Travel Insurance for Brazil

In every sense, Brazil is a massive country with a whole new world to offer. Its richness in nature, as well as its manmade attractions, is not a secret. Brazil has something to offer to each and every traveler, be it its canyons or beaches or just its stunning colorful culture.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    With a range of things to do, travelers can ensure a fulfilling experience thanks to comprehensive travel insurance for Brazil. With a good travel insurance plan, you can rest assured and be ready to embark on a beautiful and carefree trip with or without your loved ones.

    Fast Facts about Brazil

    International Airports Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport,Rio De Janeiro Galeao Airport and more
    Capital Brasilia
    Time Zone GMT -3
    Languages Spoken Portuguese, English
    Currency Exchange Rate 1 Brazilian Real = 0.19 USD = 14.20 Rs
    Climate and Weather Hot and dry (arid regions)
    Humid and sticky (tropical rainforests)21-33°C

    Entry Essentials to Brazil

    All Indian travellers planning to visit Brazil require a valid visa to enter the country. Here are some facts to keep in mind:

    • Visitors should have a valid passport which is valid for at least six months
    • Due to COVID-19 pandemic, visa application needs to be filed online and all the necessary documents must be uploaded depending on your Brazil visa type.
    • Official and Diplomatic passport holders do not require a visa for upto 90 days.

    Types of Brazil Visa for Indians

    Depending on your purpose of visit, Brazil offers the following types of visas to Indian travelers:

    • Brazil Tourist Visa: For people who are travelling to Brazil for the purpose of tourism, educational/cultural/recreational activities, media or film coverage and more.
    • Brazil Business Visa: Those people who are visiting Brazil for any business activities. This can be submitted by the Brazilian company hiring the individual to the Ministry of Labor in Brazil. They will need to obtain this visa depending on the nature of their business.
    • Pre-approved Work Visa:Also called employment visa, this can be valid only for a period of 90 days
    • Family Reunion or Dependent Visa:Suitable for those visiting a family member holding a temporary visa to Brazil, for descendants or ascendants of Brazilian nationals, etc.
    • Cultural and Academic Visa:Applicable to those visiting as scientists, post-doctoral students, professors under an international cooperation program without any work contract in Brazil.
    • Brazil Student Visa: Any student attending primary and/or secondary school, university-level courses, PEC-G or PEC-PG program, and other programs registered under the Ministry of Education and Culture in Brazil.
    • Professional Artists and Sportsman Visa:This needs to be pre-approved and applicable to technicians, athletes, and artists.
    • Missionary Work Visa: For clergymen or missionaries who go to Brazil for religious purposes.
    • Brazil Transit Visa: For those travelers who are passing through Brazil and may require a permit.

    Documents Required for Brazil Visa

    Depending on your visa type and nationality, there may be some additional requirements while applying for your Brazil visa. Indians must prepare the following documents:

    • Completed visa application form
    • A valid Indian passport, both original and a copy, with at least 2 blank pages
    • Proof of adequate finances
    • Passport-style photos not older than 6 months
    • Flight tickets (into and exit from Brazil)
    • Pay receipt of the applicable consular fees
    • Personal cover letter describing travel plans and other relevant information
    • Proof of stay
    • Invitation letter, if any
    • Proof of address
    • Visa Authorization Form if applying for a minor

    Brazil Visa Procedure

    As of April 10th, 2021, all the consular activities at the Embassy of Brazil have been suspended. You can refer to the embassy's website for updates. Urgent cases for Work, Family Reunion, and Business Visas can be dealt with online by following these steps:

    • Complete the visa application as per your type of visa and prepare all the supporting documents
    • Email them to the given official ID with the subject: (Your type of visa) – RER number – the name of the applicant –  valid Skype ID or WhatsApp
    • Your appointment will be scheduled if all your documents are in order.
    • Incomplete applications will not be regarded.
    • Be ready with your original documents at the appointed time and date, along with the payment.
    • Consular authorities may also request you for an interview, which can take place on WhatsAppor Skype.
    • After the interview, you may track the status of your visa application and collect it whenever you're notified.

    As of now, the visa procedure can be carried out online due to the coronavirus pandemic. In case of special circumstances you can contact the Brazilian Embassy in India through the following means: 

    Address Contact Working Hours
    8, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Road,New Delhi, India110011 Phone: +91 11 2301 7301Fax (Visas): +91 11 2379 3683 Monday-Friday
    Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM  (IST)

    Brazil Travel Insurance 
    While there is no compulsion for Indian visitors to have travel insurance for Brazil, it is highly recommended to get one if you're planning a trip to this beautiful but unpredictable country.

    Brazil does not require mandatory insurance for Indian nationals to enter but given the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainties, it has brought upon the world, especially travelers. Here are some of the reasons you should opt for a travel insurance policy for Brazil:

    • Safety from illness and theft:While you may be fully vaccinated and healthy, due to the higher crime rate in Brazil it’s recommended that you avoid carrying a lot of valuables along with your passports. In case of losing any of your items, a travel insurance policy will cover you.
    • Assistance with other flight-related issues:Having travel insurance for Brazil will safeguard any mishaps like flight delays or cancellations, baggage loss, and more.
    • Help with personal accidents:Your travel insurance will cover any disability or accidental death while traveling in Brazil.
    • Convenience: You can avail of different plans as per your requirements, depending on your budget, age, and more. There are also special travel insurance plans for studentsand senior citizens.

    Best Time to Visit Brazil

    While it’s completely up to you to choose your time to visit this country, most people prefer visiting Brazil during December to witness its colorful carnivals and Christmas celebrations. As per the tourists who have been to Brazil, the most recommended period to plan your trip is between November and late March.

