Things to Do in Turkey

Turkey's wide array of beauty sprawls across west Asia and Europe. This can give an idea of its past and a vast archaeological history. The wonder that Turkey possesses makes it a must-go overseas site. A visit to Turkey is a journey towards glorious history and much more.

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    A Trip to Turkey 2021

    Turkey will be on the top list of someone who aspires to experience the real essence of history and the exceptional beauty of architecture. Turkey isn't only limited to old ruins and medieval historical events. It is also known for its beautiful beaches, mountain ranges, buildings, rivers, adventurous sports, and commercial businesses.

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    Fun Things to Do in Turkey

    It's not easy to decide and prepare a plan to visit a land like Turkey. There are so many remarkable places and events one cannot miss out on. Being in the presence of one of the most worldly-known architectural buildings and ruins is an amazing experience. Amidst visiting the remnants of medieval periods, joining some adventurous sports is extra fun. 

    Turkey offers its tourists a mix of both historical and modern architectural influences. That is why good planning or itinerary can make the trip well organized and fun-oriented. Beginning with noting down the major cities in Turkey is the best way to plan.

    Major Cities to Visit in Turkey

    There are some prominent cities that every traveller to Turkey keeps as a priority. It's not possible to reach every corner of the cities in Turkey. So, choosing the cities that have the most to offer can give more choices.

    Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, and Ankara are great tourist sites to experience in Turkey. 

    Ankara-The capital city of Turkey, Ankara is a business hub of the country. Numerous business brands, industries, and commercial trades occur in Ankara. At the same time, the city isn't restricted to just that. It is one of the oldest cities in Turkey. Here is what you can do in the city:

    • The Roman buildings, temples, museums, and mosques are a highlight
    • Beyond that, it offers some excellent shopping sites
    • The well-known quality carpets, spices, and electronics allow a traveller to spend some good Turkish products
    • The Anitkabir mosque, the citadel that reminds of old times, the galleries and theatres provide a range of spectacle to enjoy

    Istanbul- Those who had visited Turkey once would not mind coming back to Istanbul again. The city has everything that Turkey is all about. Istanbul provides all kinds of entertainment; site seeing, flora and fauna, and Turkey's rich culture and history with at most beauty. There's everything for any individual irrespective of which part of the world they are from. Istanbul is also a major economically growing city. It's also one of the greatest metropolitan cities.

    One can enjoy the following in Istanbul:

    • It's also known for entertainment clubs, bars, and pubs. For food lovers, the city has numerous cuisines from Chinese to French. 
    • The fountain and the nature surrounded by cycling tracks are a memory to carry back home. 
    • The Aya Sofia mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque are a few architectural beauties to visit.

    Cappadocia-Cappadocia is a city that would be above all other cities to visit in Turkey. A simple Google visual of Cappadocia is quite charming. The province is stuffed with memories of the Roman Empire.

    • The beautiful province is famous for its attractive natural rock formations
    • The museums, villages, hillsides, and mountains are a peaceful view to spend time
    • Cappadocia is also famous for the hot air balloon rides, which simply give a mesmerizing view of the city
    • Some of the well-known spots in Cappadocia are the Goreme National park, Red and Rose Valleys, Uchisar Castle, KaymakliUnderground City, Goreme open-air museum, and many more. 

    Ephesus-Ephesus is located at the edge of the town called Selcuk. The city is also a significant tourist spot in terms of site seeing and exceptional buildings.

    • Ephesus is known for its marble temples, castles, museums, and mosques.
    • Walking through the city can simply make you feel like passing through the historical Roman times in Turkey.
    • The temple of Artemis (used to be among the world's seven wonders), Ayasuluk fortress, Ephesus museum, and Roman aqueduct are some major landmarks.

    Visiting these cities will definitely give a traveller the satisfaction of experiencing Turkey at its best. Some fun things to do in Turkey are to walk through the street food market, travel in a taxi at the Kabak bay, try the hot air balloon at the Cappadocia, and feel the urban zone of Turkey in Ankara and Istanbul.

