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Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a vast country for travellers, who love to explore the whole world solo, duo, or groups to know about tradition, culture, and religion. People willing to learn about the history and the architects so that that they can know about the rulers of the old days over the centuries can travel to Turkey.

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If you are someone with an interest in historic but beautiful places around the globe can plan a vacation to Turkey. Why? Turkey is not about historical things only. There are modern things to make your vacation better. From booking a yacht to enjoying the luxurious hotels and peaceful landscapes, the list of stuff you can do in this country is never-ending. Here we curated a list of top places that you will love to explore.

List of Places to Visit in Turkey

While travelling to such a beautiful country, you can forget every tension and enjoy the beauty. But, travelling without insurance is not a great idea. It would be an excellent choice to have travel insurance to make your travel safe and tension-free.

Moreover, as travelling and insurance go alongside you should consider the benefits of having one. Meanwhile, you are free to put several places in your bucket list, let's get started with a few of the top places from Turkey:

  • Topkapi Palace
  • Ephesus
  • Pamukkale
  • Cappadocia
  • Mount Nemrut
  • Sumela Monastery
  • Ani
  • Aya Sofya
  • Antalya
  • Aspendos
  • Pergamum

While curating the list, we are focusing on locations that can make your travel worth your money. Every town or place listed in this list has numerous things to enjoy. From ancient building and sculpture to delicious food, you get to explore everything in a fun way.

Topkapi Palace

The construction of Topkapi palace started in 1459 and was completed in 1478. It was the second palace of ottomans in Istanbul. Each one of ottoman sultans from Sultan Mehmed II to sultan Abdulmecid, about 25 Sultans of the Ottoman's empire lived in this palace till four centuries after construction.

It is a museum in Istanbul which exhibits the precious collections of the sultans of the ottoman's empire and the precious books and manuscripts collection in its library. The real name of the palace was "the new palace" by the sultan to distinguish it from his old palace, that's why it was given the name 'Topkapi which means a cannon gate.


Ephesus was an ancient Greek city that is now present in Turkey. This city was established in the 10th-century BC. during the classic Greek era, it was one of the top city in in the Ionian league, which later came under the roman empire in 129 bc.

The city got destroyed two times, firstly it was destroyed by the goths in 263, although it was rebuilt, secondly, it got destroyed by an earthquake in 614 AD. Today it's the main attraction for the tourists who want to explore Turkey. While exploring the beauty, having international travel insurance can make things easier if in case you get stuck in an emergency abroad.


Pamukkale is famous for its natural thermal pools created by carbonate mineral left by the flow of thermal spring water. People are visiting this place for years due to the attraction of the thermal pools. You can even swim in Pamukkale's thermal pools. This site was originally used as a spa resort for the roman empire kings and queens.

It is worth visiting Pamukkale as it is a natural landscape and one of the most popular destinations for tourists in whole over the world, which attracts more than 2 million people every year. A 2-night package is best for the budget backpackers as it is sufficient time to explore it.


Cappadocia is famously known for its unique rock formations and other hot air balloon ride opportunities. It has many natural landscapes, which are one of the most popular natural wonders of the earth. It a popular destination for tourists to explore. It has many places to explore, which makes it a picturesque and interesting location to discover.

The best month for travellers to explore Cappadocia is from March to June or September to November when the weather is good. June to August is the peak season for the tourist to go to Cappadocia, so it is the crowded season for the city.

Mount Nemrut

There are the sculptures built on the top of a tomb-sanctuary, which has statues of 8-9 metre high of the king, two lions, two eagles and various Iranian gods, such as Heracles-Artagnes-Ares, Zeus-Oromasdes, and Apollo-Mithras-helios-Hermes. These statues were made by the order of the king Antiochus I Theos of Commagene in 62 BC.

It is regarded as one of the most stunning ancient ruins in Turkey. Mount Nemrut is one of the famous ancient site around the world for travellers who want to explore the history of the Turkish sultans and other kings of Turkey who ruled over Turkey for a long time and made different attractions for their cities.

Sumela Monastery

Sumela monastery is a Greek orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary meaning "black mountain". It is a great historical site and cultural significance for the tourists. During the long history of the monastery, it was ruined by several empires and was restored and enlarged by some of the empires in the 6th century.

At that time, it was a great place where Christian, monks and Muslims visited, but after the national liberation war, some monastery was abandoned because of exchange in the population of Turkey and Greece according to the treaty of Lausanne.


Ani is a huge ruined city situated in Turkey next to a close border with Armenia. Many of the ruined building have been found in the ruined city such as 50 churches, 33 cave churches and 20 chapels. It was a city with various trade routes, religious buildings, palaces and other advanced structures.

