Places to Visit in Brazil

If you are looking for an exciting travel destination for this year, then you should consider Brazil. From some exciting dance festivals, music, fun and football, Brazil has everything that you will need in your next world tour destination spot. Just get your Brazil Visa and start planning your trip to Brazil.

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Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

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It is going to be one of the best places that you have ever visited in your entire life. There are many beautiful waterfalls as well in Brazil. It is the largest country in South America, and it also shares a border with almost all the countries in South America.

Some of the world-famous things that you should not miss when you are in Brazil are Rio Carnival, Caipirinha, Capoeira and Samba. It has some of the best golden sand beaches in the world as well, and the Copacabana is the most famous one of all.

The strong and attractive colonial architecture of Brazil is something that you are going to remember for the rest of your life. So, if you wish to enjoy all this in one place, then Brazil it is. Let’s know what is stored for you there.

List of Places to Visit

With so many amazing places, it is always a confusing task for many people to decide which are the best places to visit in Brazil. This article is going to help you make the right choice as we have listed some of the best places that you can visit with your international travel insurance & visa to Brazil. 

  • Rio De JaneiroFoz Do Iguacu
  • Florianopolis
  • Salvador
  • The Amazon Rainforest
  • Sao Paulo
  • Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park
  • Fernando de Noronha
  • Paraty
  • Trancoso, Bahia

Rio De Janeiro

When talking about Brazil and the best places to visit in Brazil, there will hardly be any list that does not contain Rio De Janeiro. This place looks really exciting and like an animated movie when you look at it for the first time. Rio De Janeiro is located in the Southeastern part of Brazil, and this is the most common tourist destinations in Brazil.

It has some of the best beaches, world-famous mountain and the best is the Carnival that is held every year. This tourist attracts situation one of Brazil’s largest harbors and it is the largest harbor in the world as well. There are many natural attractions surrounding this place like the Corcovado mountain and Sugarloaf mountain.

You will also be able to find a lot of beaches around this place. If you are someone who enjoys the flora and fauna, then Tijuca National Park is a great place to visit. The Carnival Festival of Rio De Janeiro is the most popular festival with fireworks, music, dance and parades as well.

Foz Do Iguacu

The next beautiful place that you should not miss in Brazil is Foz Do Iguacu. It is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. The scale and size of this waterfall is so large that this place is always compared to the Victoria Falls and Niagara Falls. It is the largest waterfall as it stretches to three kilometers, and it is also surrounded by a dense rain forest.

More than 80 percent of the waterfalls are in Argentian part, but you will get the best view of this waterfall from Brazil only. There is Devil’s Throat Canon, and that is the best part of this waterfall. You can opt for hiking or boating if you are someone who loves to enjoy the adventure sports in the waterfalls and surrounding area. 


When in Brazil, you should check out Florianopolis, which is another amazing place that you should not miss. It is situated on the south part of Brazil and is the capital city of Santa Catarina state. The city is beautiful because half of it is an island and the rest half is on the mainland. Due to its scenic beauty and other amazing factors, many people love living in this place.

You will be able to find many different restaurants and shopping malls in this place. If you are someone who loves to shop in Brazil, then this is the place to consider. Also a great place for those who like nightlife and bars. You can enjoy the best drinks and disco nights in Florianopolis. 


If you like visiting those old cities of America, then Salvador is one of the most popular places. It is a popular tourist location in Brazil and is the third-largest city in Brazil. The plazas, stunning old churches and the colonial architecture of Salvador are the best thing that attracts a lot of tourists every year.

Earlier, this  place was famous for sugar trade. Apart from that, you also have the best handicraft shops, art galleries, bars and many restaurants where you will be able to taste the authentic food of Brazil. If you like swimming, sunbathing or surfing, then this place has some of the best beaches as well. You should visit them when you are in Brazil trip. 

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is a beautiful place to visit in Brazil. It is located in Manaus state and about 20 km away. This place is where the Rio Solimoes and Rio Negro waters meet each other from The Amazon waters. They both travel six km before they actually meet together.

You can take a boat trip from Manaus and reach this place and this is called as Encontro Das Aguas. You also have many other boat trips, that can help you reach the heart of The Amazon Rainforest. You will be able to see different animals like Monkeys, turtles, toucans, sloths and parrots in this place. It is an amazing place to visit with friends and have fun. 