    Best Activities for Foodies in Turkey

    Turkey occupies parts of both Asia and the European continent. This brings in the joy of delicious cuisines for the tourists in Turkey. Food is one of the prominent tourist attractions in the country. Many cities across Turkey provide street food worth trying. Every locality and city in Turkey has its own culture and tradition. These traditions add flavours to the food in all the major food towns in the country.

    • Some culinary towns and cities of Turkey that must be visited are Hatay, Istanbul, Urla, Bozburun Peninsula, Alacati, Kadikoy, and Datca peninsula
    • These are some culinary spots where you can wander around to find some amazing Turkish cuisines
    • The bulky traditional food at a restaurant in the hillsides of the Istanbul region is a cherishing moment for food lovers and travellers alike
    • Apart from these towns and cities, numerous street food options can elevate the culinary experience in Cappadocia and Ephesus
    • A walk through the Istanbul street food market is fun and a revelation of traditional food in the country

    Best Beautiful Turkey Attractions

    Turkey has numerous sites and places that are unbelievably attractive. The land has a fantasy vibe with the architecture and the hillsides combined. Excluding the major cities, many other towns and places are a trademark of Turkish elegance.

    For travellers planning a trip to Turkey, these few places will be an unforgettable memory.


    • The city of Konya is known for one of the tallest towers in the world, the Seljuk towers
    • It is also the oldest city in Turkey. It's believed that Konya was the home for great Sufi mystics 
    • The city is also famous for its hillsides and greenery
    • The restaurants residing in the natural habitat provide a calming environment to hang around. It's also a prominent city for pagodas in Turkey
    • Apart from the food and restaurants, Konya also has pubs and bars

    Kabak Bay

    • Kenai bay is a must-visit for tourists who love to wander around beaches. This place is situated on the shore of Lycia village.
    • The fun part is watching the tent shelter around the shores. The beauty of the shore is overwhelming, and the tiny restaurants and shops add to the aura
    • Kenai bay is an amazing tourist spot, especially during the spring and the autumn season


    • Mardin is an incredible place full of unique sandstone buildings and housing structures
    • It is located in the southeast part of Turkey. It is occupied in the hillsides with the well-known plains of Mesopotamia
    • The whole structure of theplace is a remarkable sight, especially for someone new to Turkey's distinct and intricate architectural approach
    • Small shops with a variety of products and accessories offer the tourist a good time on the hillside

    Topkapi Palace

    • One cannot stop gazing at this beautiful museum. Topkapi Palace is a sheer reminder of the opulent lifestyle of the Ottoman empire
    • The palace was a part of the Ottoman Empire during the 15th and 16th centuries. Walking through the premises of the palace gives a vibe of the old tradition of the empire
    • The Museum also exhibits the clothing and the daily lifestyles of the empire during the era


    • Bodrum is part of the South Aegean region of Turkey. The whole place is a reminder of the ancient Halicarnassus. The fortified city was known for its beautiful marble architecture, statues, and temples
    • The city collapsed with time and is now a fishing village. Bodum brings in a lot of tourists every year with the old ruins and the cliffs as prominent attractive sites
    • Peter castle is the landmark of Bodum, along with vast beaches

    Mount Nemrut

    • A major tourist attraction, Mount Nemrut, is located in the eastern part of Turkey.
    • Due to its high relevance to the past reign of King Antiochus, the place is believed to have a strange and mystic aura. 
    • The statues and ruins have faces of ancient gods. In Turkey, it has the tag of being the 8th wonder of the world.
    • For those who wish to experience an extension to the architect and the history of Turkey, Mount Nemrut should be on the top list. 

    These places are not only known for their beautiful history and buildings. They have a lot of adventures involved. Turkey is a place to explore in terms of its historical relevance, but one can do many fun things.

    How to Plan your Turkey Itinerary

    When planning your itinerary to Turkey, take care of the following things: 

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    Turkey Travel Trips

    Make sure to secure your trip to Turkey with International travel Insurance. Additionally, you should also be aware of the visa policies in the country.

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    Summing Up

    A wisely planned travel itinerary for major cities across Turkey and advanced hotel and flight bookings can help reduce travel stress. These are some prominent coverage that travel insurance generally enables. Simple International travel insurance may not necessarily have all the benefits mentioned above. Therefore, it is better to choose the plan wisely.