous activities. Tourists can explore both the historical and modern architecture of Thailand in this place. Chiang Mai has a number of temples, markets, historical sites, monasteries, etc., to offer a unique experience to the viewer. The place has famous Buddhist temples like Wat Phra Singh and Wat Phra Doi Suthep that attract many tourists.

    Apart from the adventurous activities like cycling, hiking, river rafting, trekking, mountain biking, etc., Chiang Mai also has some cultural flavors to offer to tourists. They can taste finger-licking dishes like Khao Soi to know the flavors of the place. Tourists can also learn the cooking of the local dishes in different cooking classes. Those who love to do shopping will find clothes and other local items in the local markets.     


    Railay, also known as Rai Leh, is surrounded by limestone crags and four beaches. The place is world-famous for rock climbing, diving, and kayaking. Also, it has stunning beaches and resorts that attract tourists of all kinds. It is one of the beautiful destinations in Thailand to relax at the beaches. In case you don’t want to perform any adventurous activities, you can simply relax on white-sand beaches and enjoy the sea view.

    If you are an adventure enthusiast, then this place is your true calling. You can try rock climbing with proper instructors.          


    • Q.What is the right time to visit Thailand?

      Ans: Thailand is a place where people do many outdoor activities and spend their time outdoors. Therefore, you should plan your trip to Thailand between November and April months because, during this time, the weather is dry and cool. This way, you can perform outdoor activities efficiently.

    • Q.What type of food is eaten in Thailand?

      Ans: In Thailand, the main type of food that is served is Thai dishes which are famous worldwide. They use various healthy and tasteful ingredients and spices for making the food. Foodies can satisfy their taste buds here by trying multiple different cuisines in Thailand.

    • Q.What is the time period of a tourist visa for thailand?

      Ans: With a tourist Thailand visa, a person can stay up to 60 days in Thailand. Further, this time can be extended up to 30 days. But this time frame can’t be extended more than this.   

    • Q.In how many days I can  visit different tourist places in thailand?

      Ans: To visit different tourist places in Thailand and enjoy yourself there, you will need to stay there for at least one week. But if you could stay an additional two to three days than a week, then you can explore more attractions in this country.

    • Q.Is Thailand trip good for solo travelers?

      Ans: Yes, solo travelers can also plan to visit Thailand and explore the beauty of this country.  They can enjoy various adventurous and outdoor activities in this country.

    • Q.Is Thailand a good place for students to visit?

      Ans: Yes, Thailand is an excellent place where students will find everything they need. From mountains to beaches, jungles to cities, everything can be explored by students on their trips to Thailand. The country also offers good study opportunities. But before planning their journey, students should know about the currency used in Thailand, spoken language of Thailand, student travel insurance policy format to visit Thailand, the capital city of Thailand, etc.