Sao Paulo

When you are in Brazil, then how can you miss the largest city in Brazil. Sao Paulo is the largest city in this country and also one in the world as well. It is located at the southeast part of Brazil and is very popular for the robust culture, skyscrapers and also the gastronomy. You will be able to find a number of Japanese in this place.

You have many new districts and old districts in this city. Paulista Avenue is the best place for shopping and other fun activities like art galleries, theaters, coffee shops, and busiest place for many businesses as well. You also have different public parks for you to visit during your trip to this place. 

Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park

Chapada Dos Vesdeiros National Park is another beautiful place in Brazil for those who love nature. The stunning landscapes and waterfalls of this place are really amazing. From Brasilia, it will take three hours for you to reach this national park.

This national park is an amazing place for hiking. It also has some of the best waterfalls, and good for bathing and swimming. You are going to have a lot of fun at this place when you visit it with family or friends. 

Fernando de Noronha

Another top places in Brazil that you should not miss is Fernando De Noronha. This is a place with some amazing and most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Do you like to enjoy the sharks, colorful fishes, stingrays and other varieties of fishes? Then this is the perfect place for you. You will also be able to get the view of albatrosses, sea turtles and dolphins in this place.

This is a beautiful place with a group of islands that help you have a great and leisure time in Brazil. You have more than 20 islands in this place. For anyone who loves to dive into the beauty of sea animals and diving, then this place is just perfect. 


The next beautiful place on this list is Paraty. It is a small and beautiful city in Brazil. Settled in 1667 this place it has a lot of history associated with it. The magnifying forests, cobble street and the beautiful waterfalls is something that it has to offer to every tourist.

Apart from this, you will be able to enjoy a lot of other things in this place like many fun activities as well. You also have city center to know more about the formation of this place and other details about it. 

Trancoso, Bahia

Another beach town in Brazil is Trancoso. You will have some of the amazing beaches of Brazil in this place. Apart from just that, you also have different festivals that are celebrated throughout the year and also many other attractions that are surrounded by this place.

The perfect blue water and the white sand beaches make it different from other places in the country. You will love spending time at these beautiful beaches. 

Apart from this, you can also visit places like Jericoacoara, Brasilia, Ouro Preto, Bonito, Fortaleza, Parati, Recife, Olind and many others. Just make sure that you have the travel insurance when you are travelling to Brazil. That will be very helpful. You can get in touch with a travel agent who can help you get the insurance and visa easily.

These agents can also help you get the student travel insurance policy if you are travelling for study purpose. But it is advisable to buy one from your home country only as the prices may vary.  So, having a tour agent or insurance agent when you travel to Brazil will make the planning easy for you. 

So, this is our guide on Brazil and some of the most beautiful places or events that you should not miss during your trip to Brazil. Plan it well in advance and get the best out of this wonderful place in the world. Happy Journey!!!


  • Q. What is the best way for traveling in and around Brazil? 

    Ans: If you want to get the best experience out of your trip in Brazil, then you will have to get the help of the best tourist guide or an agent. They can arrange for the best guide and other facilities in Brazil as you are new to the place. The best thing about having a guide or agent is you can easily get the travel insurance Brazil and all the papers work can be handled by the travel or Tour Company or agent. 

  • Q. When is the right time for me to plan by trip to Brazil? 

    Ans: There is no right time to visit an amazing place like Brazil. You can visit it throughout the year; you will have slight rainfall with humid and hot climate. But if you wish not to miss some of the best events in Brazil, then you will have to go during the Carnival of Brazil. It is conducted for an entire week and so you will have a lot of fun there. You should also consider the prices of flights, hotels and crowd in the country before you plan the trip. 

  • Q. Is Brazil right place to visit with family? 

    Ans: Brazil has a number of places to visit and a lot of things to do. You can plan your trip with family or friends; it is going to be the perfect destination. Even couples will be able to spend some quality time in Brazil. There is no age limit or any other constraints for visit this country. 

  • Q. How well in advance should I plan for the Carnival? 

    Ans: It is one of the largest festival and a festival with most number of tourists every year. So, it is always good to plan the trip at least six months in advance if you wish to be part of the Carnival. It is a one-week festival, but you should be able to spend at least four nights to make sure that you enjoy it the best way possible.

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