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Places to Visit in the Philippines

Among the top destinations, South-Asian countries are widely popular around the globe. One such destination is Philippines that attains the required attention of the world with its unspoiled beaches, diverse with culture and endless beauty.

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Anyone willing to have an excellent journey to such a beautiful country needs a bucket list of top places as there are more than 7,000 islands the Philippines is divided in.

No doubt that each destination would be an excellent choice for every traveller, but no one would like to spoil their budget and travel excitement due to an unexpected situation en route. Here comes international travel insurance, which provide full coverage for travel-related risk such as medical emergencies, loss of important documents such as Philippines visa, passport, flight delay or cancel etc. For a convenient trip, you must check travel guidelines for Philippines.

Also, it would be an excellent choice to make a list of top places that you must visit during your trip to Philippines to have an excellent vacation.

List of Places to Visit

Given are some of the phenomenal locations on this beautiful land that you can explore during your vacation. The best part is, exploring all these locations is a fun-loving experience and there are numerous activities that you can do at each location.

  • El Nido
  • Puerto Princesa
  • Tagaytay
  • Boracay
  • Bohol
  • Cebu
  • Manila
  • Davao city
  • Mactan Island
  • Coron Island

The list order is based on the popularity, the number of activities you can do and several other aspects like locality. So, there is nothing like the top one is best and the bottom one is less good than the top one. All the mentioned destinations can give you a memory of a lifetime.

El Nido

While deciding where to travel in the Philippines, one of the famous cities to grab everyone’s attention is El Nido. This place has one of the beautiful gateways which goes to the Bacuit archipelago. There are cliffs in between the ocean. No doubt, that this place is a great sight for every traveller.

During your vacation, having travel insurance can make you get the best out of this travel trip and helps you remain stress-free. While exploring this unmissable location, you can visit Marimegmeg Beach, Nacpan Beach, Duli Beach, Lio Beach, Balay Cuyonon, Shimizu Island, and Nagkalit-kalit waterfalls. During the summer season, you can explore the best out of this place.

Puerto Princesa

The next destination that you can explore at a nearby distance to El Nido is Puerto Princesa. There is a subterranean river which is flowing under the island and it looks stunning good. This area is also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site. When you are at this place, you can opt to explore the implausible underground caves.

Travellers can visit this location for the karst mountain landscapes which look stunning good. During the evening time, this place looks astonishing with the open sky and less light distortion. You can find numerous cafes and resorts to visit at this location which can serve you finger-licking tasty food. The best time to visit this place is between July to September months.


Do you love greenery and feel a calming vibe being in such an environment, then Tagaytay is the perfect landscaping scenic town to explore? You can travel to this location from manila and get an excellent experience. How? Well, this place is located on the crest of the volcano Taal. You will be stunned by the beauty of lake Taal from this location. The beauty speaks on its own.

There are several hotels and resorts that you can choose for excellent accommodation. While visiting Tagaytay, make sure not to miss Taal Lake, People's Park in the Sky, Taal Volcano, and the Puzzle mansion. The other places that can make you get the best experience of all kind are sky Ranch and the Pink Sisters. These are the top locations that you must not miss during your visit.


One of the top locations that you can explore being in the Philippines is Boracay. This island is also called the beach capital of the Philippines because there are more than 12 beaches. This island is situated in the west Visayas region. This island is super relaxing for those travellers who love to go on the beach.

The white beach situated on this island is considered one of the best beaches in the whole Philippines. This island is famous for its many resorts so finding a place to stay on the island is easy. There are still rumours about caves containing treasure chests so it's an adventurous place for travellers who would like to do a treasure hunt.


Bohol is situated in the central Visayas region. It is a showcase of the whole country's natural beauty. Travellers visit this place to see a natural wonder 'Chocolate Hills'. it is a UNESCO-protected site. When in the dry season all the geological formations become dry and turn brown, it can be seen as a landscape of chocolate hill.

Travellers also visit this place to look at its family-owned sanctuary. It's a home of tiny 'Tarsiers' known for its large beautiful and engaging eyes. By paying for a small amount of money visitors can walk through the sanctuary and can see the creatures standing some inches away from the mammal.


The next location that you will love to explore in Cebu. This well-known island is in the central Visayas region. It is the best place for visitors who love to do scuba diving or snorkelling. If a traveller is an underwater enthusiast, then it is a great opportunity to get up close to whale sharks, coral reefs, sea turtles and other sea creatures.