The Mongols army stacked ani in 1236 and then in 1319 and was fully abandoned by the people after the earthquake, which struck the city and made a large disaster. It is a great site for the tourists to know about the culture of the city and the religious building of the city.

Aya Sofya

Aya Sofya is a domed monument that was built in the 16th-century ad. This place was later named Hagia Sophia, which means 'holy wisdom'. The monument was bought by the sultan Muhammad AL-Fateh with his funds after conquering Constantinople. It was originally built as a basilica for the greek orthodox Christian church.

It was the first church to be constructed in Istanbul, which was earlier known as Constantinople, and the name was taken from the first ruler of the byzantine empire 'Constantine I. It is one of the most famous attractions for tourists who love to explore Turkey from all over the world because of its beautiful structure.


Antalya is one of the beautiful city in Turkey known for its beauty of nature and other Romans sculptures and other buildings of roman culture such as the Roman bridge, which is still in use today. Antalya was one of the first city in Turkey to attract people from all over the world in the early 1980s, so local of Antalya city have become expert in what to do for making their city more popular in whole over the world.

The Duden waterfalls are the most popular destination for travellers in Antalya. It is a showcase of blue water surrounded by the greenery of nature making a beautiful landscape that attracts people to visit it through all over the world. There are many destinations in Antalya known for the best place of picturesque.

10. Aspendos

In the south of Antalya, you can find some of the picturesque looking mammoth bulk. These are of the Roman Theatre of Aspendos. It is also known as the finest surviving of classic age theatre. It is still standing there, and it gained impressive popularity due to the antiquity star attraction.

Most people travelling to this place usually stop for a short knowledge session after Antalya or such other sides. When you are travelling to such amazing places, carrying your Turkey visa would be an excellent choice.

11. Pergamum

Pergamum, also called Pergamon, is referred to as the Greek form of Pergamos. It was one of the most powerful and ancient Greek city of its time in Mysia. You can visit this place by travelling 26 kilometres in the south to the modern coastline, which is situated at the Aegean Sea.

It is an Aeolis region and it is associated with Sosus of Pergamon, Epigonus, Aelius Nicon, and Galen terms. The site you will visit now is ruined, but there are some remains to learn about. With Travel insurance Turkey, you can explore numerous amazing places and have an excellent journey.

Well, these are the few amazing places you can consider to visit during your Turkey trip. This place is a fabulous choice for those who are into historical studies and all. Students can consider this visiting this plan for holiday or study purpose. However, anyone who is visiting for higher studies are advised to travel with student travel insurance policy.

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  • Q. Can foreign travellers drive in Turkey by hiring motor vehicles?

    Ans: Driving on the roads of Turkey is easy if you are familiar with right-lane driving. Turkey follows similar rules as the US, Canada, and other countries. However, you would have to get an international driving permit from the resident country. There are numerous car rental services in the country for international travellers, and they can help you get valid documents. Booking yourself a four-wheeler will make your travel much easier in several ways.

  • Q. Can you explore Turkey without a guide?

    Ans: Turkey has a popularity of 80 million, and among those people, 12 million people know how to speak English. So, if you can speak English without any problem, then there are fewer issues. However, hiring a guide can make things easier, and it will help explore the country with ease. If you have travelled to Turkey before, then you can skip on hiring guides and explore the country yourself. Pick your visa and check your student travel insurance policy before exploring the location on your own.

  • Q. How much does it cost to book a 3-star hotel in Turkey?

    Ans: Hotels in Turkey offer great accommodation even if you are in a 3-star hotel. The charges vary based on the location, but you can find impressive accommodation under $70 for 24 hours. However, the charges are higher during tourism time, and you might end up paying double the amount. Due to the current pandemic around the globe, hotels are offering an excellent discount, and flights are also cheaper.

  • Q. Should I carry cash or use net banking while exploring Turkey?

    Ans: Even though Turkey is developing at a whopping rate, chances are you might need cash at several places. Hotels and restaurants are accepting cash but if you are visiting other places like small restaurants or exploring villages, then you need cash for everything. Online money transferring methods are low and you can't find many places to pay online.

  • Q. Is tap water in Turkey safe to drink?

    Ans: Tap water in Turkey is unsafe and it contains metal contaminants that can make you sick. Drinking bottled water is safe as your digestion system is not familiar with contaminants. If you want to have a safe journey, it would be a better choice to avoid street food and tap water. We are not saying that street food in Turkey isn't healthy. Putting in simple words, Turkey's street food is amazing and delicious. Some of the street food stalls are offering unhygienic food. In the pandemic time, it is a bad choice to eat outside.

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* Price shown is for a 30 day trip to Turkey with 50,000 dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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