Car Insurance In Delhi

Being the capital city, Delhi is the second most populous city in the country. Most of this population owns a motor vehicle, which increases the chances of traffic and road accidents. Therefore it becomes inevitable to purchase car insurance in Delhi to protect your car against such unforeseen incidents on the road.

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Why Should You Buy Car Insurance in Delhi?

Due to the increasing population in metro cities like Delhi, the chances of traffic rules violations and road emergencies like accidents, have also increased. Therefore, the Govt. has made it mandatory for every car owner in Delhi to own a car insurance policy. Apart from this, here are some reasons to purchase four-wheeler insurance in Delhi.

  • Delhi Traffic Conditions: Being a metropolitan city with a huge population shifting to this city, Delhi witnesses increased traffic on the roads. Such heavy traffic also results in increased chances of collisions and road accidents. Thus, with a car insurance policy in Delhi, you can recover any expense that you may have to face due to such accidents.
  • Personal Accident Cover: Sometimes accidents are so harsh that they lead to the death of the driver or passenger and even a third party. By purchasing motor insurance for your car, you can get compensated for such incidents.
  • Theft Cover: If you don’t have a valid comprehensive car insurance policy then losing your car can be heavy on your pocket. You won’t be able to recover any amount of your stolen car. Therefore, it is essential to get a car insurance policy as it will compensate you against such losses. 
  • Compliance with Law: As stated above, it is mandatory for a car owner in Delhi to at least own third-party car insurance else you may have to shell out heavy traffic fine. Thus, if you have four-wheeler insurance in Delhi, you will also be complying with this compulsory law.

Types of Car Insurance Policies in Delhi

Car insurance companies in Delhi offer three types of car insurance policies namely:

Third-Party Liability Car Insurance

Third-party insurance is a mandatory insurance policy that aims at compensating for any third-party damages arising out of the insured car. Third-party damages include third-party disability, death, and property damages. 

Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance

A standalone own damage policy compensates a policyholder for own damages sustained by the insured car due to unforeseen conditions like accidents, theft, collision, fire, etc. This vehicle insurance policy can be additionally purchased with third-party liability insurance to cover own damages to the insured car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Offering wider coverage, a comprehensive four-wheeler car insurance policy provides financial protection to the policyholder against third-party liabilities and own damages as well. Own damages include accidental damages, damages from fire, theft, calamities, etc.

Coverage Offered Under Car Insurance in Delhi

Coverage offered under comprehensive four-wheeler insurance in Delhi includes:


Losses that are covered under a motor insurance policy in Delhi:

  • Damages arising out of third party liabilities such as death, disability and property damage of the third party
  • Losses sustained by the insured car due to fire, explosion, etc are covered
  • Theft or burglary of the insured car are also covered under the motor insurance policy
  • Claims can also be raised for damages caused to the insured car due to earthquakes, cyclones and other natural calamities
  • Damages arising out of manmade acts like terrorist acts, strikes and riots are also included in policy coverage
  • Any in-transit damage sustained by the insured vehicle is also covered under the motor policy in Delhi.


A policyholder in Delhi cannot raise a claim for the following contingencies:

  • Damages caused to the insured vehicle when the driver was under the influence of alcohol
  • Any damage sustained by the insured car when the driver was not carrying a license while driving
  • Damages arising out of the mechanical or electrical breakdown of the insured car
  • Any regular wear and tear sustained by the insured car are not covered
  • Losses arising out of contractual liabilities of the owner/driver of the insured car
  • Damages sustained by the insured car outside the geographical limits of the car policy
  • Claims cannot be raised for damages caused to the insured car when being used for commercial purposes

How to Buy Car Insurance Online in Delhi?

Buying a car insurance policy in Delhi is not a difficult task if you do it online. Here is how you can easily purchase four-wheeler insurance on

  • On the ‘Insurance Products’ dropdown, select the ‘Car Insurance’ page
  • Enter your car number and proceed forward
  • Select your car details such as RTO, model, variant and registration year
  • Fill in the details such as your name, email and mobile number
  • From the given motor insurance plans, choose the desired plan and
  • Choose any add-on you wish to add to your plan
  • Proceed with premium payment via online payment modes
  • Once your payment has been made you will receive your policy papers at your email address. 


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