There are more beautiful natural gifts for travellers to explore. There are huge waterfalls covered with beautiful flowers and other green trees making a beautiful picturesque. The visitor who would love trekking and wildlife for them there is a Sudlon National Park. There are many other attractions for the tourists like museums and cathedrals that will interest history buffs.


Being in the country and not visiting Manila might be a shame. Why? This is the most popular city loved by every travel for true luxury. This city is situated on the island of Luzon. It is a busy city with non-stop activity. The traveller who would stop and explore the city will see a lot of colourful jeeps and other transportations roaming in the city.

Exploring plan first stops to the main part of the city 'Rizal Park' with a lot of beautiful trees and flowers. Second, it will stop at San Agustin church, a part of the history which was built in the 16th century. Visitor can buy local fresh fruits and handmade gifts at the public market at 'Quiapo Church'. Travellers can find thousands of people show up at the church on Friday for worship.

Davao city

A city that gained lots of tourist’s attraction in Davao city. It is situated in the southern region of Mindanao. Despite the malls and population, the city is full of natural elements including Eden Natural Park, Philippine Eagle Centre and the Davao Bay walk near the sea coast.

One of the best places to visit in Davao city for travellers is the highest mountain in the Philippines is 'Mount Apo'. There are many malls for travellers to explore like Abreeza Mall and SM Lanang Premier Mall. There is a tiny museum named as Davao Museum of History and Ethnography for travellers to peek at the history of the city.

Mactan Island

When it comes to exploring the ocean, Scuba diving is a perfect adventure that you can consider. Why? Mactan Island is one of the most beautiful places that you can opt for. If you want true luxury in one place, then Mactan Island is the perfect one to give you such a breath-taking experience every time you visit this destination.

There are many excellent spots to dive and you can explore the small part of the ocean connected to the Philippines. For the best experience, you can head to the shopping centres which is in Cebu city. There are tourist guides that you can hire for island hopping tours. If you are in the Philippines for your honeymoon, then you must visit this place for an amazing experience.

Coron Island

Being in Coron Island is going to be excellent for a beautiful journey to nature. Why? This island is perfect to access all the nearby locations that’s why Coron Island is widely popular among all travellers. You can go to nearby adventure zones and expect an excellent experience.

You can consider some fun activities like Motorbiking, Jungle Trekking, Kayaking, island hopping and more to have a wonderful trip to the Philippines. You can go to places like Kayangan Lake, Mount Tapyas, Twin Lagoon, Occam Beach, and Aguila to have a great time exploring the Philippines.

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  • Q. What is the top destination of the Philippines in the popularity chart?

    Ans: The Philippines is popular for the beaches and all the surrounding island of this country are beautiful enough to explore. But, if you want to prefer the phenomenal and well-known locations, then considering the overall popularity would be an excellent choice. These are the top locations that you can visit -

    • Manila
    • Bohol
    • Cebu
    • Coron Island
    • El Nido
  • Q. Is the Philippines safe to travel with family?

    Ans: Based on the experience of numerous travellers, the Philippines is a country that has peoples with friendly nature. You will be having an excellent experience while exploring the country except for the fact that you must be careful from pick-pockets. A lot of pick-pocketing cases are there that targets foreigners in-crowd. So, always try to keep your essential in a safe backpack and do not keep your wallet in the back pocket.

  • Q. Why travellers should not visit Manila in the Philippines?

    Ans: Travellers visiting the Philippines from foreign land should be careful with the destination they choose. There are a few cities or zones of the country which aren't safe. Manila is one of the places with the highest crime rate. The cases are related to bullying, fight, and steal mainly. The other two places which are also unsafe, Cebu and Davao. However, having international travel insurance can make you feel safe during your visit to the country.

  • Q. Is the Philippines an expensive country to travel to?

    Ans: Comparing the Philippines to the other popular tourist attractions around the globe, you can say that the Philippines is diverse and provides you with a bunch of ways to make you get every type of experience like Luxury, Peaceful, budget-friendly, and cheap one also. So, travellers can easily spend an entire day without exceeding $35 a day for all the expenses from food to accommodation.

  • Q. What's the right time to visit the Philippines for budget-friendly travel?

    Ans: Travelling to the Philippines when tourism is at its peak can make you pay extra bucks. So, it is always better to prefer the months with less tourism. June is the perfect month to get air tickets at an affordable price and you can book hotels at a lower price this month. Accommodations will be cheap this month and the summer season is also fading which gives you the optimal situation to explore the country at its best.

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* Price shown is for a 90 day trip to Philippines with 50,000 dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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