    Transportation in Brazil

    Predominantly, most people use either planes or buses to travel in Brazil. There are also some trains but they are limited in number. You can consider the following options while traveling in Brazil:

    • Flight: With its huge area, Brazil relies heavily on air travel and almost all cities have airports that are crowded with long check-in lines. There are also several budget airlines functioning in Brazil.
    • Trains:While there is an extensive rail network, passenger trains are way less than cargo trains. Tourists can however use the faster metro rail facilities wherever available.
    • Buses:This is the most common and economical option throughout Brazil. You can travel locally or intercity through rodoviaria thanks to the standardized prices. These are available in different ranges depending on your luggage and amenities.
    • Cars:Road quality varies throughout Brazil and is not for the fainthearted. You can always choose a rental instead of driving yourself across the country. This might require an international driving license or more.
    • Taxi and Rentals: Almost all popular international rentals and cab-hailing apps are available here. Brazilian taxi companies like Localiza and Unidas are also good options for tourists.
    • Ferries and Boats:Visiting some parts of Brazil is incomplete without water travel, especially through Salvador and most parts of Amazonia.

    International Airports in Brazil

    It’s good to know more than one airport in a country you’re visiting so that you have a better understanding of your route and travel:

    Name of the Airport Location
    Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport Sao Paulo
    Rio De Janeiro Galeao Airport Rio De Janeiro
    Brasilia International Airport Brazil Lago Sul
    Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport Salvador
    Imperatriz Airport Imperatriz

    Brazil Weather

    The peak season when tourists pour in is usually from November to March. This is because these months are the most comfortable with a pretty warm climate throughout the country, making it easier for tourists to explore and commute.

    The weather ranges from tropical to temperate with summers from December to March and winters starting in June to September.

    The annual temperature drops steadily going from northern parts of the country to the south. Average coastal temperatures range from 23-27 °C while the winter months see an average temperature of 13-18 °C.

    Keep in mind that Brazil is made up of varying climates and is full of extremes, so there can be parts of the country with severe weather conditions enough to disrupt your plans. If you're fond of wildlife spotting and have planned a visit to Pantanal, then visiting between April and October is highly recommended.

    Top Tourist Attractions in Brazil

    • Cristo Redentor and Corcovado: Don't miss the ultimate709-meter tall art deco statue of Christ gazing over the city of Rio de Janeiro. This wonder by the Polish-French sculptor was completed in 1931 and has become a popular tourist attraction by many.
    • Sugar Loaf: Rising over 390 meters above the beach and city around it, this rounded peak of rock has become an emblem of Rio de Janerio. This summit is popular for its thrilling cable car rides and close proximity to the star-shaped fort Sao Joao.
    • Iguacu Falls: This spectacular semicircular waterfall is situated at the meeting point of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. With 247 waterfalls altogether, some of them are higher than 100 meters and perfect for a broad panorama.
    • Iguacu National Park: This park is popular because of its beautiful Iguacu Waterfalls as well as being a UNESCO acclaimed biodiversity site. This park is home to over 1,000 species of birds and mammals.
    • Carnaval: Rio de Janeiro’s world-famous carnival is a must-visit place for its exuberance, colors, and masterful spectacle. Be sure to find a spot in the Sambodromo to witness this 700-meter parade route showing off their dazzling samba skills.
    • Amazon Rainforests: Known as the lungs of the planet, this place is full of places to visit if you're a nature lover. Be sure the huge Janauari Ecological Park spread over a whopping 688 hectares and the Teatro Amazonas, the opera house built in Italian renaissance style.

    Eating Out in Brazil

    With so much to try here, make sure you try these dishes before you end your trip:

    • Barbecued meat: If you're a huge meat lover don't forget to try their premium cuts cooked over charcoal with a topping of queijo coalho. You can have these in a variety of meats, from pork to wild boar, cooked to perfection.
    • Moqueca: If you enjoy seafood then do try this variation of fish stew available in almost all prominent places. This stew goes best with annatto seeds, pirao, and farofa.
    • Cachaca: This fermented sugarcane juice is a must-try for all the cocktail lovers out there. Created as early as the 1500s, this is also known as Brazil's national cocktail.
    • Brigadeiros: Chocolate lovers assemble! This is Brazil's own play at the famous chocolate truffle but 100 times easier to make. Be warned that these are often extremely sweet and may cause you a sugar rush!

    Things to Do in Brazil

    With no shortage of stuff to try in Brazil, here are some must-try things if you're visiting Brazil:

    • Bask in the beauty of Pelourinho: With pastel-colored buildings, stunning churches, and historical architecture, you should definitely check out this beauty in Salvador.
    • Visit the Sao Paulo Museum of Art: With more than 8,000 masterpieces to showcase, this museum has some of the oldest and most acclaimed paintings to boast
    • Take a break at Porto De Galinhas: This beach is a perfect place for you to take a break amidst this dazzling beauty.
    • Visit the Santos Coffee Museum:Experience one of the best coffees in the world at this unique coffee museum which was earlier the coffee Stock Exchange, the center of all the coffee trade.

    Indian Embassy Information in Brazil

    Traveling abroad is an adventure in itself. While you’re pretty much covered by a travel insurance policy for Brazil, there may be some cases where you may need a little more help than expected. Here are the ways to contact the Indian embassy in Brazil:

    Type of Queries Name Contact
    Consular inquiries Dr. Arjun Deore

    Phone: +55-61-3248 4006/ 3364-4773

    Trade and Commercial inquiries   Mr. Anand Prakash

    Phone: +55-61-3248-4006

    Cultural queries  Mr. R. Venugopal

    Indian nationals can also contact the embassy at this emergency number: +55 (61) 98139-1127

    Address: SES 805 Brasilia, Federal District, 70297- 400, Brazil.